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7.19.17 – 7 Months Old!

19 Jul

People told us six months would be the turning point, and we are thrilled to say they were right! We are getting more sleep, they are on a schedule, and everyone is happier (and more rested!). Month six was magical, and we are even more excited about what’s to come. (Until they are on the move, and then I may want to rewind.) 😉

Dear Greyson,

You are a mover and a shaker! You can roll all over the place in all different directions – and lately with even more purpose. We never find you in the same spot if we leave the room for a minute. And although you are fairly stable with sitting up, you’d much prefer to be rolling around. You also love to jump around in your jumper seat and can spin around to look at all of the toys with ease. You love rattles – shaking them around to hear different sounds. You also love to bang toys or your hand on different surfaces. I love the babbling sounds you make – especially directed toward your brother. You tend to be more serious, but it makes your smiles and sweet giggles even more special. You have also been discovering your tongue – making all different sounds and movements with it. Your growl sounds let us know you are getting unhappy about something, and you still have your snort laugh once in awhile. Pears, sweet potatoes, and zucchini are your favorite baby foods, and you have also enjoyed some eggs, banana pieces, and avocado the last couple of weeks. You are slowly warming up to puffs. Diaper changes have become quite the challenge. You instantly start rolling onto your tummy the moment we lay you down. Handing you the package of wipes to play with is the only thing that seems to get you to stay still, but we still have to change you with the speed of a NASCAR pit crew. You sleep 6:30-6:30 most nights getting up once in the 4:00 hour for a bottle right now. I love your fluffy hair that’s growing so quickly, and you have four teeth (two on top and two on bottom). I cherish the snuggles I get when I rock you before sleep, because the rest of the day you are on the move. And although you are a mover, you do want company and don’t like to be left alone long. You love when we blow bubbles on your cheeks/tummy and “How big is Greyson? SO BIG!” I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown – both physically and in personality, and I love you so much!





Dear Oliver,

You are filled with so much joy – people can’t help but smile. Although the last few days, your screams, squeals, and grunts have been loud enough to scare your brother! I’m not sure if you’re practicing your voice or have turned into a little gremlin, but you are cracking us up with the noises coming out of your little body. You are an expert at sitting up. However, you still love to throw your head back and see if you can bring your self back to sitting so we still have a pillow behind you. I’m always impressed with your ab strength! You finally warmed up to baby food just in time for us to switch to solids. You are quite dramatic with your faces and gagging as we introduce new foods and textures. You love peas, oatmeal, and pears. You can wiggle yourself around a little bit but don’t roll from belly to back much. You prefer to sit up and watch everyone, and you really love jumping in your jumper seat. You have four teeth coming in on top and two in on bottom, so you love anything that is easy to chew on. Although you still love chewing on your hands and trying to chew on us. You’ve also started shaking your head “no.” It’s like your little happy dance when we say “YAY!” and you love when we shake our head back. You remind me so much of Laney – she had a little happy dance too. You also bounce yourself in excitement – especially when you see your bottle. Blowing bubbles with all kinds of slobber has also been a favorite of yours lately. You really are so happy and laid back unless you are tired or hungry, but you also prefer to have company. You love sitting up across from your brother or watching him in the jumper, but you don’t love when he tries to grab at you. You love peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake – really any kind of social interaction. Your squeals of delight at the simplest things brighten our days. We love you so much our smiley little guy!




7.4.17 – 4th of July

4 Jul

Hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July! We seriously had the best day. After a fun (but exhausting) vacation, we spent Monday relaxing and getting caught up on life, so Tuesday we were ready for a little family fun. We grilled out, had some water fun outside, played games, roasted some mallows, and wrapped up the night with fireworks.

I was back-and-forth on taking Laney to fireworks. I’m always a little hesitant to disrupt her bedtime (especially after a busy vacation and with her having circus camp this week), but she had asked about going a few times. We also had never taken her, and this seemed like the perfect year to try it. I am SO glad I did. She was just the cutest. Her anticipation and excitement was contagious. My heart could have exploded right along with those fireworks. I only wish Kyle could have seen her (he stayed back with the boys). She was missing her dad too and asked me a couple times if I took a picture of them so he could see them. (And then yelled at me to put my phone down, so I didn’t miss any of them. I was just doing what she asked!)

A few cute quotes from her during the show:

“I hope one of them looks like me.”

“That one looked like Ollie!”

“That one kinda looked like a bathtub!”

“I wish I had these in my room!”

“That one touched the moon! Did you see it, Mom!?”

The perfect way to wrap up vacation. It was a day and night I will never forget, and I made sure of it by making a video. You can see more of our fun 4th here.

Hope you all had as much fun as we did! God bless the USA!!

7.1.17 – Hilton Head 2017

1 Jul

Our annual beach vacation came and went in the blink of an eye. Gone are the days of relaxing on the beach and reading a book. But we are loving this season of life as crazy as it may be. I love spending time in this place with my babies. I have so many wonderful memories of visiting this island almost every year since my childhood, and seeing their joy and excitement makes my heart so full. As hectic and exhausting as it is packing, traveling, and trying to get kids to sleep in a strange place, it’s so worth it. Building sandcastles, going on seashell dead crab hunt walks, boogie boarding, and time with family – it’s the “good stuff.” And I even managed to read part of a book. 🙂


Our flights went fairly smoothly – especially for two first-time fliers. Kyle was congratulated on being dad-of-the-year by his fellow passengers for napping while holding a sleeping baby during the first flight while I worked my fanny off with the other two. And on the second flight? That’s me holding TWO sleeping babies. Kyle tried but apparently his dad-of-the-year accolades didn’t give him the “mom touch” with two overtired babies. Luckily, I’m not in it for the praise, and I was pretty dang proud of myself without outside recognition. #doublestandard (Side note: Kyle did give me lots of praise and was actually the one to comment on the double standard.)


