4.3.17 – Peace out, March!

3 Apr

March was a tough month for us – especially mentally. Take a bunch of sleepless nights add in a million rainy days and throw in some baby gas/reflux issues and you have a pair of parents who are feeling as gloomy as the weather. We were thankful when Mimi, Grandpa, and Annie decided to spend their spring break with us. The extra hands and fun new memories led to some happier hearts.

But March wasn’t all bad.  We wore our Sunday best (even if we weren’t excited about it).

2017-03-26 09.47.36

Got in some exercise.

Had lots of snuggle time.

2017-04-02 18.02.39

Had a fun St. Patty’s Day party with friends.

2017-03-18 11.12.19

And we even had a few laughs. (be still my heart – the laughs were probably the best part of the month)

The first few days of April has brought us a moral boost and a sign of promise.

2017-04-03 16.51.25

Something I read this month really spoke to me: “…how often we too are childish rather than childlike. How grateful we can be that God has set our little child in our midst, to demonstrate the simple virtues of innocence, meekness, trust, forgiveness, and love.”*

I am beyond grateful for these babies – they are a daily lesson in the virtues I hope to possess. I am especially thankful for my girl who shows me unending grace when my exhaustion brings out the worst version of me. They are of course worth a trillion sleepless nights and hardest days. I couldn’t love them more.

As we move into April, we are cautiously optimistic for more sleep and sunnier days. We feel like we are least headed in the right direction anyway. Here’s to twinning AND winning in April!

A few other snapshots:

*Meditations for the New Mother By: Helen Good Brenneman

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