4.4.15 – Egg Huntin’

4 Apr

I am slowly making my way through all of the Easter weekend photos I took. Holidays only get more fun as Laney gets older and understands more. She was pretty pumped up all weekend long.

On Friday, we had an egg hunt with our Mom’s group. I was so surprised she wanted to wear her bunny ears. She is a slow and steady egg hunter – watching all of the other little ones as she carefully opens each egg and places it in her basket. She was a little confused about nothing being in the eggs, but was OK with it once she saw the prize table. She chose a butterfly pencil as her prize.

On Saturday morning, we took a brisk and windy walk to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on the nature trails. Giving the bunny a high five was as close as she was willing to get. Quite a change from our little munchkin who would love all over characters and mascots last year. She again wanted to open and inspect each egg, but we finally convinced her to collect her ten first before the big kids got to start their hunt.

Then we headed over to the Gingerbread House (local toy store) to check out some ducks and a bunny. Daddy had to sit in on the Easter bunny photo. With both Easter bunny encounters, Laney said, “I can see the eyes!” Apparently, we aren’t fooling her – she could see the person inside and wasn’t sure what to think about that.

The fun had only begun as Nana and Papa were heading into town… to be continued. 🙂

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