2.4.17 – Life Update

4 Feb

We survived our first week of Daddy being back at work. Mostly due to this saint of a lady right here:

She’s the best Mama/Mimi on the planet, and there were a few tears shed at her departure today (all by me). We tried to convince her to move into our basement, but I guess she has a life she has to get back to. Thank you, Mimi!! WE LOVE YOU!

Having twins on the same schedule is great until you are the only adult available at feeding time. But I am feeling ready to tackle my first week solo next week, but thankful I still have a day and half before it’s here. 🙂

Until then, a few more snaps from last week:

Laney was an adorable pig in her Three Little Pigs play at school, and she has enjoyed snuggling, feeding, and burping her brothers – even though it only lasts a couple of minutes because they are “too heavy.”

Love this little trio of mine! Hope you all have a great weekend! Looking forward to attempting our first Super Bowl party as a family of five. We will be cheering against the Patriots, so go Falcons! 🙂

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