7.16.14 – Hump Day Happiness

16 Jul

The first couple of days back from vacation were a little tough/hectic. We were all tired from all of the fun and long journey home. We had a busy Monday and Tuesday, and I could tell Laney had just had it with the being rushed around (even if we were going to an activity for her). So today…I let her sleep in. I didn’t rush her out of her crib (she likes to hang out in there for awhile), and I decided we would play hooky from music class. And I’m really glad I made that decision. First, I got to enjoy this moment without worrying about the time:

Apparently her blanket ripped in the middle of the night (which may be why she was crying at midnight), and she was quite concerned!

I also knew I made the right decision when she shut the door to her room (with us inside), and played for an hour before asking for breakfast. Even if it resulted in this mess…

2014-07-16 09.21.35 2014-07-16 09.22.57

We then called a meeting of all the stuffed animals. Pinwheel and blankeys were also required to attend.

2014-07-16 10.25.41


We emptied more toy boxes. This is her absolute favorite activity right now. Mom or Dad must be seated on the floor to receive each individual item removed from the toy box. We cannot move on until it is completely emptied of its contents.

2014-07-16 12.54.34 2014-07-16 12.56.26 2014-07-16 12.56.45

I did finally convince her to go outside. I really wanted to enjoy the beautiful day! And she helped me scope out some spots for a photo shoot. She loves picking the flowers and chasing the butterflies (buttasys) But it wasn’t long until she was shouting, “HOME!”

Our favorite moment of the day, though, was when Daddy found a frog while mowing. She was a little excited, to say the least.

Sometimes the best moments come when we have no plans. Today helped me realize I need to be better about that. Hope you all had a happy hump day!

Side note: We are almost a week late on posting our annual anniversary pic. I still haven’t bought our number. Fingers crossed for Friday!

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