1.28.15 – Sesame Street Live!

28 Jan

I am not sure who was more excited for last night – me or Laney. We bought tickets to Sesame Street Live for Laney for Christmas. I could not wait to see her reaction to seeing all of her favorite characters – especially Elmo – in person. After she woke up from her nap, we told her we were going to see Elmo. (We probably should have waited until after dinner since that is all she could focus on until we left.) She was even more excited when we let her take her little stuffed Elmo with her (he usually stays in her crib for sleeping).

When Grover and Elmo came over the loud speaker – things started to get REALLY exciting.

594A1297 594A1301

When the show started, she wasn’t too sure what to think at first.

2015-01-27 18.35.21

But it didn’t take her long to start dancing. She would get a little scared when the people would come by, but she warmed up to them in the end.

2015-01-27 18.37.55

The Itsy Bitsy Spider was a fan favorite.  2015-01-27 18.53.55 2015-01-27 18.59.31 2015-01-27 19.51.55 2015-01-27 19.51.56 2015-01-27 19.51.57

She even got to catch a ball at the end.

2015-01-27 19.52.19

It was a pretty awesome night – they even threw a few jokes in for the adults. She’s only asked a few times where Elmo is today. 🙂

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