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3.25.18 – Snow Day (again)

25 Mar

The only plus to a snow storm at the end of March and at the beginning of spring break? The boys finally had their first snow experience (aka I finally worked up the energy to bundle them up and take them out there). They weren’t too sure what to think and had trouble standing/walking in their snow gear, but they loved sledding! Until dad dumped them face first into the snow… then it was nap time!

We also celebrated Papa’s 65th birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Papa! We love you!


3.19.18 – 15 months + 5 1/2

19 Mar

We officially have a 5 1/2 year old and double dose of 15 months, so I thought I would share a little bit about them and a bunch of pictures I have been meaning to post.

Laney | 5.5 years old

Loves the colors purple, blue, and pink. Wants to be a pop star princess all of the time AND an astronaut or police officer depending on the day.  She loves to pretend (probably the word she says most often besides Mom), color us pictures, tell jokes, sing/dance, and eat apples and sweets. She really is the most amazing big sister to her brothers. She is silly, sweet, kind, funny, and happy, and I secretly love that she still has some words that she mispronounces or mixes up. I really couldn’t be more proud to be her mama, and I can’t believe we registered her for kindergarten last week.

Greyson | 15 months

He is officially a walker but was surprisingly second to master it, but he wouldn’t let Oliver leave him behind long. He loves to be the center of attention and gets jealous when my focus is elsewhere. He is a stage 5 clinger, hates getting in his car seat, and can turn a tantrum on and off like nobody else. He is working hard on his climbing skills and still has an affinity for drawers and cabinets. But he is also so darn cute. He makes the best faces, has the best growl-laugh, and loves to make us laugh. He knows how to blow his nose but doesn’t usually wait for the tissue. His dance moves melt my heart every time, and he just gets so excited to be in your arms. Favorite words: “hi” “done” “dada” “mama” and the cutest babbling “dobadebadobadeba”

Oliver | 15 months

He is a walking machine. He is a sweet, happy guy until someone is playing with a toy he wants or was taken from him – then he turns into a little biting gremlin. He too loves to snuggle and likes to fight over mom’s lap at times, but he is also content being on his own. He loves playing chase with his siblings, all of the balls but especially basketball, and getting tickled. He is an imitator of everything and is starting to repeat words more and more. He loves to be silly and make us laugh, but he also really studies his toys and how they work. He blows on his food if he thinks it’s hot, and he gets so excited to greet everyone with a “hiiiee!” He hates to see others upset, and the way he pats Laney and Greyson when they are crying melts my heart every time. He is just too cute! Favorite words: “hi” “ball” “car” “bye” “Gaga (Greyson)” “Na-ne (Laney)”

The boys are sleeping in the same room again and through the night! Things have gotten easier in some ways and harder in others. They fight over toys and for our attention. Eating can be hit or miss. But we have a very consistent schedule. They are happier being able to walk. Diaper changes are usually easier. And they are really interacting now with each other and Laney, which makes it all so much fun! And they give kisses and high fives! I am so blessed to be their mama!

Our failed attempts at a selfie:


12.19.17 – 12 Months!

19 Dec

The boys are ONE! It was by far the fastest year of our lives. Challenging, exhausting, joy-filled, and fun all rolled into one! We love these two boys so much and can’t wait for the exciting milestones ahead.


Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe you are ONE. I swear, you were just a little 6 lb baby with chubby cheeks yesterday. I blinked, and here we are. You are fiercely determined but surprisingly timid to try walking without support. You are so strong but snuggly (when you want to be). You have a bit of a temper when you don’t get what you want and sometimes laugh inappropriately when one of your siblings is upset. You will fight hard for a toy or your mama’s attention. No one else can be on my lap when you are, and you aren’t afraid to intimidate or throw an elbow. You make the best noises. Your old man laugh is my favorite, and your growl makes us chuckle. The way you “talk” to me like you know what you’re telling me melts my heart. You shake your head when you are happy/excited or busting a move to a song, but you also do it when you are getting upset. Your favorite pastime is tossing a ball or round object in front of you and chasing after it like a cat. You also love dropping objects from a height (especially food from your highchair), slapping surfaces, climbing anything, shaking toys, and clicking your tongue. “Mama,” “dada,” “hi,” “bye-bye,” and “all done” are your most frequently spoken words right now, and you still love to wave and clap. You pretty much always sleep through the night now (knock on wood) and eat pretty much anything I offer. You crawl at lightning speed toward any open gate or door – especially the freezer or dishwasher, and climbing the stairs and bath time brings you great joy. Mama leaving the room or not picking you up when you want it brings instant tears, and you hate being contained in any kind of seat. You pull your hair and spin in circles in our lap when you’re tired, but you like to fight going to sleep. You are our tippy-toed, belly laughing, ornery but sweet little guy. You wear us out but bring us so much joy. Happy birthday, sweet boy! I couldn’t love you more!




Dear Oliver,

My sweet, smiley little peanut. You have changed so much in the last couple of weeks, and I can hardly believe my tiny little guy is ONE! You may be the first to walk yet! It’s all you want to do, and you won’t put up with being left behind anymore. You’ve started pulling up on everything, but you get stuck as you haven’t mastered getting down from standing yet. You are a speed demon on your walker. You come sit on my lap and try and grab my fingers to get me to walk you around, and you get so excited when we practice climbing the stairs. You love to chase your siblings around but also like to go off and do your own thing at times. You spin in circles on your booty when Greyson tries to take something from you, and you look to me when he is successful. But you are quick to steal things from him too. Your latest pastime is putting objects into other objects, and you also have an affinity for balls. You are getting pretty good at playing catch with us. You also love carrying an object with you as you do your one-legged, one-armed crawl around the house. You shake your head no when you are doing something you know you aren’t supposed to but can’t help yourself anyway. “Go, go, go,” “mama,” “dada,” “no-no,” and “bye-bye” are your most frequent words, but your favorite sound to make currently is a squeal/screech (usually in delight). You love when we make silly sounds at you, tickle you, and play peek-a-boo. Your sweet giggle is my favorite. You whine when you are fighting for mama’s attention or if Grey steals your toy. You are my shy little guy as you usually hide from strangers and sometimes cry when they talk to you. You are happy almost all of the time – unless you are hurt, tired, or hungry. Unfortunately, you’ve learned the art of rolling out of diaper changes and fighting being strapped into seats from your brother. You are definitely a finicky, picky eater, but you love all the fruits and your sippy cup. You are still getting up once or twice a night (yawn), but you go to sleep easily and love to snuggle when you’re tired. The way you hold my finger when you drink your bottle and curl into me when your done drinking melts my heart. You are our happy, silly, sweet little man. We wish you slept better at night, but you bring us so much much joy. I couldn’t love you more!



12.17.17 – First Birthday Bash!

17 Dec

We had a fun birthday brunch celebrating our sweet boys turning ONE (a couple of days early). We so appreciated our family coming from near and far helping make our boys’ day so special. They did so well with the party, and I know they had so much fun.

We did a little “party animal” black-and-white theme. Laney and I had fun making the animals’ party hats. Here are a few pictures of the decor:

The boys were a little overwhelmed by the crowd and “Happy Birthday” song. Oliver was not a fan of the cake – although he took a couple of open-mouthed dives towards it. He shuttered with every bite and then refused to eat any more. Greyson didn’t want to eat it at first but after a couple of tastes he decided it was pretty tasty!

The boys were not too interested in opening gifts – especially after a package of balls were opened. But the big girls at the party had fun taking turns opening the rest of the packages for them.

A couple of days later we celebrated their actual birthday with a little early morning birthday donut (again Oliver was not interested and Greyson was a fan). They opened a couple of gifts from us and got to take Mimi, Aunt Kyla, and Logan to their music class. It was a fun, low-key day.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since these two boys joined our family. We love them so much!

