4.19.15 – Monthly Laney Update

19 Apr

Wanted to give a brief update of Laney and some of her funny sayings/obsessions lately. Plus share some pics of course:)

We have moved on from the “pants off stage.” I am happy to report that we are now wearing pants most of the time, but she is also really enjoying being able to put dresses on for warmer days. We have now moved into the “Mommy hair down” stage. My hair must be worn down – as in not in a pony tail – at all times according to Laney. Sometimes I simply tell her “no” or “later after I shower,” but sometimes it is just easier to oblige. 🙂

She is still fully obsessed with setting a timer, and we still are usually able to use it to our advantage. However, she now prefers to set it on her own on our phones. She also makes sure to turn on all alarms, which has gotten us at very random times of the day and night! She also really enjoys playing DJ and will ask for “her turn” on my phone to play some tunes for us. Of course, we never hear any song for more than a few seconds at a time. I let her have my phone once a day (or twice if she handled the first time well) for five or ten minutes – which we of course set a timer for. 😉

She still loves pancakes and fruit snacks and is always down for a good dance party. Hard to believe we never thought she would walk – she is always on the go these days.

Other favorite sayings: “probably” “wonderful” “how about…” “just lookin” “momma, set the timer please” “lane’s turn” “laney do it” “so proud of you” “you happy? lane’s happy/sad” “grrr I angry” “I got tears (after she is crying)” “where’s daddy? (when he is at work)” “where’d the friends (or any specific person) go?” “is rainin’ or is sunny today” “five M&Ms please” “do flips (flipping off the couch or over us)” “go jumpin (to gymnastics)” “I don’t want to _______” “go to Laney’s house”

Here are some pictures from a recent trip to our favorite park plus Laney and her worm friend:

Love my adventures with these two! Finally, a video of our little independent girl. She has been making huge strides in doing more by herself – playing at the park and going up and down stairs.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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