9.1.15 – First Day of Preschool

4 Sep

Bug started preschool this week at her new school! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I dropped her off. I wasn’t really going to be surprised either way – tears or “see ya mom!” She seemed really excited when we went to her open house last week – when she entered her classroom she said, “Wooowww!” She was even more excited about her new backpack until I didn’t let her fill it with whatever she wanted. 😉 I was mostly just praying she wouldn’t be in a different outfit when I picked her up due to a potty accident.

Everything has gone great! She was a little hesitant when I told her I was leaving. “Momma come play with me!” But cue a little Daniel Tiger “Grown-ups come back!” and she was good. She was very excited to see me at pick-up. “Mommy, I’m home!” and lots of kisses and hugs warmed my heart.

I can tell she is going to have a super fun year, and I can’t wait to see how much she grows in many ways.

Cue the obligatory Pinterest back-to-school photos. 😉 What surprised me the most? Photo cooperation! And those poses… not sure where they came from, but she kills me.

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