8.30.16 – Month 5 Belly Pics

30 Aug

17 Weeks: Size of Apples

594A158518 Weeks: Size of Pears


19 Weeks: Size of Mangos


20 Weeks: Size of Bananas594A3276

Here is a little recap of the last month:
Sleep: Still getting up once or twice a night, but overall pretty good. Feeling movement at night but doesn’t usually wake me up.
What I’ve missed: Seriously so ready for fall weather… enough with the heat and humidity! Not being so emotional/moody. Sorry, family! 😉
Food cravings/adversions: Taco Bell (hadn’t eaten it for years before now), homemade cookies. Adversions kinda depend on the day.
Symptoms: Belly is growing so quickly the last couple of weeks! And feeling lots of movement now – more each day, but usually when I am still and paying attention. I feel it on specific sides of my belly depending on who is moving. Heartburn is so much better this week (YAY!). Weird jaw pain this week. Probably because I slept with my mouth open to breathe in a weird way (been pretty congested). Workout/busy days totally wipe me out, but overall still feeling good!
What we’re looking forward to: Can’t wait to see our boys tomorrow for our 20 week ultrasound! 🙂 And getting the nursery together. Can’t believe we are halfway there (or more!).

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