5.19.17 – 5 Months Old

19 May

Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe how big you are now. You are in size 3 diapers and can wear some 6-12 or 9 month clothes already. You LOVE to stand and are so close to being able to sit up on your own. You can roll from belly to back no problem now – you just use that big noggin to swing yourself right over. You are pretty much able to roll the other way too, but I think you just prefer not to be on your belly. You are working on your third tooth and have decided you hate your paci. You literally spit it out at us if we try and give it to you. You still love to blow bubbles and usually have a wet shirt from drool and spit up. We started giving you some solid foods last week. You weren’t really a fan of the oatmeal but have loved sweet potatoes. Laney likes to call you “silly mouth” because you get your food everywhere. I love the way you stretch your legs and point your toes when you’re on your back. The way you twist your whole body around to see what’s going on around you makes me smile. You love to use your voice to babble and make different noises these days. You gave us a couple of full nights of sleep this month, but sickness and teeth have caused more wake-ups again. You love to have a dirty diaper at the most inopportune times (during the church sermon, sitting up to shoot it up your back, or 2 AM to name a few), but you make up for it with your dancing and giggles when we change you. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings. Love you so!



Dear Oliver,

You always seem like a little peanut compared to your brother but you have grown so much this month. You are so curious – watching everyone around you. You especially watch your brother when he is babbling away. You even laughed at him a couple times when he was blowing bubbles – your first official interaction! You love to flash your sweet smile to anyone who talks to you. You are so happy and content almost all of the time. I love your little dance and the way you arch your back when we lay you down to talk to you. You are still so ticklish and your sweet giggles melt my heart. You are getting strong. You aren’t rolling too much yet but are getting close to sitting.  You love to do superman pose on your belly – arching your back with your legs in the air. You found your toes this week, so you are always playing with them now when you’re on your back. You’ve been as finicky about solid foods as you are about eating your bottles. You seemed to like oatmeal for the most part but have hated sweet potatoes so far. You are quite dramatic with your faces and gagging. You still get up at least once a night, but were giving us longer stretches before sickness and teeth. You love to try and suck on things – including our arms and your upper lip. That tongue of yours is always going – especially when you’re smiling. You still love your snuggles, and we can’t get enough of them! Love you Ollie Bear!




Another month has flown by! We had a lot of firsts this month – including some milestones that you are never really excited about…first colds, first teeth, first blowout dirty diapers. But we also had some fun ones – their baptism, road trips, solid foods, and roll overs. We are finally settling into a three nap daytime schedule that is fairly consistent (considering where we were). Their nighttime has been all over the place and seems to go in cycles. We get several really awesome nights and then some really awful ones, and there are too many variables to know what causes the bad ones. Teeth? Colds? Growth spurts? The dreaded four month sleep regression? (although we didn’t have much to regress from) But we keep reminding ourselves that this week is easier than the last overall, and we can’t wait for all of the fun the next stages will bring!

Some days may feel like this after a night of no sleep…2017-05-09 11.01.23

But we have lots of fun watching them learn and grow each day…

2017-05-16 16.26.32

And I really can’t believe they are old enough for food. Another adventure in getting kids to eat!

Can’t wait for a fun summer ahead!

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