Hilton Head 2014

14 Jul

I was so excited for vacation this year – even though I was pretty bummed Kyla couldn’t join us this year. But I didn’t know it would be this good. We went to the beach in April, which was fun…but Laney was not a huge fan of the sand at that time. This time she LOVED the “beeeaach,” and we loved watching her excitement of experiencing all of the wonders of the beach.

The first couple of days were a bit cloudy and rainy, but Laney enjoyed hunting for the super noisy bull frogs with Mimi and Annie the first night. We also got a little bit of beach time in on Day 2 plus a fun family dinner and ice cream outing!

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Day 3 was all about fun in the sun. We saw dolphins really close to the shore; Annie and her friend caught a starfish; and Laney really started loving life on the beach. That evening we headed to the Big Bamboo for dinner in Coligny Plaza. Coligny is a great place to hangout in the evenings.

Day 4 was another sunny day, and we went on a long bike ride and had more fun on the beach. It was Laney’s first bike ride, and she loved it! (Until we stopped for any reason – she wanted to go fast!) She kept saying, “is FUN!”

We headed to Up the Creek for dinner and tried to make it until the fireworks, but the little girls were just too tired. We didn’t leave before our annual family photo session! We had about 500 25 takes using the self timer before we called it good enough. 🙂 It was a bit breezy, so ignore the flying hair! We rounded out the night with a little gaming action.

Day 5 I brought my nice camera down to the beach to capture some action. The random girl you see is the sweet little friend Annie met on the beach. We ate dinner in the room from an Italian place that wasn’t worth mentioning. After dinner, we hit up the beach again for take two of family photos. It was even MORE windy! 🙂 Laney decided to sit right into a puddle and play in the water. She was VERY upset when it was time to go inside.

Day 6 was shopping day! We ate lunch at Los Jalapeños – so good! Then Mom and I shopped the day away while Laney had fun with the boys and Annie. We ate Mellow Mushroom pizza and played some games in the room.

Our final day… it’s always so bitter sweet! Kyle and I enjoyed our annual anniversary breakfast at Palmetto Bay Cafe. It was a day early, since we would spend our anniversary on the road. We then soaked up what we could of the sun before the storms hit. Then we spent the afternoon playing cards and packing up. We tried to go to a new restaurant, but they were all packed. We ended up at an oldie but goodie – Wings.

Laney actually took two naps in the car on the way home – guess vacation really wore her out. She also really enjoyed her first Cracker Barrel experience. All of the toys were so “COOL!” We are finally home safe and sound. It seems to go by faster every year. Laney keeps saying, “Bye, beach!” But I think she is going to miss all of the attention even more. Another amazing vacation in the books!

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