7.12.14 – 22 Months!

12 Jul

We spent all day in the car today driving back from vacation, so this post is a bit late. Our baby girl is closing in on her second birthday, and she is just amazing us with her vocabulary development lately! Here is her monthly update:

Age: 22 Months


Clothes: 2T; size 6/7 shoe

Favorite foods: We have definitely hit the toddler phase of eating. She rarely wants to take the time to sit and eat, and we usually only get one good meal a day. But she still always wants ‘nacks and bilk, and she has a serious sweet tooth!

Favorite words: Her vocabulary is changing so rapidly, and she has started saying a lot of sentences. Her most common phrases: “what’s that?” “what happened?” “where’d it/he go?” “I see…(mama, dada, blankey, etc.) “thank you/welcome (dadu, gelcome) “uh oh” “oh my/gosh” “there it is!” “cool!” “it’s OK! or OK!”. She is also constantly naming what she sees or naming the color of what she sees. And if she doesn’t know what it is, she is asking “what’s that?” Currently we say: Nana, Papa, Gampa (Grandpa), Mimi, An-nie, Rynie (Ryan), Yacob (Jacob), Ky (Kyla), and Bigs (Briggs). She will also say Kyle and Jamie sometimes to us if someone else is talking to us. Still can’t get her to say “love you.”

Favorite activities: Talking, reading books, running around, being “ouside,” going to the beeeaach, swimming, naming colors or objects, snuggling stuffed animals and her blanket, watching Barney, Elmo, or music videos, taking clothes off dolls, pretending her babies or animals are sleeping, being around older kids, coloring, play-doh, and exploring new places. She also loves playing “CATCH!” and had lots of fun tossing the football on the beach with her Uncles.

Least favorite activities: Sitting still for anything, stopping an activity she is enjoying (going inside).

Signature moves: She has been practicing jumping for a couple months now, and she can finally get two feet off the ground! She also tries to forward roll on her own. Asking for food or drink when we tell her it’s time to go night-night; asking to watch Barney anytime she sees the iPad; putting her head down and power walking when she is holding both of our hands; shouting for ice cream when we pass Orange Leaf; going “AAHH, AAHH” with her tongue out when she wants another bite of ice cream; pretending she doesn’t hear me when she knows I’m asking her to do or stop doing something; saying “see Dada” or “see yellow” when she is pointing out something; repeating everything she hears or copying what we do; taking her shoes off and saying “hot!” when her feet get hot.

Mom’s favorite moment: Going to the beach with her – I loved seeing her excitement and newfound love of being at the beach. And the fun of hearing her say new words and phrases.

2014-07-08 12.53.46-2 2014-07-08 12.53.46-1

Dad’s favorite moment: The butterfly garden at the wildlife park on Father’s Day. She was so excited and shouted “buttasy” a million times.

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