12.2.17 – Santa Visit

2 Dec

We shockingly had no tears today at our annual Santa visit despite our time slot being well past nap time. Kyle gave Santa’s beard a good tug on accident when he picked Greyson up of Santa’s lap. Good thing his beard was secure. 🙂

Added a couple more kiddos to the photo this year! ❤


11.30.17 – Deck the Halls

30 Nov

Laney has been begging to decorate for Christmas since we were on our way home from our Thanksgiving travels. She assumed Christmas came immediately after Thanksgiving and now has a very serious countdown going. She was PUMPED we agreed to decorate last night. Decorating was a little more chaotic this year, but it was an overall success. We had only one non-edible item consumed – surprisingly, Greyson was not the culprit this time. And even more surprisingly, the boys have been very chill with the tree so far! The halls are decked just in time to start out Advent calendar countdown tomorrow. It’s shaping up to be the best Christmas yet!

11.19.17 – 11 Months!

19 Nov

We are one month away from the boys’ first birthday, and I can hardly believe it. With the holiday season upon us, I feel like time is flying by even faster (which I didn’t think was possible). They are growing and changing so quickly, and I’m doing my best to soak it all in in between running around like a crazy person.

Dear Greyson,

You are ornery and adorable and determined and sweet all rolled up into one strong, squishy little babe. One day earlier this month you just started crawling “normally,” and you haven’t slowed down since. I love the way you crawl into a room, take a look around, and as soon as you see someone or something exciting you give a smile, laugh, and crawl as fast you can right towards it. You have an affinity for drawers – opening them, climbing into them, and/or emptying their contents. When the pantry, fridge, or gate to the stairs opens, you crawl as fast as you can to get to it before your opportunity to get into trouble closes. You pull up on anything and everything and are standing pretty well flat-footed. But you won’t walk unless holding onto two hands (or cruising furniture), and that is always on tippy-toes. You love to wave, clap, make noises with your tongue, and shake your head. You are pointing at things now, and you always explore new objects and food with your pointer finger first. You still love baths and hate diaper changes/getting dressed. You have started to throw your head back in a tantrum-like fashion when you are tired or don’t want to be contained in your highchair/carseat or for diaper changes. Your favorite game with Oliver is pushing the pantry door towards each other. You love your sister and chasing her around the house. And you are a mama’s boy this month and love fighting for my attention whenever I’m spending time with someone else. You also love to stick your finger in our mouths and trying to catch our tongues. Being upside-down is another favorite. You are a great eater and sleeper. I love your laugh and snuggles, and I’m so lucky you’re mine.



Dear Oliver,

You are on the move! You got tired of being left behind and getting speedier every day. You have an inchworm crawl and a sorta scoot-crawl with one foot still under your bum and one working the right way. You want to stand and walk holding my hands all of the time, but you still have a Frankenstein movement with your legs. You have started to pull up on things to your knees too, so I know it won’t be long before you are moving and shaking like Greyson. You officially have started sleeping through the night (knocking on all of the wood!!!). You still have your puke episodes once in awhile, and you are a little bit of a finicky eater. You love your sippy cup of water though! You are very much a mama’s boy right now and like to fight for my attention – especially now that you can move to wherever I am. You are just so happy and smiley. We are starting to see a little bit of silly in your personality, and I love it. You have started waving and clapping too, and you love to say, “Go, go, go!” We’ve heard “mama,” “dada,” “hi,” and “bye-bye” a few times too. You are a little shy of strangers or people you haven’t seen in awhile but you warm up quickly. You just duck your head and turn away at first. You tend to prefer quiet and smaller crowds as you can get startled easily with sudden noise and commotion. You study your toys by turning them over in your hands, and you like to look behind the phone when we are video chatting with family. You are getting better about trying to bite us – your teething seems to have calmed a bit recently. You love being flipped upside down, lift-the-flap books, and emptying a box of toys. You have the biggest, cheesiest smile, and you bring us so much joy. I love you so much!