10.31.16 – Halloween Recap

31 Oct

We have had a fun few days celebrating the first of the fall holidays! Laney has been so excited to go trick-or-treating for a couple of weeks now. She had a countdown of “sleeps” until Trunk or Treat at church and Halloween. The day of Trunk or Treat she woke up so early in excitement that she fell asleep on the way to dance class, which NEVER happens. Kyle enjoyed the sleepy snuggles we don’t get much anymore. After class, we headed over to church and Laney had a great time! She was super excited about her nose and whiskers. She wasn’t so excited to say trick-or-treat.

Laney: “Can you just say trick or treat, Mom? I’ll just think it.”

Over the weekend we were busy finishing up the nursery, but we made some time to carve some pumpkins. These moments remind me of my childhood and are some of my favorite.

To answer my own question… it was a grasshopper she caught.

On Halloween, Kyle and I enjoyed participating in Laney’s preschool Halloween party. The kiddos practiced trick-or-treating, sang a few songs, and enjoyed some spooky music courtesy of our church organist. Laney didn’t participate much in the performance as usual, but it was a super fun morning!

Here are some studio shots of our little kitty-cat:

Finally, it was time for the official trick-or-treating event! Laney really enjoyed handing out candy at our door. Then we set off to do some trick-or-treating of our own. She was a little shy at the first couple houses but once we met up with our neighbors she got the hang of things quickly!

We then headed off to meet up with the usual crew for some more Halloween fun! Not sure who was more tired after all of the festivities – me or Laney!


It’s been a lot of fun, and Laney is quite disappointed it is over. But the holiday season is just beginning, and we can’t wait for all of the excitement ahead!


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