2.5 = Big Girl!

4 Mar

Our baby turns 2.5 years old next week. Hard to believe we are halfway to THREE! Not sure if it was cabin fever during the snow storm or the fact that we finished her new (to her) dresser, but we decided to upgrade to the “big girl bed” last weekend. I have to say I was really nervous. I had already purchased a lot of things for her “big girl room” simply because I love the process of redecorating, but we had decided to hold off until she was older (after hearing some horror stories). She showed no interest in leaving her cozy crib – other than the fact she loved jumping on her big girl bed mattress. But we finished her refurbished dresser and decided why not give it a try?! Nap time that first day was a disaster, and we were fully prepared to drag her crib back in her room for bedtime. But our girl likes to prove us wrong, and she has handled it like a champ! Naptime has still been hit-or-miss. She is usually singing “Let it GO!” or “Wheels on the Bus” at the top of her lungs or jumping around on her bed for most of “quiet time”, but she isn’t crying or terrorizing her room so I’m OK with it. She did finally nap once yesterday, so I’m holding out hope.

Funniest moment. She was “helping” Daddy put the bed together. She climbed into it while it was on its side and said, “I’m in da zoo!” “I’m a monkey!” We were cracking up “feeding” her through the “cage.”

The morning after she slept the whole night without complaint, we told her how proud we were of our big girl. Now every time she sees her bed or we talk about sleeping she says, “So PROUD of you!” Yes, baby girl, we are so proud of you!

Of course I couldn’t catch her saying it on camera.

I figured I’d roll in a mini Laney update, because finding time for blogging with my no-napping girl is not easy. Not much has changed since my last post. Laney is still obsessed with setting a timer for everything or just because. She still loves to sing and dance all day long. She has officially discovered Frozen, and we listen to a few of those songs every day. She makes us laugh daily with her funny thinking and sayings (I need to start writing more down!). She is definitely playing the big girl part now. “Lane do it!” is often heard for many tasks each day, and she was showing us how she can go up the stairs with no hands last night. Maybe she will start entertaining herself more?! (HAHAHA!) But she certainly brightens our days (and wears us out!).

Here’s a few snaps:

A couple videos:

And Laney wanted me to remind you the importance of accessorizing before watching your favorite show:

594A2890 594A2895

Hope you all have a great rest of the week! Kyle tells me spring will be here this weekend. I sure hope so!




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