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9.19.17 – 9 Months!

19 Sep

We are 75% through the first year, and I think this was the fastest month yet. Maybe because the chasing has begun. The boys are finally sleeping all the way through the night for the most part. They love baths, exploring, eating, and their big sister. 🙂

Dear Greyson,

You are on the move in a big way. You are pretty speedy with your inchworm crawl and walking in your play table (aka your “tank”), and you are getting into EVERYTHING. We have caught you eating toilet paper, chewing on cords, and opening doors. Last night you managed to open the screen door to the garage, wiggle down the step, and into the garage on your own without injury all by yourself. You have also figured out how to climb the first stair, and it won’t be long until you figure out how to climb more. You even have started “walking” when we hold your arms – but only on your tippy-toes. You are loud and love to babble (ma-ma, da-da). Making a popping sound by opening and closing your mouth like a fish and biting down on your spoon during eating are favorites too. Your face is very expressive and you give a lot of side-eye – especially when the food placed on your tray is not what you were hoping for as you have become a little more particular these days. You have a big laugh and no fear (except sudden loud noises). Flying through the air, slapping surfaces, and following us around the house are your favorites at the moment. You are not a fan of being contained for long, and diaper changes have become an Olympic sport. You certainly keep us on our toes, but you have the most kissable cheeks and the best open-mouth smile. We love you, Grey!




Dear Oliver,

You are still the happiest baby in all the land. On the rare occasion you cry – you are hungry, tired, injured, or are feeling a little stranger danger. You prefer to be sitting with a box full of toys, but are starting to feel left out when brother leaves you behind to go explore. You flap your arms and squirm your legs but don’t get very far yet. Although your rolling is pretty speedy these days. You love to be interacting with others and always have a red, splotchy mouth from drool. You are always chewing on something, and sometimes you try and chew on us. You really study your toys by turning them over in your hand and prefer ones that are squishy for chewing. You still love jumping in your jumperoo and shaking your head no. Your gremlin voice still makes an appearance – more often when your tired. Your are an eating machine these days – you will pretty much eat whatever we give you and prefer to feed yourself. You enjoy bouncing to music and playing with balls. You still give your furrowed brow if there is a lot of commotion or kids running around, and you prefer to be held in new environments. You love to swing and enjoy going for a stroll outside. When I lay you down for sleep, you roll over, tuck your hands under your belly, and stick your bum up in the air – it’s the cutest. You are the sweetest snuggle bug, and we love you so, Ollie-bear!



9.17.17 – Birthday Recap

17 Sep

We had a super fun weekend with family and friends celebrating our girl turning five years old. She was over-the-moon excited about everything – especially presents, of course. She is one blessed little girl!

We started off her birthday extravaganza with her annual birthday doughnut and a few gifts from us.

We then had a little celebration with some close friends at a local art studio where the kiddos got to paint and draw. She was so excited about her party that we were counting sleeps, and she put her unicorn outfit on the minute she woke up that morning.

We had a family celebration on Sunday. It was such a fun, laid-back day. The kids even had a little water fun outside. I took a lot of video but not a lot of photos.


I think it was this little unicorn’s favorite birthday yet! Thank you to our family and friends for making our girl feel so special! We love you!

9.12.17 – Happy 5th Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep

Dear Delaney,

FIVE! Wow! I can hardly believe it. It seems like just yesterday Daddy and I were praying so hard for God to make us parents. But at the same time it seems like you were always a part of our family, and we just get the joy of learning a little more about who you are each day.

What a big year it has been for you! For all of us, really. You not only became a big sister, but a big sister to TWIN BROTHERS. You have grown in so many ways – we both have – but you especially. You have exceeded every expectation I had of you before your brothers were born. You are just the best big sister on the planet, and I really could not be more proud of you. For example, I was putting Greyson down for a nap the other day and Oliver was tired and upset. You got your stool out of the bathroom, mixed up a bottle, and started feeding him for me. I didn’t even know you knew how to do that! It was just one of the many moments my heart swells with pride watching you be an amazing sister. You play with them, watch out for their safety, and love on them… and man, do they love you back!

Sweet girl, you give me so much grace, and I really can’t thank you enough. When I lay down at night, I worry about if I was too hard on you, if I wasn’t patient enough, if I didn’t give you enough of my time. I fail a lot – especially when I’m tired or overwhelmed. I do my best to admit my mistakes, but I am far from perfect. But you are always quick to forgive, and you love me anyway. I hope you never stop giving those around you grace – and especially give some to yourself. I’m afraid some of my perfectionist tendencies have worn off on you, and I want you to remember to go easy on yourself too! I just pray I am always enough in your eyes.

