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1.19.17 – One Month Old

19 Jan

We are officially one month into being a family of five. I promised myself I would do my best to record these sweet boys’ milestones in a similar way I did for Laney, which is definitely harder said than done at this point. But we will start with monthly letters and pictures. πŸ™‚ I’ll have to add their updated weights and heights after our doctor appointment next week.

Greyson | 6 lbs 9 oz (6 lb 5 oz when we came home)| 19 in long

1 Month Old:

Dear Greyson,

You are our sweet, noisy (and nosey!) little guy. You make the loudest grunts and snorts of any baby I’ve ever heard whether you are awake or sleeping. They get louder and more frequent when you are hungry, which is quite often. πŸ˜‰ You also don’t like to miss out on what is going on around you and have pretty long periods of awake time at various times of the day. Luckily, those awake periods are mostly during the day. When you hear new voices, you like to keep an eye on them (even taking a peek if you are super sleepy). Your face is very animated during your active sleep – eyes rolling, big smiles/laughs, and different facial expressions. We think you may have given us a few real smiles, but it’s hard to tell since you give so many gas smiles too. You definitely prefer to be held – especially in the evenings, and you are not a fan of laying flat in your crib to sleep yet. We love to kiss on your chubby cheeks, and you remind me so much of your daddy so far. You are such a perfect addition to our family! We love you so!




Oliver| 5 lbs 15 oz (5 lb 10 oz when we came home)| 18.5 in long

1 Month Old:

Dear Oliver,

You are our sweet, sleepy little peanut. You hardly make a peep unless you are hungry and then you have quite the set of lungs on you! We call you “Mr. Serious.” You often have a furrowed brow or give a serious stare off into the distance – makes me wonder what you are thinking about. πŸ˜‰ You love to sleep – especially snuggled up on our chest. You grab onto our shirts when we are holding you and it’s like you’re saying, “Please don’t put me down!” You also love holding onto fingers, which your big sis loves! The way you stretch out your little legs when laying down is the cutest. You’ve had a really hard time with constipation the last couple of weeks, which was breaking mama’s heart, but we seem to have it figured out. When you are sleeping, you breathe with your whole belly and love to have your hands by your face. Your big blue eyes remind me of your big sister’s, and I can’t wait to see your personality develop. You, too, are such a perfect addition to our family! We love you so!






12.25.16 – Christmas

25 Dec

Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind this year with getting home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. We loved having extended family coming to visit and meet the boys – even if we were quite sleep deprived. Here are a few quick snapshots I took during our visits the week of Christmas and New Years.

12.19.16 – Greyson and Oliver

19 Dec

Greyson and Oliver. Two long awaited additions to our family arrived the morning of December 19, 2016. It was a whirlwind of a day. It was my first c-section, and the boys had a bit of respiratory distress and low blood sugar which led to spending most of the week in the hospital. It was a little tough emotionally at times, but nothing compared to the joy we felt finally getting to hold our boys, introducing them to their big sister and extended family, and finally bringing them home Christmas Eve morning. (I literally cried tears of joy pulling into our neighborhood.)

The hospital staff was incredibly amazing and made the week so much easier. I really can’t thank our nurses enough. We also couldn’t have survived the week without Mimi who traded on and off with Kyle staying with Laney and me. We love you and thank you!

Some iPhone snaps of our hospital stay and journey home:

A few photos from our first few days home:

Greyson Parker and Oliver Lincoln, you are loved beyond measure. The best two Christmas gifts ever!

Things I don’t want to forget from these first few weeks:

  1. Greyson’s dinosaur/piggie snorts and grunts. We have to LOL sometimes at the noises he makes, even if they keep us up at night. He also is a very active sleeper with lots of smiles and eye movements.
  2. Oliver’s (AKA Mr. Serious) serious facial expressions and the way he stares off into the distance like he’s deep in thought. He is also our sleepy boy so far.
  3. How proud I am of Laney. I know it’s not easy on her, and she has had some tough moments. But she loves these two boys so deeply, and that sibling bond is what I have prayed to give her for so long. I couldn’t be happier or more proud of how she cares for “the brothers.” She is constantly kissing and hugging on them and saying she loves them. It’s her first thought in the morning and the last thing she does at night (besides also saying Good Night and Good Morning to Alexa lol).
  4. How blessed and proud I am to have Kyle as my husband. He is a true partner in this parenting journey. He pushes me to take care of myself, takes on chores like laundry and bottle washing without complaint, and loves on our family with a patience, caring, and selflessness that I aspire to have. He is my better half, and I am thankful he took an extended leave. (And slightly panicking for the day he goes back to work.)
  5. On a less sentimental note…diaper changing these boys has been an adventure. Between the pee incidents and their large dirty loads… there have been many moments where Kyle and I end up laughing hysterically at the “fun” of boy diapers.

