12.23.15 – Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

23 Dec

“Only two more sleeps!” said a certain little toddler all day long.

We’ve sent out our Christmas cards:

2015-12-07 12.29.46

Side note: For once, I had the genius idea of using our wedding thank you cards to let Laney “help” with the Christmas card stuffing. I knew I saved those for a reason! 🙂

We’ve done our final shopping errands.

2015-12-08 08.48.33 2015-12-08 08.48.33-1

We’ve checked out some Christmas lights:

2015-12-10 19.25.34

We’ve done ALL the fun Christmas crafts:

2015-12-21 08.48.06

We visited Daddy at work:

2015-12-23 12.20.55 2015-12-23 13.12.38 2015-12-23 12.21.41

And we’ve baked Santa’s cookies:

2015-12-23 19.02.07 2015-12-23 19.15.17 2015-12-23 19.15.21

And the day is FINALLY almost here. As we say goodbye to Snowflake the Elf and hello to Christmas Eve, so much excitement, anticipation, and love. I get misty-eyed just thinking about the magic about to unfold – especially when I think about the greatest Christmas miracle we were blessed with four years ago. Makes this time of year that much more special (read: emotional) for me. 😉 I am not sure who is most excited in this house, but I know I certainly can’t wait! May your homes be filled with love and happiness the next couple of days as we celebrate the greatest gift of all.


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