1.1.15 – Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Happy New Year, everyone! 2014 was a great year. It was busier than ever – insurance exams, photography business, travels, and keeping up with a toddler. But it was filled with tons of love, laughter, and memories!

It was also filled with lots of pictures due to my 365 project. I had read about them and thought about doing one for quite some time, and I decided to take the plunge in 2014 with my favorite little model as my focus. I’ll admit I was looking forward to being done, but I am really glad I did it. Laney didn’t change as much in appearance as she did in her first year of life, but it is still fun to see the difference as well as have documentation of our daily life from the year.

Day 1



Day 365



My take-aways:

1. I learned to look for moments rather than try to create them. Toddlers aren’t the most cooperative little beings, and it is just frustrating to try and create the perfect picture. I learned to look for the moment that was most significant in our day, which also helped me appreciate the little things that make our time together special.

2. Not every day is glamorous, so not every picture is glamorous. I felt a lot of pressure at first to create beautiful pictures. I wanted to learn and grow, but I also had to be realistic. Some days are really busy or challenging. Sometimes the best moment of the day happened in really crappy lighting. I eventually learned to worry less about making a masterpiece and more about capturing our lives realistically.

3. My photography abilities improved overall. I learned more about light and looking for it even in the darkest places. Some days I was too tired to care. Other days I had a chance to play and learn new things on my iPhone camera and apps. A couple days I decided to use my nice camera and had planned to do that more throughout the year but just got too busy with my business. I got really frustrated towards the end of the year as my iPhone camera was not working very well (maybe been dropped a few many times), but the iPhone is great for being able to capture moments easily and on-the-go. I don’t see as much growth in the photos as I would have hoped, which is why I’m switching things up for next year.

4. It’s important to be organized. I already had a system in place for getting photos off my phone and backed up onto my computer. I found myself running out of space from time-to-time, which can be quite maddening if you are missing the perfect moment! But since I already had a system, it could be quickly fixed. Having and remembering to use a hashtag is also key. Numbering the days – not so much – as I was off on my count most of the year. 😉

Overall, it went by pretty quickly. Some days were harder than others – I almost forgot a couple days towards the end. But I’m pretty proud of it, and I know I will cherish the photos in the years to come. I would recommend it to anyone – photography enthusiast or otherwise. Without further ado…



Can’t wait to frame it and hang it on our wall! I’ve had lots of questions about next year. My plan right now is Project 52 (one photo a week) using my actual camera and no constraints on the subject. We will see if I can stick to it – I have lots of things on my to-do list already!

Cheers to 2015! Fingers crossed for our best year yet! And making time for a little more blogging. 😉

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