8.19.17 – 8 Months Old!

19 Aug

Another month has flown by, and the boys are changing, growing, and learning so quickly! I can’t believe summer is almost over already.

Dear Greyson,

You are so determined to be on the move. Within the last couple of weeks, you have learned how to spin yourself around on your belly, rock on your hands and knees, and most recently, army crawl. You like to squirm out of our arms, so you can be on the go. We also decided to try out another play table, which you have decided to use as a walker. You just drag the table behind you to get where you want to go. You don’t stay in one place for long, and I know I will soon be chasing you all over the place. You may be my one child that is a good eater. You’ll pretty much eat anything we give you – some things more enthusiastically than others. You have learned to rake your hand to feed yourself, and you are pretty excited about that (and so am I!). Your favorite table foods so far are eggs and bananas, but you also love puffs and teething crackers. We’ve actually been able to start weaning you off of your reflux medicine and so far so good! You have seven teeth (4 on top, three on bottom). You have the cutest heavy breathing laugh and love to make silly sounds with your mouth. Your loves: rolling/crawling, dive-bombing out of our arms, slapping things with your hand, slamming your feet, shaking toys, putting things in your mouth, taking toys from your brother, toys that make music, bath time, and jumping. You hate being in the car and roll out of diaper changes. I love you so much and can’t wait to watch you continue to explore the world around you.



Feeding himself and hearing Laney come down the stairs in the morning.

Army crawl

Dear Oliver,

You are still the happiest little boy until you want to eat, are done eating, or fall back and hit your head. You love to sit and reach for toys. You play with one toy, throw it behind you, and reach as far as you can for another toy – especially if it’s the one your brother is holding. You attempt to clap your hands, shake your head, and flap your arms in excitement. You prefer to sit up and play or jump in the jumperoo, but you have also started rolling both ways more frequently and can spin yourself around on your belly now. You are a very dramatic eater. You have definite preferences and gag (sometimes to the point of puking) if you don’t like something you are eating. Your favorite table food is avocado and you don’t like much else, but you have finally warmed up to puffs and pureed foods. You have started raking food and feeding yourself, but most of it just gets played with and never makes it to your mouth. You have seven teeth (4 on top and 3 on bottom), and you seem to be working on some more. Your mouth is always a little broken out from chewing on your hands. Your loves: talking to us, snuggling, grabbing hair, stealing toys from your brother, trying to bite us, chewing on toys, getting tickled, watching what is going on around you, and chewing on your toes. You dislike eating table food and being left alone in a room. I love you so much and you bring so much joy to everyone around you!




Playing peekaboo with himself in the mirror.

Morning play time.


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