12.1.14 – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

1 Dec

YAY! December! I LOVE this time of year – I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. We spent the rest of Thanksgiving weekend getting the house decorated and things prepared for the hustle and bustle that is December!

First up was decorations. I couldn’t wait to decorate the tree with Laney, and she loved it as much as I thought she would. Although she started hoarding all of the ornaments for herself (“MINE!”), but we talked her into putting them on the tree instead. I am really making an effort to enjoy moments more and worry less about capturing them perfectly on camera, so I didn’t take a ton of photos.

I wanted to see what my camera can do in what is a very dimly lit room at night. I didn’t have a tripod set-up, so some of the photos are SUPER noisy. I ended up breaking out my flash, which I probably should have done to start with, but I like experimenting. The third-to-last picture above is Laney’s reaction to us turning on the lights on the tree.

Today I’ve been busy getting Elf-on-the-Shelf ideas and our advent calendar ready. Laney named her elf Snowflake, and we spent some time playing hide-and-seek with her to get her used to the idea of looking for her each day. She kept saying, “Snowflake, where are you!?” We aren’t going to do the “she’s watching you” idea this year (she wouldn’t get it anyway) – just a little Christmas wonder for her to look forward to each morning.

I have also been dying to do an Advent calendar since she was born. I want to make sure I take some time each day to stop and enjoy the holiday season with her, and I think this little calendar will be a good way to do it.

Here are our plans:

1. Christmas felt shapes to play with on the window.

2. Paint our nails red!

3. Color pictures to send to grandparents.

4. Washi tape decorations on the wall.

5. Go to the bookstore to play & pick out a new Christmas book.

6. Socks! Have a dance party to Christmas music in our socks.

7. Go see Santa!

8. Drive around to see Christmas lights in the dark.

9. Watch Christmas Muppets movie.

10. Decorate an ornament.

11. Off to Grandpa and Mimi’s house we go! Wear your Santa hat.

12. Take treats to Jacob’s basketball team.

13. Build a gingerbread house with Annie.

14. Make snack necklaces & watch Elf.

15. Stickers! Create a birthday card for baby Jesus.

16. Decorate our own wrapping paper & wrap presents.

17. Make Christmas popcorn.

18. Christmas program. Wear your pretty new bow!

19. Eat a candy cane.

20. Festive breakfast today! Make Christmas pancakes.

21. Write a letter to Santa.

22. Reese treat! Bring treats to our neighbors.

23. Make and decorate Christmas cookies.

24. Candlelight Christmas Eve church service & open special present under the tree.

I planned around our travel/busy-ness schedule. Next year, I want to include more charitable ideas when she can understand a little bit better. I also can’t wait to break out our holiday-themed books. So much to look forward to!

Happy holidays, everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Lloyd Shook December 1, 2014 at 7:23 am #

    We really enjoyed your posts. Keep them coming. Love Grandma and Grandpa Shook

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