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12.10.16 – Twin Nursery

10 Dec

As of this morning, the twins’ nursery is officially complete! We were waiting on the new chair we ordered, which arrived Monday but wasn’t working (we have the worst luck with furniture). The tech fixed it this morning, and we are excited to share the final result!

Early on, Kyle and I talked about incorporating Shel Silverstein poems in the nursery. We both grew up reading his poems and have read them to Laney since she was a baby. This got me thinking about a black-and-white color scheme, and it kinda took off from there. Once we knew we were having boys, we decided to incorporate a bit of a wilderness/adventure theme too.

My favorite part of the room is, of course, the awesome wood wall Kyle and my father-in-law installed for me.πŸ™‚ Kyle and my dad also did a great job painting the dark grey walls, and I love how they contrast the lighter wood wall and furniture. I also love the tree stump end table Kyle made out of a stump from an old pine tree in my parents’ backyard. I think it is a space that we can tweak as the boys get older and will grow with them.

The room does not get a ton of light, which will hopefully be great for sleeping babies but is not so great for pictures. But here is a peek at the room and the boys’ names (or initials anyway).πŸ™‚

I hope the boys love their room for years to come!


If you’re interested, here is where I shopped:

Tutorial for wood wall from Lay Baby Lay

Target: book racks, lamp, decor

Hobby Lobby: frames, decor

Land of Nod: curtains, initials

IKEA: shelves

Gordmans: locker

White Faux Taxidermy deer head

Wee Gallery animal head pillows and decor

Baby Jives mobiles

Ivie Baby linens

Mountain pillows

Other prints and decor also found on Etsy.

I did a lot of spray painting to get things to coordinate.πŸ™‚



12.3.16 – Weekend wrap-up

3 Dec

It was a busy week of firsts at our house this week.

Laney had her first “basketball game.”

We are really blessed to live in a town with a great parks & rec program. She loves basketball nights!

Saturday (after our Santa visit) was her big dance recital – The Littlest Nutcracker. She was so excited and looked adorable, and we were so proud of how hard she tried during her performance. I’m not going to lie – I got a little emotional as I saw her running up to the stage with her “big kid dancer.” Between the basketball game, the recital, and my pregnancy hormones…my heart just couldn’t take the cuteness this week. These are some of the moments I have dreamed about since finding out she was a girl. And that little smile and pose at the end when her classmates walked off stage? heart.melted. I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama!

She may have had the biggest and best fan club there. We love our family so!

It was her first recital and it may be her last. She’s already decided she wants to go back to gymnastics next year, which surprised me a little…but we really just want to give her the opportunity to try different things. I really can’t say enough good about the dance school she went to – if you are local and looking for a place for your little dancer, let me know!

We also had our first snow of the season! Had to break out a couple of Christmas gifts early, but it was worth it…Laney, Annie, and Kyle made a huge snowman and had a blast in the winter wonderland!

It was a super fun weekend! Can’t believe our next family visit will include our new additions!! Better go rest up now.πŸ™‚


12.3.16 – Santa Visit

3 Dec

We went to visit Santa at Daddy’s work this morning. Laney was excited to go but kept asking me to tell Santa what she wanted. When it was our turn, she kept the tradition of not wanting to get close to him. We basically had to threaten her to get up there with Kyle (parents of the year – pressure of a long line behind us!).

Santa: Would you like a doll?

L: (shakes head no)

Santa: Would you like a truck?

L: (shakes head no)

Santa: Would you like a rock and two sticks?

L: (shakes head no)

OK, smile!

And we called it a day and checked this year’s visit off the to-do list. I guess she better write a letter to Santa or he isn’t going to know what to get her.πŸ˜‰ I am really thankful Kyle’s office puts on such a nice event for the employees’ families. Sure beats spending a lot of money at the mall for a terrible picture!

Here’s the yearly comparison:


Hard to believe we will have two more little babes to add to the picture next year!

11.24.16 – Thanksgiving Weekend

26 Nov

Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving with full hearts and full bellies! We started the week off with celebrating some special birthdays. Laney was so excited to celebrate her daddy – especially since there was cake and cookies involved.πŸ˜‰


Then we headed up to visit Kyle’s family for Thanksgiving day. The day was filled with delicious food and wonderful company, and Laney had so much fun playing with her cousins.

We got home yesterday, and Laney just couldn’t wait to put up the Christmas tree. We have some more decorating to do today, but witnessing her excitement with each ornament makes me look forward to all the magic this holiday will bring!

Time to get back to my holiday shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping!πŸ™‚


11.21.16 – Life Lately

21 Nov

November has been a whirlwind but it has been super fun! We have been busy finishing up the nursery getting some things done around the house to prepare for these baby boys. (Kyle may be nesting more than I am!) Hoping to share some nursery pictures soon –Β  trying to wait on our new chair to arrive, but I thought I would share a few highlights of the fun we have had this month.

