12.19.17 – 12 Months!

19 Dec

The boys are ONE! It was by far the fastest year of our lives. Challenging, exhausting, joy-filled, and fun all rolled into one! We love these two boys so much and can’t wait for the exciting milestones ahead.


Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe you are ONE. I swear, you were just a little 6 lb baby with chubby cheeks yesterday. I blinked, and here we are. You are fiercely determined but surprisingly timid to try walking without support. You are so strong but snuggly (when you want to be). You have a bit of a temper when you don’t get what you want and sometimes laugh inappropriately when one of your siblings is upset. You will fight hard for a toy or your mama’s attention. No one else can be on my lap when you are, and you aren’t afraid to intimidate or throw an elbow. You make the best noises. Your old man laugh is my favorite, and your growl makes us chuckle. The way you “talk” to me like you know what you’re telling me melts my heart. You shake your head when you are happy/excited or busting a move to a song, but you also do it when you are getting upset. Your favorite pastime is tossing a ball or round object in front of you and chasing after it like a cat. You also love dropping objects from a height (especially food from your highchair), slapping surfaces, climbing anything, shaking toys, and clicking your tongue. “Mama,” “dada,” “hi,” “bye-bye,” and “all done” are your most frequently spoken words right now, and you still love to wave and clap. You pretty much always sleep through the night now (knock on wood) and eat pretty much anything I offer. You crawl at lightning speed toward any open gate or door – especially the freezer or dishwasher, and climbing the stairs and bath time brings you great joy. Mama leaving the room or not picking you up when you want it brings instant tears, and you hate being contained in any kind of seat. You pull your hair and spin in circles in our lap when you’re tired, but you like to fight going to sleep. You are our tippy-toed, belly laughing, ornery but sweet little guy. You wear us out but bring us so much joy. Happy birthday, sweet boy! I couldn’t love you more!




Dear Oliver,

My sweet, smiley little peanut. You have changed so much in the last couple of weeks, and I can hardly believe my tiny little guy is ONE! You may be the first to walk yet! It’s all you want to do, and you won’t put up with being left behind anymore. You’ve started pulling up on everything, but you get stuck as you haven’t mastered getting down from standing yet. You are a speed demon on your walker. You come sit on my lap and try and grab my fingers to get me to walk you around, and you get so excited when we practice climbing the stairs. You love to chase your siblings around but also like to go off and do your own thing at times. You spin in circles on your booty when Greyson tries to take something from you, and you look to me when he is successful. But you are quick to steal things from him too. Your latest pastime is putting objects into other objects, and you also have an affinity for balls. You are getting pretty good at playing catch with us. You also love carrying an object with you as you do your one-legged, one-armed crawl around the house. You shake your head no when you are doing something you know you aren’t supposed to but can’t help yourself anyway. “Go, go, go,” “mama,” “dada,” “no-no,” and “bye-bye” are your most frequent words, but your favorite sound to make currently is a squeal/screech (usually in delight). You love when we make silly sounds at you, tickle you, and play peek-a-boo. Your sweet giggle is my favorite. You whine when you are fighting for mama’s attention or if Grey steals your toy. You are my shy little guy as you usually hide from strangers and sometimes cry when they talk to you. You are happy almost all of the time – unless you are hurt, tired, or hungry. Unfortunately, you’ve learned the art of rolling out of diaper changes and fighting being strapped into seats from your brother. You are definitely a finicky, picky eater, but you love all the fruits and your sippy cup. You are still getting up once or twice a night (yawn), but you go to sleep easily and love to snuggle when you’re tired. The way you hold my finger when you drink your bottle and curl into me when your done drinking melts my heart. You are our happy, silly, sweet little man. We wish you slept better at night, but you bring us so much much joy. I couldn’t love you more!



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