6.6.14 – Zoo Friday

6 Jun

We have had some gorgeous weather the last couple of days. Today I decided we should take better advantage of it, so we headed to the local zoo.

First stop was Australia where a male kangaroo was just hanging out right in the entrance. Laney of course immediately started waving and saying “hiii.” She ran over to pet his ear, and I went to grab her at the same time the sweet little kangaroo hissed at her (like a cat but way worse). I think that helped her get the message about petting animals at the zoo. 🙂

594A8680 594A8687 594A8688

We then met a little boy and his mom and warned them about the angry kangaroo. Turns out Laney and her friend were born five days apart, and we had fun hanging with them the rest of the visit. My favorite part was when we saw the big steer. Both kiddos were yelling “cow” and “mooo” and waving their arms and saying “swooosh” like the cow’s big tail that was wagging like crazy. It was the cutest!

Her favorite exhibit? Not a real animal at all…the fake tiger statue which she sat on for what seemed like forever.

594A8719 594A8730

Here I am trying to convince her to come back out of the hot, smelly cat house.


She also enjoyed the fish, birds, and meerkat.

594A8695 594A8699 594A8740 594A8743 594A8745 2014-06-06 10.56.04

It was a super fun day! Tonight she had another fun run. She’s the cutest!

2014-06-06 18.00.18 2014-06-06 18.11.31

Happy weekend, everyone!

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