  1. Baby Shower #2 – I have the sweetest friends and neighbors who threw me a wonderful shower. We are so blessed to have family away from “home!”

2. We took Laney to see Trolls, which she loved. We have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat and had a fun Friday night dance party waiting for Daddy to get home from work.

3. Laney also rediscovered the joy of footie pajamas, and I love how they made her look like my baby girl again (nursery peek in this photo).


4. Laney had her first basketball practice and loved every minute. The video speaks for itself.πŸ™‚

5. We started a fun new tradition with friends of ringing bells. The girls did awesome and we had a lot of fun jamming to Christmas carols and wishing customers a “Happy Christmas!” We really lucked out on the weather too – it was a beautiful night!


6. Kindermusik Grateful Gathering – a fun night of music and spending time together!


7. Laney’s Preschool Thanksgiving Feast – she didn’t scowl during the performance this year and actually did some singing and the motions! That’s progress, my friends!

Her fav song:

We are so excited for what December will bring, but November isn’t over yet. We have some special birthdays tomorrow, Thanksgiving, and visits from family to wrap up the fun and busy month!



Month 8 Belly Pics

21 Nov

It’s hard to believe we are down to 4-8 weeks to go! I was telling some friends the other day that it’s kinda nice being pregnant this time of year. The busy holiday season makes the week fly by, but it also makes for one tired mama at the end of the day!

Week 29: Size of a Head of Lettuce (Happy Halloween!)


Week 30: Size of Cucumber (Laney was tickling her brothers)πŸ™‚


Week 31: Size of Coconuts (The coconuts had started molding and my camera was in for maintenance, so the pic was a little off this week.)πŸ˜‰

Week 32: Size of Squash (we went with buttercup squash) (Happy Thanksgiving!!)


Here is a recap of month 8:

Sleep: Can’t complain. Still able to sleep fairly comfortably with my trusty body pillow.

What I’ve missed: Having energy and being able to fit in restaurant booths.πŸ™‚

Food cravings/adversions: Learning what works and doesn’t. Been craving salads this month, but they cause me a lot of heartburn. I also (unfortunately) discovered Cadbury mini-eggs-Christmas edition: Cadbury snowballs. Still don’t want much to do with ice cream and had some unfortunate experiences with beef this month. Tums are my best friend.

Symptoms: Exhaustion hit me pretty hard last week. It’s feeling like more work to lug this belly around and just don’t have my usual stamina to get through the day. I also have this random off-and-on burning/tingling sensation in my left ear. I don’t know if it’s from sleeping on the side a lot or congestion or what, but it is really weird. Other than that, I have been really blessed with a very smooth pregnancy so far!

What we’re looking forward to:
Thanksgiving! I passed my glucose test (woot! woot!), so bring on the mashed potatoes…and stuffing…and corn casserole…and maybe some turkey too!πŸ˜‰

Another full ultrasound this week to check the boys’ growth and progress. If my belly size is any indication, they are “chubbing up” quite nicely!

What we’re listening to:
The Trolls soundtrack on repeat…”Trolls songs, please!” ride!πŸ˜‰

10.31.16 – Halloween Recap

31 Oct

We have had a fun few days celebrating the first of the fall holidays! Laney has been so excited to go trick-or-treating for a couple of weeks now. She had a countdown of “sleeps” until Trunk or Treat at church and Halloween. The day of Trunk or Treat she woke up so early in excitement that she fell asleep on the way to dance class, which NEVER happens. Kyle enjoyed the sleepy snuggles we don’t get much anymore. After class, we headed over to church and Laney had a great time! She was super excited about her nose and whiskers. She wasn’t so excited to say trick-or-treat.

Laney: “Can you just say trick or treat, Mom? I’ll just think it.”

Over the weekend we were busy finishing up the nursery, but we made some time to carve some pumpkins. These moments remind me of my childhood and are some of my favorite.

To answer my own question… it was a grasshopper she caught.

On Halloween, Kyle and I enjoyed participating in Laney’s preschool Halloween party. The kiddos practiced trick-or-treating, sang a few songs, and enjoyed some spooky music courtesy of our church organist. Laney didn’t participate much in the performance as usual, but it was a super fun morning!

Here are some studio shots of our little kitty-cat:

Finally, it was time for the official trick-or-treating event! Laney really enjoyed handing out candy at our door. Then we set off to do some trick-or-treating of our own. She was a little shy at the first couple houses but once we met up with our neighbors she got the hang of things quickly!

We then headed off to meet up with the usual crew for some more Halloween fun! Not sure who was more tired after all of the festivities – me or Laney!


It’s been a lot of fun, and Laney is quite disappointed it is over. But the holiday season is just beginning, and we can’t wait for all of the excitement ahead!