6.30.15 – Vacation Part II

30 Jun

We had a really awesome week in Hilton Head last week. It was HOT! but full of fun. We rode bikes, played in the sand, jumped the waves, dipped in the pool, shopped ’til we dropped, and filled our bellies with yummy food including a couple of new restaurant finds we were all excited about.

Delaney loved everything about vacation as evidenced by her resistance to going to sleep but falling asleep in 2 minutes flat. She didn’t love the beach – mostly the ocean – at first (she would rather be at the pool). The second day we were there we asked her if she wanted to go to the beach, and she said, “No, not today!” But she loved it in the end and has been asking, “Where’d the beach go?” ever since. I think her favorites included bike riding, jumping off the side of the pool, jumping waves while being held, watching The Little Mermaid over and over and over, playing with Annie, anything involving Jacob and Alexis, and sitting in the “hot sand.” She loved rolling around in the soft sand where the tide doesn’t hit. It was so hot, I have no idea why! Another favorite was splashing around in holes that we dug on the beach for her. Oh, and ice cream and chocolate every day, but that’s everyone’s favorite! 😉

Things she didn’t love so much: sand in her diaper, going back to the room, getting sunscreen on, taking a bath, stopping for food on the drive (“NO LUNCH!” probably because it interrupted her movie watching), and being forced to eat anything besides junk.

And although we are glad to be home and in our own beds, we miss our family and the beach already! Luckily, we have some photos to remember the fun!

First my iPhone snaps:

And my big girl camera:

Now to catch up on my real work! 🙂

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