7.26.14 – Weekly Wrap-up

26 Jul

Happy weekend! It was a whirlwind of a week for us…

First, Laney and I headed to Indiana to celebrate Aunt Annie’s 9th birthday with Chuck E. Cheese. Laney was overwhelmed with excitement at the big furry mouse, the Barney train, and the balls (ski ball). Of course pizza and cake made it even better! (My iPhone was acting like a punk, so a lot of these photos are blurry.)

I had lots of fun taking Jacob’s senior pictures that night. (Can’t believe he is going to be a senior!) We spent the next day swimming (even though it was a bit chilly) and hanging at Mimi’s house.

Laney even did some solo floating. That is until she decided she wanted lunch and she wanted it 10 minutes ago…

We hustled back home Friday just in time for Nana and Papa’s arrival! Laney had lots of fun playing with them and bringing Papa all of her toys.

Laney also got a kick out of “Silly Papa’s” outfit and wig. She kept saying “silly Papa” after they left for their 60’s party!



And she had fun playing dress-up with Nana and Papa this morning for some pics.


Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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