1.22.18 – January Kiddo Update

23 Jan

The boys are 13 months now and it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Laney update. I figured now is a good time to do one. But first…for the last several years I have done a photo project. A 365 with Laney, 2 52-week projects, and a weekly belly bump photo when I was preggo with the twins. Last year, I did a monthly family video. I decided to take a break from it all this year – to just let myself capture moments when I felt like it. I decided to have just one goal: get in at least one photo per month with at least one of the kids.

As the resident memory-keeper of the family, I am usually the one behind the camera. Plus, I think we tend to put ourselves down when we see ourselves on pictures and video (I know I do). But I’m trying really hard not to do that (both mentally and verbally), so I can make sure my kids know that I was there too. I was there snuggling, playing, reading, singing, dancing right along with them.

My remote trigger for my camera broke, so I was going to attempt my tripod and timer (what a pain!). I got my camera out the other day to capture a few milestones for the boys, and Laney asked if she could try. I gave her a quick lesson, did the settings for her, and she snapped away. I was so impressed with her captures, and it was so fun to show her the photos and how much they meant to me. These boys LOVE climbing around on the couch with me, and I will be able to look back on these photos and remember those moments. I was able to meet my goal for the month and have a special memory with my girl. Bonus! Sorry, Kyle, but our five-year-old is a better photographer than you. 😉

On to the kiddos.

Laney: Almost 5 1/2. She loves her brothers fiercely and can’t stand to hear them cry. She loves animals, super heroes, basketball, dance parties, music, unicorns, books, games, seashells, TV, and creating. You will often find her creating little worlds or homes for her toys with random things found around the house. She calls babies “little sweeties” and still mispronounces remote (gemote), fruit snacks (snoot snacks), Alexa (Galexa), and she always skips the number 13 when counting. She asks Alexa to tell her jokes and words in Spanish daily and is always asking what letter words start with. Mac n cheese, pizza, and sweets are her favorite foods. She is a little anxious about starting kindergarten next year because she will miss me and her teachers so much, but she can’t wait to bring her lunch in her lunchbox. Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and blue. She wants to be a pop star when she grows up. She seems so tall to me all of a sudden, and I can’t believe how grown up she is these days. Luckily, she still loves to snuggle.

Greyson: Determined, strong, snuggly, clingy, and adorable. If you ask him, “Where’s your belly?” he will show you. If you say, “Hello?” he will hold his hand up to his ear. He loves to stick his finger in your mouth or in the hole of a book. He also has ripped several of our flap books. He LOVES to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Busy Baby Trucks. He still loves chasing things that roll, emptying drawers, containers, and cabinets, climbing the stairs, getting into the refrigerator or dishwasher (getting into anything really), and clapping. More of a bull in a china shop personality. He loves to throw himself on the ground in a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way. He could walk if he wanted to but is being a bit stubborn on that front. Most of the time, you will find him stealing from his brother, getting into something, chasing a ball, or sitting on my lap or in my arms (<–75% this).

Oliver: Sweet, snuggly, easy-going, curious, and also adorable. If you say, “Hello?” he will also hold his hand up to his ear, and he also loves to stick his finger in your mouth or in the hole of a book. He has learned how to blow kisses and loves to clap. He also has started saying “Yeah” or “yes” and does a little alien babble. He only throws a tantrum if Greyson is taking something he was playing with. He knows when Grey is coming and tries to block him by spinning and scooting away on his booty. He loves playing with our stack of coasters, putting things in and out of containers, playing basketball, and walking with the walker. He is persistent and really studies different objects. He also loves to lay his head down on the floor or pillow or lay down on your lap – so sweet. He still loves to be tickled and to read lift-the-flap books. You will often find him up on one knee – I think he could also walk or at least stand, but he only does so when he doesn’t realize you’ve let go.

Both boys love to crawl with an object in one hand, roll around on the couches, pull up on all of the things, and climb on us. They love all fruits, pasta and eating pouches by themselves. THEY BOTH HAVE BEEN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! (said in a shout whisper while knocking on all of the wood) AND WE PUT AWAY THE BOTTLES!!! We decided to go cold turkey on the bottles and after four miserable days – no formula, no bottles, no Baby Brezza. You guys… this is a big deal. A big weight has been lifted, and it is GLORIOUS!

A couple fun videos before I end this lengthy post.




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