You are so funny and silly, and you bring us so much joy. You make us laugh regularly with your wit, silly voices, creative thinking, and mispronounced or mixed up words. I watch you sing and dance in the back seat to your favorite songs, and it makes me smile. I hope you never lose your happy demeanor and sense of humor. This world certainly needs more happy!

You definitely have your daddy’s curiosity. You are always asking me about how something works or why something is the way it is. I love that you want to know more about the world around you – even if it wears me out sometimes. 🙂 I hope you never lose that sense of curiosity and wonder.

You are smart, kind, brave, and beautiful. You are a child of God and so loved. I know you get tired of hearing those things from me, but they are true. I am so, so blessed God chose me to be your mama.

Love you so much! Happiest birthday, my sweet girl!




Colors – pink, purple, and blue

Songs – Taylor Swift, “Boom, Crash,” Daya, soundtracks from SING, Lion Guard, and Moana

Foods – peanut butter, “fruit snacks and bar,” macaroni and cheese, waffles, bananas

Activities – play dates with friends, pretend play, “Mom/Dad, pretend this…”, jumping on the trampoline, crafts, soccer, and watching TV

Future occupation: Pop star princess daughter




9.10.17 – California Recap

10 Sep

This is going to be a mega post, because we had a mega fun trip. Kyle was given the opportunity to go to San Diego as a reward for completing an insurance designation through his employer. We decided to make it a fifth birthday/big sister trip for Delaney. We headed to Disneyland for a few nights and then drove down the coast to finish our trip in Coronado outside of San Diego. We wore ourselves out but had a blast. The first couple days in Disneyland were HOT!! But her joy and excitement made all of the sweat worth it. 🙂

Day 1: We arrived mid-morning California time. We did some exploring of Disneyland Park and caught the Mickey Soundsational Parade before calling it an early night.

Day 2: Early to bed, early to rise as they say. We headed into Downtown Disney for breakfast and over to California Adventure Park for the Magic Hour. Magic hour was awesome – we were able to ride a ton of rides quickly. Our favorite was the Cars area and ride, but we also rode the Little Mermaid ride about five times before lunch. Lunch was Laney’s character dining experience. She was so excited to meet the princesses and have them sign her book. But she was a little disappointed they weren’t actually joining us for lunch. Oops! Should have explained that better. 🙂 After lunch, we got to meet Elena plus Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Kristoff. It was, “The best day ever!” 🙂 We stayed up late to catch of the World of Color show, which ended up being a mistake. It was drizzling rain, Laney was so exhausted and she wanted to leave at the Pirates of the Caribbean fire display part (too scary). It would have been neat to see under different circumstances.

Day 3: The fun continued back in Disneyland after the character breakfast in our hotel. Laney didn’t know who the characters were, but the food was tasty and she still enjoyed it. We went in for magic hour and met the princess again, since we had some time to kill before Laney’s makeover. The Elsa makeover was back in Downtown Disney and was a really fun experience. She loved every second, but it was too hot to wear her dress. We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of Disneyland Park. We met Jasmine, Moana, and Mickey! Plus had the scariest time on Splash Mountain. It was a great last day!

San Diego: Day 1

The drive down to San Diego was one of the grown ups’ favorite parts of the trip. We stopped at a couple of beaches along the way, which Laney did not want to leave. It was a gorgeous day and very relaxing after a busy few days in Disney. We headed to the beach when we got to our hotel and watched the sunset. Laney also found her calling as a seagull chaser.

San Diego: Day 2

On Day 2, we decided to head to La Jolla and go on a kayak adventure. It was a workout! It was pretty windy and choppy but we saw lots of sea lions. We did a little shopping and stopped by the Baked Bear (YUMMM) on our way back to Coronado.

San Diego: Day 3

We headed over to Liberty Public Market and Balboa Park where we checked out the Aviation and Space Museum.

San Diego: Day 4

On our last day, Laney was kinda really over exploring. We spent the morning at the beach and convinced her to go to the Safari Park with us later (I really wanted to see it). It was beautiful, and I wished we had more time there. But it was a really nice way to end our trip!

It was an amazing trip, and it was so fun to spend time with Laney one-on-one, but we were all excited to be home with these two cutie pies.

Thank you, Mimi, Grandpa, and Annie for a fun getaway and taking such good care of “the brothers” while we were gone!

8.28.17 – First Day of Preschool

28 Aug

Laney was SO excited to start school today. We had a classroom visit last Friday, and she wanted to know why it was so short. We were both a little thrown off by the fact that she goes in the afternoon now, and she was a little disappointed that she doesn’t get to eat lunch at school yet. But she had an awesome first day, and I can’t wait to watch her learn and grow this year.

