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3.21.17 – Cousin Love

21 Mar

We had some special visitors this week. My sister-in-law and nephew came to visit since their planned visit with my brother had to be cancelled earlier this month because of illness. We had so much fun watching the kiddos interact and catching up. Made me wish we lived closer. Isn’t my nephew the cutest!? I had to include a couple of outtakes of Logan petting Greyson’s head in the group shot. 🙂 Love these babies so much!

Logan and Laney had a lot of fun together. 🙂

3.19.17 – 3 Months Old

19 Mar

Dear Greyson,

Our sweet little hunk of love. 🙂 Your big smile and silent laugh make us giggle every day. You don’t give your smiles away easily to strangers, but you instantly smile at us – especially after sleep. Your “shout talking” makes us laugh and sometimes scares your brother. Every time we lay you on the play mat you instantly start smiling, laughing, and cooing. You get so excited like you have never seen it before, and I just love watching you joyfully kick your legs and swat at the toys hanging down. You have turned into a great sleeper – totally ignoring your brother’s cries during naps and night times. I love your grunts and stretches when you wake up from a deep sleep. You have found your thumb and like to chew on it rather than suck on it to soothe yourself – especially when you are getting hungry. You are getting so strong and hold your head up really well, but that big noggin can be quite the weapon when you swing it around unexpectedly. You remind me so much of your big sister in terms of your demeanor, and you look so much like she did at six weeks old right now. You recently graduated to 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers, and I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown – especially when I look back at your newborn photos. We love you so much!




Dear Oliver,

Oh my adorable peanut with the dimply smile. You are so sweet but make me so sleepy. In the last couple weeks, you have given us a run for our money in the sleep department. You are definitely not loving your crib yet! Despite the lack of sleep, you still have the sweetest demeanor. You love to “talk” to us and stare into our faces. You are definitely our social little snuggle monster – you don’t care too much about toys yet. You have the same smile and dimple as your big sister, and you flash that smile at her as soon as you hear her voice. (And then you close your eyes because you know a kiss attack is coming.) We’ve even caught you smiling at your brother a couple of times. When we lay you next to each other, you are always putting a hand on him – often in his face. You love to lick and suck on your hands and hate your pacifier. You always let out a big coo after you sneeze or cough. You close your eyes and softly whine as soon as you get tired or overstimulated, and you love to bury your face in our arm when you want to go to sleep. You don’t have long wake periods right now, and we are sure hoping your sleep periods get longer. But your big blue eyes, coos and smiles melt my heart, and you are certainly worth all of the sleepless nights. We love you so!




Other Mama notes (mostly for myself):

The boys spitting up has gotten so much better – although whenever I say that I get a projectile vomit on me. They are growing like crazy and becoming much more aware of their surroundings. Their gas issues still come and go. We try to work on tummy time as much as possible – but it’s so hard to fit it in after feedings and before naps with two! We are starting to get them on a schedule. Eat, wake (1 hr Ollie | 1.5 hrs Grey), and sleep, but the nap lengths and times still vary quite a bit each day. They are still taking 3-4 oz every 3 hours. We start bedtime at 6:30 PM, but it is often after 8:00 before they are finally asleep. Both boys are still swaddled in sleep sacks. They love to sleep in the car, which is helpful for taking Laney to activities.

Greyson slept in his crib for the first full night last night, but he still gets up 2-3 times a night. He pretty easily puts himself to sleep for naps in his crib. After a couple weeks of waking up when Ollie cries, he is pretty great at ignoring him now.

We have decided to sleep train Oliver after a couple of sleepless nights with hourly wake-ups. He was getting up 3 times a night before this rough patch with a couple extra quick wake-ups with gas. Still working on getting him used to the crib. He definitely would prefer to be held and struggles to put himself back to sleep after waking up.

3.17.17 – St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from my three little lucky charms!

Here is a little past year’s recap:


3.12.17 – Four and a Half

12 Mar

Our girl is 3.5 feet tall and 4.5 years old today! Delaney makes us laugh daily and seems wise and grown-up beyond her years – especially these days as I watch her love on her brothers. She is a rule-follower, a perfectionist (most of the time), and likes to keep everyone else in line – including us. She learns so quickly and has a great sense of humor.

Her loves: listening to music, bustin’ a move, coloring/crafting, cats, watching Doc McStuffins, and anything sweet!

Dislikes: when anyone cries – especially her brothers, making a mess (unless it’s her toys), and not being able to do something the way she wants to the first time.

She is the perfect combination of silly and sweet, and her big-sister-skills can’t be beat! We love her so much!

