11.26.15 – Happy Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving! First, I have to share some photos from Laney’s preschool Thanksgiving Feast a couple of days ago.

She was having a crabby day and had told me she did not like her hat when they made it last week. She participated very slightly at the beginning and at the end with the musical sticks. The rest of the time she yawned and made grumpy faces. She was more interested in the snack and getting to go home. 🙂 She was the only child who wasn’t thankful for a family member, so everyone had a good laugh when we shared that Laney was thankful for “turkeys.”

We spent Thanksgiving in Kokomo this year and were very excited to find out my brother Ryan and his wife Kyla are expecting their first baby in June!! It was really nice out, so we even got outside to burn some energy and play some football! It was a super fun day with family.

Finally, Laney is a huge fan of Chester, the cat. Not sure the feeling is always mutual. 😉


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We are sure thankful for the many blessings in our life!


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