6.12.14 – 21 Months!

12 Jun

21 Months today! Almost time to start thinking about a 2nd birthday party. This was the month of TALKING! This girl gains new words and even some small sentences every day. She is starting to look like a little girl and not so much a toddler too.

Age: 21 Months

Clothes: 24 Months/2T; Size 6 shoe

Favorite foods: Anything cheese related. It really depends on the day, but most of the time she just wants ‘NACKS and BILK! The toddler phase of eating has begun…

Favorite words: “What’s that?” (Which started out sounding like shat, but finally sounds less like a cuss word thanks to her saying it 5 million times a day.) Snack (‘nack), milk (bilk), Barney/Bop, thank you/you’re welcome, bless you, ow!; let’s go (et go); stop!/no!; nose/eyes, colors, chalk (‘alk), uh-oh, swing/slide, jump, walk, potty, more (mi), all gone/done, tweet-tweet (bird), airplane, hi/hello/bye, ball, puppy, cow/moo, it’s _____ (Mama, Dada, ball).

She still won’t say “love you” back to us! 😦 Or at least that we can understand or is consistent.

Favorite activities: Swinging on a swing set – she would do it all day every day; jumping – all day every day; being read to; spinning in circles; asking us “what’s that?” to whatever she is pointing to; being outside; watching Barney; listening to music; dumping her box of chalk all over her bedroom floor; being around other people; being allowed to run free in a new place; playing with things with many pieces (pom-poms, cards, noodles, straws, etc.); hitting her head against something and yelling “Oww!”.

Least favorite activities: Getting her hair washed (scared of it all of a sudden?); getting dressed; riding in a shopping cart or stroller.

Signature moves: Saying “Bless you!” after anyone sneezes or coughs – even strangers; saying, “Hi, Mimi!” or “Bye, Mimi!” to any older looking woman in public, in a book, or even a Willow Tree statue in our kitchen (sorry, Mom!); calling Daddy “Kyle” sometimes; shaking your hand and saying, “Nice to meet you!”; yelling, “See tweet-tweet” or “Bye, airplane!” when we see them out the window; Saying “thank you, welcome” together most of the time; wanting my undivided attention and wanting to be held as soon as I try to get something done; going limp noodle when she doesn’t want to be picked up; bringing a book over, turning, and backing up into my lap when she wants to read; memorizing parts of books and then saying that part when she wants to read that particular book (like “bump, bump, bump” is Little Owl Lost); diving to the ground and saying “walk” when we are in public; naming colors or asking us to name them (she has purple, blue, yellow, and orange down); she also has a certain way she starts “singing” and doing hand motions when she wants us to sing her a song (like the Barney song she sways back and forth and starts “singing”).

Mom’s favorite moment: Learning her colors – I am so impressed how well she knows several of them. Going to the zoo with her and seeing how excited she was to see the animals. And just seeing how much her language is developing each day.

2014-06-07 12.26.282014-06-07 12.23.072014-05-31 19.32.292014-06-01 11.35.43

Dad’s favorite moment: Seeing her play with the frog at Grandpa and Mimi’s house. Teaching her to jump and spin.

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  1. belikewaterproduction June 12, 2014 at 6:55 pm #

    Oh, soo cute!

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