From Wacky Wednesday at school:

Her favorites today (in her own words):

Color: Purple, pink, blue, and red

Toy: Kitty

Fruit: Carrots

TV Show: Diego/Dora

Lunch: Avocados

Outfit to wear: A lot of them (and in the same day!)

Snack: Fruit snacks

Animal: Giraffe

Song: “Cheetah, cheetah, cheetah” (see this – thanks to the movie SING)

Book: The dolphin book (we brought home from Hawaii)

Breakfast: Waffles

Thing to do outside: Play on the swings

Drink: Thunder water (aka blue Gatorade)

Holiday: My birthday

What you bring in bed at night: cat and blankie

Dinner: Eating chocolate after dinner

What do you want to be when you grow up: Teacher and a doctor

We started a new tradition of a half cake for her half birthday, and I couldn’t help but set it to one of her fav songs right now:

We are so proud of our sweet girl!

2.25.17 – These Days

25 Feb

Sometimes it feels like all we are doing is feeding babies and changing diapers these days.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

But there are lots of snuggles to go around.

And there is plenty of fun too.

Saturday morning dance parties in the kitchen.


Tea time and bath time.

And of course coordinating outfits.

We get through colds and visits to the doctor.

Have lunch dates with friends.

Get all dressed up for church.


And have Mama + Mini dates to see Daniel Tiger with our best girlfriends.

And Laney and I work hard at capturing smiles on camera – plus all of the other moments I don’t want to forget!

We are starting to settle into life as a family of five – there have been a few tears and lots of tired eyes…but mostly lots of smiles and snuggles…and a whole bunch of joy and love!

Happy weekend, y’all! We’re just chillin.


2.19.17 – Two Months Old

19 Feb

Our sweet boys are two months old already! Time is flying so quickly – the days go by in a hurry but life can seem like one long day at the same time. These boys love their sister, and she loves them so much right back. They still don’t love their pacifiers, but are getting a bit better about taking them. We still get lots of, “How dare you!” and disgusted faces when we try and put them in. They both love their swings but aren’t biggest fans of bouncy chairs. They slept in their room for the first time (in their rock-n-plays), and it went well. They are spitting up less and have worked through their constipation issues. YAY! They are starting to “talk” to us more and more, and are smiling all of the time now. They are just the sweetest, and we love them so!

Dear Greyson,

You are our little butterball. We love your chunky cheeks and round belly. You smile with your whole face, and we just can’t help but smile right back. You give us glimpses of your laughs during your active sleep, and I can’t wait to hear it for the first time. Your piggy snort breathing and loud toots/burps make us chuckle. When you are active, you just seem so excited – pumping your legs and arms and breathing so quickly. Your “talking” is almost like shouting and gets louder when you are warning us that you are getting hungry or tired. It’s obvious when you are hungry, because you shake your head while attacking your hands with your mouth. You are so strong! You have really great head control and can roll yourself right back over from your tummy if we don’t get you balanced. You arch your back like crazy when you have gas in your belly. And you are starting to give us 4-5 hour stretches of sleep at the beginning of the night, which makes us so happy! You are just the sweetest, and we love you so much!


Mama and Daddy

Greyson: Length: 22″ (6%) | Weight: 13 lbs (62%) | Head: 16″ (86%)

Dear Oliver,

You have the sweetest shy little smile and dimples that just melt my heart. You still show your “Mr. Serious” face often, but your smiles come so easily too. As soon as you see our faces or hear our voices, you give us the sweetest grin. You love to snuggle up on our chests, and you have a little “MAAA” cry when you are feeling like you need a snuggle. You have grown so much this month – you’re definitely working on catching up to your brother. All of that growing must make you sleepy, because we have a hard time getting you to wake up after feedings at times. You have a little shake in your hands when you’re excited or worked up, and you can give the best little pout lip face when you’re sad. I still catch you trying to suck your thumb once in awhile, but you haven’t got the hang of your hands yet. You still love grabbing onto our hands and shirts when we hold you, and you are always studying faces. We are so thankful you are ours, and we love you so!


Mama and Daddy
Oliver: Length: 22″ (6%) | Weight: 11 lbs 4 oz (19%) | Head: 15.5″ (51%)

I also have to brag on our big girl a bit. She had a period of transition, which we, of course, expected. But she has grown up so much since her brothers arrived and has handled this huge change so well. She is such a big helper, and she is always loving on her brothers. She hates to hear them cry and gives them a million kisses a day. And they smile as soon as they see or hear her. We couldn’t be more proud of our sweet girl! She is the best big sister and daughter in all the land! Can’t believe she will be 4.5 soon!



2.14.17 – Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Delaney, Greyson, and Oliver

How did I get so blessed to have the best valentines? 🙂