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6.18.17 – Father’s Day

18 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads and father-like figures out there! We sure are thankful for you and hope you have a day as special as you are!

First, our annual Pinterest-y D-A-D photos. 🙂


Previous years: 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Our favorite dad isn’t big on social media PDA, but we have to give him a little shout out anyway. He is the kind of dad who chooses to take several weeks off of work when our babies are born; helps in the middle of the night without complaint; jumps on the trampoline or plays “chase” as soon as he gets home from work; and gives our babies a million fun nicknames. He never forgets a hug and kiss goodbye or to tell us how much we are loved. And most importantly he leads us by example. An example of how to continually strive to be better. To push oneself to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually. And to be a better friend, a harder worker, and a more loving, helpful member of our family. We couldn’t be more proud to call him ours! We love you!


Photo by: Kennedy Crissinger Photography

And of course we have some amazing dads in our lives – both near and far, and we wish we could spend this day with all of you! Know that you are thought of and loved today and every day! Happy Father’s Day!

5.30.17 – Memorial Day Weekend

30 May

We had a really fun Memorial Day weekend at Grandpa and Mimi’s house. The weather wasn’t as warm as we had hoped, but we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying some time together poolside.

By the end of the weekend, Laney was swimming like a little fish – jumping off the diving board, going under water, and swimming without her floaties. Huge strides from last year! We were so proud of her! The boys had their first dip as well but weren’t quite sure what to think of the experience. 🙂 And no Memorial Day weekend is complete without some intense pool volleyball matches and some diving board stunts.

The boys also got to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Minion on race day!

As the weekend came to an end, we felt refreshed but were missing our fun family time already! Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer!

4.16.17 – Easter Weekend

16 Apr

We had a great Easter weekend – the boys’ first Easter!

First, Laney had her class Easter party. She enjoyed hunting for eggs and tossing them around on the big parachute with her classmates. She made a super cute bunny bag.

On Saturday, our neighborhood had its annual Easter egg hunt, and we had some beautiful weather! Laney said she wasn’t scared of the Easter bunny this year and walked right up for a photo op.

Saturday night my parents, Jacob, and Annie arrived. Kyle’s parents joined us Sunday morning. We had a fun egg hunt in the morning followed by church and a yummy lunch. We attempted to get a family photo, but they boys in our family have very sensitive eyes. 🙂

Laney found her first toad of the year too. 🙂 The weekend went by in a blur, but it was a blessing to spend it together with family. Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

4.3.17 – Peace out, March!

3 Apr

March was a tough month for us – especially mentally. Take a bunch of sleepless nights add in a million rainy days and throw in some baby gas/reflux issues and you have a pair of parents who are feeling as gloomy as the weather. We were thankful when Mimi, Grandpa, and Annie decided to spend their spring break with us. The extra hands and fun new memories led to some happier hearts.

But March wasn’t all bad.  We wore our Sunday best (even if we weren’t excited about it).

2017-03-26 09.47.36

Got in some exercise.

Had lots of snuggle time.

2017-04-02 18.02.39

Had a fun St. Patty’s Day party with friends.

2017-03-18 11.12.19

And we even had a few laughs. (be still my heart – the laughs were probably the best part of the month)

The first few days of April has brought us a moral boost and a sign of promise.

2017-04-03 16.51.25

Something I read this month really spoke to me: “…how often we too are childish rather than childlike. How grateful we can be that God has set our little child in our midst, to demonstrate the simple virtues of innocence, meekness, trust, forgiveness, and love.”*

I am beyond grateful for these babies – they are a daily lesson in the virtues I hope to possess. I am especially thankful for my girl who shows me unending grace when my exhaustion brings out the worst version of me. They are of course worth a trillion sleepless nights and hardest days. I couldn’t love them more.

As we move into April, we are cautiously optimistic for more sleep and sunnier days. We feel like we are least headed in the right direction anyway. Here’s to twinning AND winning in April!

A few other snapshots:

*Meditations for the New Mother By: Helen Good Brenneman

3.21.17 – Cousin Love

21 Mar

We had some special visitors this week. My sister-in-law and nephew came to visit since their planned visit with my brother had to be cancelled earlier this month because of illness. We had so much fun watching the kiddos interact and catching up. Made me wish we lived closer. Isn’t my nephew the cutest!? I had to include a couple of outtakes of Logan petting Greyson’s head in the group shot. 🙂 Love these babies so much!

Logan and Laney had a lot of fun together. 🙂

2.11.17 – Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Carol Visit

11 Feb

My grandparents and Aunt Carol made the trip to our house to meet the boys and visit us. I am so blessed to have such kind, generous, loving people in my life. I have so many wonderful memories spending time with these three people growing up. It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was making memories on my grandparents’ farm or Aunt Carol was cheering me on at so many of my sporting events, but it fills my heart with such joy to see them love on my kiddos. I was so thankful I had my camera handy to capture some of these moments, because I know I will cherish these photos forever.

The photo of Grandma reading to Laney is one of my favorites. There are several books in our library that I hear my Grandma’s voice in my head when I read them to Laney. She also gave Laney a recorded voice book before she was born, and Laney listens to it all of the time. I know she was excited to have a read with Grandma in person this time. I wish we could visit more often. Thank you for making the trip! Love you three so much!

12.25.16 – Christmas

25 Dec

Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind this year with getting home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. We loved having extended family coming to visit and meet the boys – even if we were quite sleep deprived. Here are a few quick snapshots I took during our visits the week of Christmas and New Years.