Month 9 Belly Pics

16 Dec

Week 33: Size of Pineapple


Week 34: Size of Cantaloupe


Week 35: Size of Butternut Squash


36 Weeks: Romaine Lettuce (apparently I like this sweatshirt lol)


Here is a recap of month 9:

Sleep: I think I’m fairly prepared for lack of sleep, since I am getting up every 2-3 hours anyway. πŸ™‚

What I’ve missed: Energy and not feeling like a beached whale.

Food cravings/adversions: I have had to cut out beef from my diet – it doesn’t end well. Ice cream and pancakes still sound terrible. But I sure do love Christmas treats! πŸ™‚

Symptoms: My heartburn has been much more tolerable this last week. YAY! I have had a pulled muscle or something in my upper back for the last week, but it’s feeling better. Other than the usual aches and pains and fatigue from carrying around two babies, I am feeling pretty good! I am very, very thankful for a smooth, uneventful pregnancy!

What we’re looking forward to:
Meeting our boys!! :):)

Had our sonogram this morning, and they are looking great! About 6 lbs each!

What we’re listening to:
Christmas music, of course! πŸ™‚ Oh and the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, because some little girl has become re-obsessed!


12.10.16 – Twin Nursery

10 Dec

As of this morning, the twins’ nursery is officially complete! We were waiting on the new chair we ordered, which arrived Monday but wasn’t working (we have the worst luck with furniture). The tech fixed it this morning, and we are excited to share the final result!

Early on, Kyle and I talked about incorporating Shel Silverstein poems in the nursery. We both grew up reading his poems and have read them to Laney since she was a baby. This got me thinking about a black-and-white color scheme, and it kinda took off from there. Once we knew we were having boys, we decided to incorporate a bit of a wilderness/adventure theme too.

My favorite part of the room is, of course, the awesome wood wall Kyle and my father-in-law installed for me. πŸ™‚ Kyle and my dad also did a great job painting the dark grey walls, and I love how they contrast the lighter wood wall and furniture. I also love the tree stump end table Kyle made out of a stump from an old pine tree in my parents’ backyard. I think it is a space that we can tweak as the boys get older and will grow with them.

The room does not get a ton of light, which will hopefully be great for sleeping babies but is not so great for pictures. But here is a peek at the room and the boys’ names (or initials anyway). πŸ™‚

I hope the boys love their room for years to come!


If you’re interested, here is where I shopped:

Tutorial for wood wall from Lay Baby Lay

Target: book racks, lamp, decor

Hobby Lobby: frames, decor

Land of Nod: curtains, initials

IKEA: shelves

Gordmans: locker

White Faux Taxidermy deer head

Wee Gallery animal head pillows and decor

Baby Jives mobiles

Ivie Baby linens

Mountain pillows

Other prints and decor also found on Etsy.

I did a lot of spray painting to get things to coordinate. πŸ™‚



12.3.16 – Weekend wrap-up

3 Dec

It was a busy week of firsts at our house this week.

Laney had her first “basketball game.”

We are really blessed to live in a town with a great parks & rec program. She loves basketball nights!

Saturday (after our Santa visit) was her big dance recital – The Littlest Nutcracker. She was so excited and looked adorable, and we were so proud of how hard she tried during her performance. I’m not going to lie – I got a little emotional as I saw her running up to the stage with her “big kid dancer.” Between the basketball game, the recital, and my pregnancy hormones…my heart just couldn’t take the cuteness this week. These are some of the moments I have dreamed about since finding out she was a girl. And that little smile and pose at the end when her classmates walked off stage? heart.melted. I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama!

She may have had the biggest and best fan club there. We love our family so!

It was her first recital and it may be her last. She’s already decided she wants to go back to gymnastics next year, which surprised me a little…but we really just want to give her the opportunity to try different things. I really can’t say enough good about the dance school she went to – if you are local and looking for a place for your little dancer, let me know!

We also had our first snow of the season! Had to break out a couple of Christmas gifts early, but it was worth it…Laney, Annie, and Kyle made a huge snowman and had a blast in the winter wonderland!

It was a super fun weekend! Can’t believe our next family visit will include our new additions!! Better go rest up now. πŸ™‚


12.3.16 – Santa Visit

3 Dec

We went to visit Santa at Daddy’s work this morning. Laney was excited to go but kept asking me to tell Santa what she wanted. When it was our turn, she kept the tradition of not wanting to get close to him. We basically had to threaten her to get up there with Kyle (parents of the year – pressure of a long line behind us!).

Santa: Would you like a doll?

L: (shakes head no)

Santa: Would you like a truck?

L: (shakes head no)

Santa: Would you like a rock and two sticks?

L: (shakes head no)

OK, smile!

And we called it a day and checked this year’s visit off the to-do list. I guess she better write a letter to Santa or he isn’t going to know what to get her. πŸ˜‰ I am really thankful Kyle’s office puts on such a nice event for the employees’ families. Sure beats spending a lot of money at the mall for a terrible picture!

Here’s the yearly comparison:


Hard to believe we will have two more little babes to add to the picture next year!