9.20.14 – Delaney’s 2nd Birthday Party

21 Sep

I am pretty late in posting Laney’s birthday party recap. This fall has been busier than I ever imagined it would be when I started my little photography business almost a year ago, which is great! (Except when it comes to finding time to blog about our family happenings….)

We decided to have a book-themed birthday when we noticed how much Laney LOVES books. Most little ones her age do, of course, but she will spend hours a day pulling them off her shelf, looking through them, asking us to read them, “reading” them herself, etc. I merged a few ideas I saw on various party-planning blogs and got some help from QT Prints (who is fabulous to work with!) for her invite. And the stars aligned when Laney was super cooperative on a beautiful evening to capture some of my favorite photos of her. And here is the result:

Delaney Front with Bleed

The inside of the card had all of the party details on a “library card.” I got little library card holders to put them in and stuck them on the inside of the folded invite.

The rest of the party kinda came together when I saw the Oh Joy! Target party supply line for fall had teal, pink, black, white, and gold. I quickly snatched up what our local target had and used that as my color scheme.

Here are some photos from the rest of the decor.

I did my best to go a little more low-key than last year, and I reused several items from previous events. I got some fun engraved pencils from Earmark. The book page garlands are from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard. Everything else I made myself or purchased from Target.

And here are some photos of the birthday girl and family. Laney’s adorable shirt is from Swallow’s Return. And her book page flower bow is from Maisey’s Daisey’s.

She did pretty well despite a few melt-down moments. She was hesitant to blow out her candle but did it all by herself. But she didn’t even want her cupcake after talking about cake all day! We were pretty disappointed in them. Our usual bakery closed, and these were a let-down. She loved opening presents. If it was clothes, they got tossed straight over her head. The toys had to be immediately opened. Our family and friends were too generous as usual – she is one spoiled little girl.

Thank you, friends and family, for making her day so special! Another year in the books!

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