8.27.15 – Almost Three (Read: Free)

27 Aug

Weight: 34 3/4 lbs (86%)

Height: 37.5″ (68%)

BP: 96/56

I was looking at the calendar the other day and realized sweet Laney’s birthday is only a little over 2 weeks away. So in my hustle to make a few photo preparations for party time, I thought I would give this very neglected blog a little love.

We started this space to share our adventures out East with family and friends back in the Midwest, but once our little miracle arrived it became a place to document our lives and share the joys (and struggles) of our parenthood. I’ve become less regular in the documentation part, but I still like to pop in and share a little bit about who Laney is at this moment. It’s so fun to go back and look at past posts, and think, “Remember when she did this?!” Or “remember when she said that?!”

I need to start writing ideas down, because throughout the day I will think, “Oh I need to add that to the blog!” Then I sit down to write the post, and I can’t remember any of those things. But we will give it a try…

Our silly, smart, feisty, lovable, beautiful almost-three-year-old…

LOVES: being outside WITHOUT shoes on. Which is quite funny for a little girl who didn’t want to touch the grass a year ago.

Daddy (and family) worked so hard this summer to give Laney and I the perfect backyard to explore, play, and have fun. Jumping on the trampoline, sliding, and the sandbox are the definite favorites right now.

LOVES: bike rides, reading books, swinging, bubbles, chalk/coloring, jumping, exploring, swimming/splash parks, and playing with friends.

HATES: being hot (note pictures she is laying down outside – she gets it from her mama)

DISLIKES: cooperating for pictures, but has become quite a fan of the selfie

LOVES: adventures to the zoo, dancing ’til she drops (especially at weddings!), playing in the rain, animals of all shapes and sizes (even bugs!), riding on boats, music class, and the freedom of playing at the park

HATES: being alone. Improving on independent play every day, but would MUCH rather play with someone else.

She is happiest in a dress and sparkly shoes, dancing and singing all day long.

594A4107week 30

Other tidbits:

We ask Laney who she would like to pray for every night. It was always a family member until one day randomly a few months back she said “Jesus and ants,” and it has been that same answer almost every night since. I like to think of it as a little reminder to pray for all things big and small.

My favorite mispronounced phrases: “Let’s go oupside” “I want yogurk” “ABCDEFGHIKKLMNOP” “pineapples!” (pinecones) “boosebumps” (goosebumps) “I bix it!” (fix) “yogurk” (yogurt) “I have a pickle.” (freckle) She also gets her pronouns mixed up all of the time right now.

Other favorite phrases: “I just can’t!” (very dramatically) “Not today!” “We did it!” (Dora inflection) “I want to watch!” (TV/movie) “Want to play with me?” “What’s her/your name?” “Set the timer!” “One more time!” “She’s crying! She bumped her head! Or “She lost his mommy!” “Not this one song!” (change the song)

Funny moments (probably will add more later as I remember): “Mom, can you hold this? It’s too heavy!” (it’s a piece of paper)

Tonight there was a girl Laney’s age at the park. I told Laney to go introduce herself and ask her if she wanted to play. Laney asked the little girl what her name was and asked her to play. A few minutes later the little girl asked Laney her name. L fumbled through, “Delaney Evelyn Pott.” Little girl, “HUH?!” This cycled a few times before Kyle and I said, “Just say Laney.” Little girl, “Oh! Come on, Laney.”

As of today, we are on our way to being completely potty trained. It’s always fun that Laney returns the favor of cheering when it is my turn to go potty. “You’re doing it, mom! Good job! You need to make poops? Let me see!”

That’s all I’ve got for now. Plus I gotta save some good stuff for her yearly birthday letter. Can’t believe it’s almost here, but I know it must feel like forever to her. Almost every morning, “It’s not my birthday today, right mom?! September 12th. 2 sleeps?”

What am I missing, family/friends? Help me remember! 🙂

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