7.8.16 – First Trimester Belly Pics

12 Jul

In case you haven’t heard the news…we are having twins in January!594A8457web

We have had a fun and exciting first three months. In addition to the fun and excitement of our two babes, we met our sweet nephew Logan, enjoyed a relaxing Memorial Day weekend in Indiana, took our annual vacation to Hilton Head, South Carolina, and celebrated the 4th of July. The first trimester is always nerve-wracking and anxiety-filled, but once we saw those two little Teddy-Graham-looking babies and heard their heartbeats at 8 weeks, I started getting excited and taking belly pictures. 🙂

8 Weeks: Size of Raspberries594A6571

9 Weeks: Size of Grapes


10 Weeks: Size of Prunes


11 Weeks: Size of Brussels Sprouts (in Hilton Head)


12 Weeks: Size of Limes (4th of July!)

594A8649Here is a little recap of the last three months:
Sleep: Always tired, so I sleep pretty well! Except for crazy dreams sometimes causing anxiety or wake-ups and trips to the bathroom every night at 2:00 AM.
What I’ve missed: An ice-cold adult beverage would have been nice on the beach or on hot days. And my non-elastic-waisted shorts/pants.
Food cravings/adversions: Anything bread related or salty…bagels, cereal, chips and cottage cheese. And pull-and-peel Twizzlers. Didn’t really crave sweets, which is weird for me!
Symptoms: I was really blessed not to have overwhelming nausea during my first trimester – just a little throughout the day. Mostly, I was exhausted all.the.time. And I’ve had a lot of heartburn, which I didn’t have until late in my pregnancy with Laney.
What I’m listening to: “Great Big Storm” by Nate Ruess. Laney and I can’t get enough!



One Response to “7.8.16 – First Trimester Belly Pics”

  1. Valerie July 12, 2016 at 4:52 pm #

    Adorable pics, and congratulations!!

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