10.31.14 – Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Has it really been over a month since I blogged? Yikes! I guess that tells you how busy things have been around here.

Anywho… Happy Halloween! Wanted to share some photos of our pumpkin carving, costume, and trick-or-treating. It was a SUPER windy and very cold night in central Illinois, so we didn’t get to do as much trick-or-treating as we would have liked but she still had a great time. She handed out candy to her “friends” that came to the door, and she was happy to take whatever our neighbors would give her and put it in her pumpkin all by herself. I think the most exciting part was being outside when she could see the moon. She was very concerned when it was hiding behind a cloud. She is going on an hour now of jabbering in her crib from her sugar high as I type this. I’m sure she will be asking to “knock-knock” or have some more “soccer game” tomorrow. She kept confusing the words “soccer game” with “chocolate,” and it was cracking us up!

First some pumpkin carving:

She loved every minute! She went right for that goop and said “uh oh! all gone” once we had scooped it out and wanted more. It was lots of fun until she wanted to hold the “sharps” and couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her hold one. We quickly avoided ameltdown by lighting the candle, which then caused another near meltdown. We let her blow out the candle a few times and decided that we were done, but she wanted to “try it again!” So we quickly moved on to the next distraction…story of my days!

We had Laney practice trick-or-treating a few times this week, so she was SO excited when I told her today was the day. She asked all day to “knock! knock!” She was a little unsure when the doorbell started ringing like crazy, but she quickly got the idea and wanted to hand candy to the neighbors. She had fun doing some trick-or-treating of her own, but quickly decided she wanted to head home and break into her sucker stash when she got cold. So dang windy!

She also loved getting some Halloween cards in the mail this week. (Thank you Great Gramma, Grampa, and Aunt Carol):

2014-10-30 13.21.56

And here are a few snapshots of her in her costume:

I wanted her to be a butterfly because I love how she says “buttasy!!” but now that Halloween is here she almost says it correctly now. But she’s still cute, and she loved her outfit – especially her skirt. She wore it several evenings this week for our nightly dance parties.

FInally here is one of Delaney with her girls (minus Savannah):


I’d say it was a pretty great Halloween for our little girl. I’ve decided holidays are twice the fun and twice the work! So ready for my two favorite holidays coming up!! 🙂 Not so ready for the cold weather…

Good night!

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