8.12.14 – 23 Months!

12 Aug

Only one more month until the big birthday! Some days it’s hard to believe how grown up she is. She understands so much more now. This month she has really started making connections. For example, last night she wanted to watch a YouTube video on my phone and I told her no, so she went and got her Leap Frog pretend phone and asked for the video again (which made me laugh). Or she will say “Jacob? Annie?” and I will say we will see them in a few days, and she will say “at Mimi’s house?”

On to our monthly recap..

Age: 23 Months

Clothes: 2T, 6/7 Shoe

Favorite food: Cheese, grapes, milk, and snacks. She has good days and bad days of eating, but generally she is a little picky and likes variety. If she hasn’t seen a food in awhile, she will chow down, so I try to give her a specific fruit/veggie for a couple days and when she stops eating it I switch it for a new one.

2014-08-09 08.38.27 2014-08-09 08.39.05 2014-08-09 17.16.12 2014-08-09 17.18.14

Favorite words: There isn’t much she doesn’t say or attempt to say at this point. She has even finally said “love you” a few times, but she is still stubborn on that. A few favorite phrases: “Okay,” “oh goodness,” “let’s go,” “plaaaayyy,” “oh no/my,” “hi/bye ____,” “toooys,” “Barney/Elmo,” “snack/milk,” “what happened?” “you OK?” “oh, mess,” “thank you, welcome (dandu, gelcome)” or “thanks!” “where’d he/it go?” “bracelet (bracelet)” “there it is!” “cool!” “outside,” “yes/no.” She also loves naming colors, animals, shapes, and even some letters. Although, her favorite letter is “Y” right now.

Favorite activities: jumping, running, snuggling stuffed animals, playing catch, being chased, being tickled, fake sneezing, chasing frogs (fogs) and butterflies (awuttasy), swimming, swinging, watching Barney/Elmo or music videos, playing with her kitchen, guitar, harmonica, whistle, tea set, or picnic basket, drinking out of a big girl cup, carrying or emptying purses, playing with my bracelets and necklaces, coloring, reading books, picking my flowers outside, playing with rocks, dumping out her snack cup in the car, but mostly just being around other people.

Least favorite activities: Playing by herself (ugh…she really just won’t do it right now); going to bed

Signature moves: Blowing bubbles in her drink if she has a straw; pretending to sneeze when she has food in her mouth and spitting the food (so gross); throwing or hitting when she gets frustrated; laughing during her time outs; grabbing my hand when I try to get something done and saying “plaaaayyy”; pretending a piece of fuzz is a butterfly (see video); jumping as many times as she can in a row; pulling you off of “her” chair, pillow, etc.; naming people she wants to pray for during bedtime prayers (so cute!) and saying AMEN!; whining and pointing for things when she wants it (when she could very easily just name it); putting my bracelets, headbands, or shirts on and saying “pwetty”. Our favorite is when you ask her if she wants or wants to do something (and the answer would be yes) she will say “OKAY!” in the cutest way.

Mom’s favorite moment: Seeing her interact with RJ at Papa’s and the girls on group trip. And the butterfly/fuzz moment was pretty great.

Dad’s favorite moment: Going on a boat ride at Great Papa’s house.


2014-08-10 12.01.15 2014-08-09 19.43.19 2014-08-09 19.43.21

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