8.28.17 – First Day of Preschool

28 Aug

Laney was SO excited to start school today. We had a classroom visit last Friday, and she wanted to know why it was so short. We were both a little thrown off by the fact that she goes in the afternoon now, and she was a little disappointed that she doesn’t get to eat lunch at school yet. But she had an awesome first day, and I can’t wait to watch her learn and grow this year.

No fancy first day of school outfit or special hair-do here. I didn’t even ask because “it’s just not her style.” She picked out her favorite tank top (she only wears tanks these days) and asked for her hair in “one pony tail” like she does every morning. I was surprised when she picked out her green shoes to wear to gymnastics this morning, but she of course went for trusty tennis shoes for school. When I asked her if I could take a picture of her before we left, she asked if she had to wear a different outfit (she knows I get to pick outfits for family photos) and was quite pleased when I said she could wear what she had on. Who am I to mess with “her style”? 🙂

What do you want to be when you grow up? A pop star princess daughter

What is your favorite thing about school? EVERYTHING

What are your most excited about doing at school this year? EVERYTHING

What is your favorite color? Purple, pink, and blue

What are your favorite things to do? Play and watch TV

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