5.27.14 – Memorial Weekend

28 May


We had a super fun long weekend in Indiana with my family. You can see the details of the wedding shower we hosted for my future sister-in-law, Kyla, in my previous post. Here are the details of the rest of our weekend:

Friday: We spent a lot of time outside – especially with the frog Aunt Annie caught. Laney enjoyed talking to it, poking it with a stick, and even picking it up. Well… until it started croaking from being squeezed…then she promptly said, “Uh oh!” and threw it back into the bucket. We also did some stretching with Daddy.

And in case you missed it on Instagram – a little video:

Saturday: We had lots of fun with Auntie Kyla (or Kylee as Laney calls her) at her shower. Then we headed to Carmel for Emerson and Nora’s Cowboys and Indians birthday party. My dear friend Kandyce did not disappoint with her party-planning skills and creativity. Laney especially liked the Wild West scene…and the swing, of course.

Sunday: Most of the crew went to the Indy 500 while Kyle and I hung back with the kiddos (Jacob included 😉 ). Here is Mimi all styling for the race (bahaha! love you):

2014-05-25 08.44.47

We jumped on the trampoline, had a picnic in the park, and hit up the Kokomo Beach. It was a pretty super day!

Monday: Not a lot of pics here, because I was too busy spiking the volleyball in some tough pool volleyball matches. But it was a perfect day of swimming, food, and laughter with family. We are so thankful to those who fight and continue to fight for our freedom and their families. Their sacrifice was certainly not lost on us while we were enjoying our Monday.

Feels like summer is officially here this week! Now I will go enjoy my last week of being a twenty-something. Eek! Have a great week everyone!

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