8.30.14 – Friday Fun

30 Aug

Friday evenings are one of my favorite times, but a Friday before a three-day weekend is the best! The anticipation of an extra day of freedom makes Friday nights even better.

We started the weekend off right with carrying out dinner (I am so over cooking by the weekend) and a trip to the neighborhood park. Laney is at a really fun age. She enjoys the little things so much – a trip to the playground makes her night. Add in an impromptu dance party and she doesn’t want the night to end.

The countdown is on until the big birthday. Only two weeks until we have a two-year-old! I am not really one to get overly emotional about her getting older. Of course, it’s a little sad that time flies by so fast, but I do my best to enjoy the fun and accept the challenges of each new stage. Sure, I miss my sweet, squishy baby that wanted to snuggle all day long. However, I don’t miss getting up in the middle of the night! In the future, I will certainly miss her mispronounced words and excitement for learning the alphabet, but I probably won’t miss the tantrums. And I can get over the sadness of her growing up so fast by looking forward to the next stage. Like coloring and doing crafts together without her coloring all over the couch (or at least hopefully…). Or her saying funny things as she learns about the world around her. And I’m sure the “Why?” question will get as old as “again” does right now, but I’ll remind myself it won’t be long before I’ll miss her wanting help too.

So here’s to enjoying today while also looking forward to tomorrow. And you can remind me I said this two weeks from now when I shed a little tear about my little girl being two. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great three-day weekend! We will be doing a little work and a lot of play around here!

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