5.25.15 – Memorial Weekend

25 May

We had a super fun Memorial Day weekend at Grandpa and Mimi’s house in Indiana. They were kind enough to open the pool and heat in some pretty chilly weather, so our little bug could get her first swim in for the summer. And boy did she love it! I think we will have a little fish by the time summer is over!

When Briggs was sad about Ryan and Kyla leaving for the day, Laney tried to help him out. 😉

Perks of Mimi’s house – doritos and lucky charms!

She also randomly decided she could do a somersault all by herself:

And by the end of the weekend, she was a pretty tired little girl:

2015-05-24 09.03.32

But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful weather when we got home:

2015-05-21 13.09.39-1 594A9501

We are so thankful for all of those who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom, so that we can enjoy a super fun, beautiful weekend with family and friends. Hope you all had a super weekend too!

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