No fancy first day of school outfit or special hair-do here. I didn’t even ask because “it’s just not her style.” She picked out her favorite tank top (she only wears tanks these days) and asked for her hair in “one pony tail” like she does every morning. I was surprised when she picked out her green shoes to wear to gymnastics this morning, but she of course went for trusty tennis shoes for school. When I asked her if I could take a picture of her before we left, she asked if she had to wear a different outfit (she knows I get to pick outfits for family photos) and was quite pleased when I said she could wear what she had on. Who am I to mess with “her style”? 🙂

What do you want to be when you grow up? A pop star princess daughter

What is your favorite thing about school? EVERYTHING

What are your most excited about doing at school this year? EVERYTHING

What is your favorite color? Purple, pink, and blue

What are your favorite things to do? Play and watch TV

8.19.17 – 8 Months Old!

19 Aug

Another month has flown by, and the boys are changing, growing, and learning so quickly! I can’t believe summer is almost over already.

Dear Greyson,

You are so determined to be on the move. Within the last couple of weeks, you have learned how to spin yourself around on your belly, rock on your hands and knees, and most recently, army crawl. You like to squirm out of our arms, so you can be on the go. We also decided to try out another play table, which you have decided to use as a walker. You just drag the table behind you to get where you want to go. You don’t stay in one place for long, and I know I will soon be chasing you all over the place. You may be my one child that is a good eater. You’ll pretty much eat anything we give you – some things more enthusiastically than others. You have learned to rake your hand to feed yourself, and you are pretty excited about that (and so am I!). Your favorite table foods so far are eggs and bananas, but you also love puffs and teething crackers. We’ve actually been able to start weaning you off of your reflux medicine and so far so good! You have seven teeth (4 on top, three on bottom). You have the cutest heavy breathing laugh and love to make silly sounds with your mouth. Your loves: rolling/crawling, dive-bombing out of our arms, slapping things with your hand, slamming your feet, shaking toys, putting things in your mouth, taking toys from your brother, toys that make music, bath time, and jumping. You hate being in the car and roll out of diaper changes. I love you so much and can’t wait to watch you continue to explore the world around you.



Feeding himself and hearing Laney come down the stairs in the morning.

Army crawl

Dear Oliver,

You are still the happiest little boy until you want to eat, are done eating, or fall back and hit your head. You love to sit and reach for toys. You play with one toy, throw it behind you, and reach as far as you can for another toy – especially if it’s the one your brother is holding. You attempt to clap your hands, shake your head, and flap your arms in excitement. You prefer to sit up and play or jump in the jumperoo, but you have also started rolling both ways more frequently and can spin yourself around on your belly now. You are a very dramatic eater. You have definite preferences and gag (sometimes to the point of puking) if you don’t like something you are eating. Your favorite table food is avocado and you don’t like much else, but you have finally warmed up to puffs and pureed foods. You have started raking food and feeding yourself, but most of it just gets played with and never makes it to your mouth. You have seven teeth (4 on top and 3 on bottom), and you seem to be working on some more. Your mouth is always a little broken out from chewing on your hands. Your loves: talking to us, snuggling, grabbing hair, stealing toys from your brother, trying to bite us, chewing on toys, getting tickled, watching what is going on around you, and chewing on your toes. You dislike eating table food and being left alone in a room. I love you so much and you bring so much joy to everyone around you!




Playing peekaboo with himself in the mirror.

Morning play time.


8.18.17 – Summer Reflections

18 Aug

There are so many pros and cons to social media. It can make us feel more connected, but it can also make us feel less than. Comparison is the thief of joy, as they say, and it’s easy to start comparing ourselves to others. We tend to put our best out on the interwebs, and it’s easy to forget that those moments are just a snapshot of a person’s day. Everyone has struggles just like you.

I caught myself in one of these comparison spirals this summer. As I saw everyone marking items off of their summer bucket lists full of fun, I was struggling to get myself showered and dressed before 3:00 PM. It was mid July, and I started feeling bad that Laney hadn’t been to the pool or to the library for the summer reading program or to any parks or to the lake…

But I stopped myself. There were lots of things we had done! I hosted and arranged one million play dates to keep Laney busy and give her some social time. We went on an airplane to the beach for a week, made road trips to visit family, attended summer music class, walked on the new trail by our house, and played on the slip-and-slide. She went fishing with Daddy and attended circus camp and VBS. We had dinners with friends. I even took all three kids to the library and to Target the other day, and we all survived!

Then Mimi and Annie came to visit and we finally made it to the pool and even went to the county fair! Laney declared that was the best day!

Last week we made a final summer road trip to Indiana for a swim and a trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

And I reminded myself…it’s OK for her to be bored once in awhile. I tried my best to create a few fun memories while also doing what was best for the boys. She’s learning about being a big sister (and she’s an amazing one!). That sometimes we have to do what is best for someone else in the family for awhile. It’s a short phase, and this is one summer of many. And it was a pretty darn good one!