6.19.17 – 6 Months Old!

19 Jun

It’s really hard to believe we are halfway through the first year of twins. The day these two sweet boys joined our family seems like forever ago and like yesterday all at the same time. We are finally settling into a routine. We are so close to having both boys sleeping through the night and it’s actually happened a couple of times recently. Plus, their daytime schedule has been much more consistent. As an organized, schedule-oriented mama, I am feeling like I’m getting a little bit of sanity (and sleep) back. 🙂 Of course read all of this in an inaudible whisper, because as soon as I even THINK things are falling into place we have one helluva day or night. 🙂 To be really honest, I kinda feel like we have put in all of the really hard work and now we are just starting to reap some fun in return.


20 lb 2 oz (86%) | 26 1/4″ (21%) | 18 in (95%)

Dear Greyson,

You have earned the nicknames Grumpy Greyson and Grumpleton this month (said in the most loving way possible). You are basically either happy or fussy/angry with not much in between. I think it has to do with your tummy troubles and your two top teeth taking their sweet time coming in – plus a little bit of personality. 😉 You still spit up quite often. While you love to eat almost any baby food we offer you, we are trying to figure out if some of them are causing your reflux to be worse. We are staying away from carrots right now as they seem to really upset your tummy – even though you love them! Your favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes, and we typically can’t shovel them in fast enough. After a couple of “tough love” nights, you’ve been sleeping really well and always sleep on your tummy now. The biggest change this month has been your mobility! You are always rolling onto your tummy (usually causing more spit up).  You move those legs as fast as they will go, but you don’t get too far yet. But you manage to wiggle yourself around enough that we don’t often find you in the same place we left you. You also are really close to sitting up – just need to work on your balance. My favorite development this month is your snort laugh – cracks us up! I also love the way you shove one or both hands in your mouth to chew on. You love to grab and twist my fingers when you are drinking your bottle. You don’t really love being outside. You usually let us know you’re getting unhappy with your growls, which also make us laugh. I love your many expressions from your big ole’ grin to your serious faces. You are still so curious, and I see so much of your daddy in you. You keep us on our toes, but you sure make life more fun. We love you squishy, sweet boy!!



17 lb 8 oz (42%) | 26 1/2 in (31%) | 17 3/4 in (88%)

Dear Oliver,

You are the happiest, most easy-going little guy. You are so smiley or chill almost all of the time – unless you are eating baby food. Then you are making faces of disgust and concern about what we just sneaked into your mouth. You love oatmeal, but you pretty much hate everything else so far. You will humor us for several bites and then you refuse to open. You have two top teeth that are about to come through, and you try and chew on any part of us you can get your hands on. You have changed so much in the last month! You roll onto your belly and sleep on your stomach now. You found your toes and spend a lot of time playing with them or slamming your feet down at the same time. You arch your back and scoot yourself around head first. We rarely find you in the same spot we left you – even if we were gone just a minute. When we walk up to you, you squeal in delight and do a little happy, squirmy dance. You still rock your signature concerned face when you are concentrating or a stranger is talking to you. My favorite development this month is the funny faces you practice. Each week seems to bring a new mouth movement you are trying out – sucking your upper lip, the duck face, and pulling both lips in to name a few. They make us laugh! After a couple of “tough love” nights, you’ve been sleeping really well as long as you don’t do your occasional vomit right before bed. Not sure what causes it, but they are epic. You are still our social guy – you love to interact with us. You are so patient with me when you are waiting your turn, which I so appreciate (and feel bad about) more than you know. You are full of joy and snuggles every day, and we love you so much!



2 Responses to “6.19.17 – 6 Months Old!”

  1. Julie June 19, 2017 at 8:23 am #

    Oh my, how blessed your family is! I enjoy reading your blogs and can not imagine how the boys will love them when they get older! The videos are precious! Your little girl looks like a natural with them!

    • jamiepott June 19, 2017 at 10:13 am #

      Thank you so much, Julie! It can be hard to find the time to write them, but knowing they will be able to read them later keeps me motivated. I’m glad you enjoy them. And Laney really is the best big sister – we are so proud of her!

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