5.18.15 – Toddler Tales

18 May

Laney’s favorite game for the past couple of weeks was to “play in Mommy’s closet.” This required me to lay on the closet floor with the light off while Laney kisses me good night, leaves for her room to fill up the tea cup, and brings me back tea. That whole cycle on repeat. You may be thinking it sounds like the best game ever, and you would be right! We have had some variations since – she may bring back her stuffed dino to “RAWR!” at me, which I have to then gasp in shock! But mostly, she just really enjoys entering and leaving rooms, opening and closing doors, and turning on and off lights, and I happily let her do so. It is really funny to hear your own phrases of greeting or good night repeated back to you. “See you in the morning!” “Stay in bed until the light comes on!” “Love you!” “Good night!” “Do you need some more? (tea)”

I have been trying really hard to keep capturing our every day moments. I made time to edit a picture of our closet game today. As I was editing, I was realizing she has already started to move on from this game. And although she doesn’t change as quickly in appearance as she did her first year (although she did grow an inch last month), she does change just as quickly cognitively. Her conversational skills and imagination continue to develop and surprise me, and it motivates me to continue to make time for my 52 week project and capturing the little moments that I never want to forget.


And here are a few recent iPhone snaps. First, Fancy Friday (she picked her outfit) and dancing:

2015-05-15 10.11.56 2015-05-15 10.11.33

Plus her new favorite shirt and spending sunny days at the park:

2015-05-14 12.28.21 2015-05-13 11.02.12

And when Laney asks you to take a picture of her and her daddy, you say absolutely!

2015-05-17 09.35.52 2015-05-17 09.35.56

Happy Monday, all!

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