5.5.16 – April Recap

6 May

April came and went in a flash, and I can’t believe I didn’t write a single blog post!

Here are some fun things we did:

  1. Laney and Mommy wore matching outfits to church.
  2. Visited Nana and Papa and went to the children’s museum.
  3. Laney adopted some pet “lady bugs” – both dead and alive.
  4. Visited Grandpa and Mimi, watched Annie play soccer, and had a mini high school reunion at a friend’s wedding.
  5. Patiently waited for our robin’s nest eggs to hatch. Laney LOVES her nest and checks on it every five minutes.
  6. Laney cried before every swim lesson but rocked it every time.
  7. Made our annual spring visit to our favorite park. This time we had a picnic!
  8. Laney found out she fits in the flower girl dress from mommy and daddy’s wedding.
  9. Saw the coolest rainbow ever!
  10. Played in lots of pretty spring flowers, but dandelions might be the favorite!

3.5 is a pretty sweet age! Our girl is so curious and funny. She continues to surprise us with the things she knows and makes us laugh when she mixes up words. She asks lots of questions. Like, “What color is Jesus?” (blue like Blues Clues, in her opinion) and “Why don’t I have a beak?” (she really wants to be a bird). She loves all animals big and small but suddenly has a fear of spiders. She’d rather be outside any day of the week and can turn any objects into a mama and baby for pretend play (including pieces of food). She craves constant company but can be overwhelmed by crowds. She still refuses to be friendly/talk to strangers but doesn’t stop talking once she has warmed up. She still loves all things music and would rather be at the beach (seriously asks regularly when we are going). I love hearing her sing, her snuggles, and her love for nature. She is my sunshine! We couldn’t love her more!

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