9.13.16 – Birthday Recap

13 Sep

We had a pretty epic day of celebrating yesterday! First, Laney got to sleep in our bed on her birthday eve (she has been asking almost every day, so we decided to make it a birthday tradition). It gave us the opportunity to decorate her room to surprise her in the morning, but it also meant everyone was a bit tired (especially Daddy who got kicked out of bed by a little someone!).


She had to try out the new bike right away!

After she got her helmet on and Mrs. Otter sat in her basket, she got the hang of it pretty quickly and now is cruising all over the sidewalk.

She got her annual birthday doughnut. She really didn’t want us to sing “Happy Birthday” but we did anyway! 🙂

Then she was off to school where she got to bring special napkins and pick out the snack for the day. Dora fruit snacks and My Little Pony napkins… of course! She also is the first student to get to bring Hootie the Owl home for the week (class mascot), so he got to go on quite the birthday adventure with us.

She picked Taco Bell for lunch (apparently my pregnancy cravings have rubbed off on her!), and we headed to Peoria to go to the zoo and children’s museum. We stopped by the Spotted Cow for dinner and a treat on the way home.

Finally a few more pics from a quick sunset session. The balloon ideas I had didn’t go as planned, but the way she posed herself ended up being the best. Also, I told Daddy he wasn’t going to be in any pictures, and she insisted. It ended up being one of my favorites!

We had one tired girl on our hands last night. After some birthday Facetimes, we called it an early night. I think it was one for the books! Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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