9.17.16 – Mermaid Birthday Bash

17 Sep

Another birthday bash is in the books! This year we went with a mermaid theme, since mermaids are one of our girl’s favorite things and has been for over a year now. She was so excited all week for her party. She was outside with Kyle Friday night while I started decorating and when she came in, she said in a shocked voice, “MOM! Where did you get all of this celebrate!? Is it for my party!?”

It’s a little obvious you are pregnant with twins when your little sister calls you out on the scaled back decor from previous years. I also forgot to take pictures of what I did have, and I didn’t take enough pictures of party happenings. But there was plenty of food, Laney had a blast, and we were surrounded by friends and family… and that’s what really matters! She is one lucky and spoiled little girl with so many special people in her life!

She still didn’t want us singing “Happy Birthday” (hence the face), and she hid behind Kyle. And here is a little video of Laney enjoying one of her gifts. “I’m a pop star!” There have been many concerts already, and I’m sure there will be many more in our future.

Thank you, friends and family, again for making the drive from near and far and making our girl’s birthday so special! Laney asked, “Who is here?” this morning, and was disappointed that everyone was gone. We love you so much!


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