It was probably the worst year of weather we have had in recent memory – quite cool, overcast, windy, and sometimes rainy. But we didn’t let that stop our fun, and it was better for the boys’ first beach experience. I enjoyed the sunshine, yummy food, and game nights with the fam. Laney enjoyed finding dead sea creatures on the beach, playing with Annie, and jumping the waves. Kyle enjoyed some quiet time during the boys’ naps, family time, and ice cream. The boys were not overly thrilled with the beach this year, but they loved all of the attention. We are all missing everyone already and can’t wait until next time!






I tried really hard this year to just enjoy the moments and not worry about capturing them, but we did make a quick and windy attempt at family photos before dinner one night. Plus our annual anniversary pic.


Until next year HHI!

6.19.17 – 6 Months Old!

19 Jun

It’s really hard to believe we are halfway through the first year of twins. The day these two sweet boys joined our family seems like forever ago and like yesterday all at the same time. We are finally settling into a routine. We are so close to having both boys sleeping through the night and it’s actually happened a couple of times recently. Plus, their daytime schedule has been much more consistent. As an organized, schedule-oriented mama, I am feeling like I’m getting a little bit of sanity (and sleep) back. 🙂 Of course read all of this in an inaudible whisper, because as soon as I even THINK things are falling into place we have one helluva day or night. 🙂 To be really honest, I kinda feel like we have put in all of the really hard work and now we are just starting to reap some fun in return.


20 lb 2 oz (86%) | 26 1/4″ (21%) | 18 in (95%)

Dear Greyson,

You have earned the nicknames Grumpy Greyson and Grumpleton this month (said in the most loving way possible). You are basically either happy or fussy/angry with not much in between. I think it has to do with your tummy troubles and your two top teeth taking their sweet time coming in – plus a little bit of personality. 😉 You still spit up quite often. While you love to eat almost any baby food we offer you, we are trying to figure out if some of them are causing your reflux to be worse. We are staying away from carrots right now as they seem to really upset your tummy – even though you love them! Your favorites are bananas and sweet potatoes, and we typically can’t shovel them in fast enough. After a couple of “tough love” nights, you’ve been sleeping really well and always sleep on your tummy now. The biggest change this month has been your mobility! You are always rolling onto your tummy (usually causing more spit up).  You move those legs as fast as they will go, but you don’t get too far yet. But you manage to wiggle yourself around enough that we don’t often find you in the same place we left you. You also are really close to sitting up – just need to work on your balance. My favorite development this month is your snort laugh – cracks us up! I also love the way you shove one or both hands in your mouth to chew on. You love to grab and twist my fingers when you are drinking your bottle. You don’t really love being outside. You usually let us know you’re getting unhappy with your growls, which also make us laugh. I love your many expressions from your big ole’ grin to your serious faces. You are still so curious, and I see so much of your daddy in you. You keep us on our toes, but you sure make life more fun. We love you squishy, sweet boy!!



17 lb 8 oz (42%) | 26 1/2 in (31%) | 17 3/4 in (88%)

Dear Oliver,

You are the happiest, most easy-going little guy. You are so smiley or chill almost all of the time – unless you are eating baby food. Then you are making faces of disgust and concern about what we just sneaked into your mouth. You love oatmeal, but you pretty much hate everything else so far. You will humor us for several bites and then you refuse to open. You have two top teeth that are about to come through, and you try and chew on any part of us you can get your hands on. You have changed so much in the last month! You roll onto your belly and sleep on your stomach now. You found your toes and spend a lot of time playing with them or slamming your feet down at the same time. You arch your back and scoot yourself around head first. We rarely find you in the same spot we left you – even if we were gone just a minute. When we walk up to you, you squeal in delight and do a little happy, squirmy dance. You still rock your signature concerned face when you are concentrating or a stranger is talking to you. My favorite development this month is the funny faces you practice. Each week seems to bring a new mouth movement you are trying out – sucking your upper lip, the duck face, and pulling both lips in to name a few. They make us laugh! After a couple of “tough love” nights, you’ve been sleeping really well as long as you don’t do your occasional vomit right before bed. Not sure what causes it, but they are epic. You are still our social guy – you love to interact with us. You are so patient with me when you are waiting your turn, which I so appreciate (and feel bad about) more than you know. You are full of joy and snuggles every day, and we love you so much!



6.18.17 – Father’s Day

18 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads and father-like figures out there! We sure are thankful for you and hope you have a day as special as you are!

First, our annual Pinterest-y D-A-D photos. 🙂


Previous years: 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Our favorite dad isn’t big on social media PDA, but we have to give him a little shout out anyway. He is the kind of dad who chooses to take several weeks off of work when our babies are born; helps in the middle of the night without complaint; jumps on the trampoline or plays “chase” as soon as he gets home from work; and gives our babies a million fun nicknames. He never forgets a hug and kiss goodbye or to tell us how much we are loved. And most importantly he leads us by example. An example of how to continually strive to be better. To push oneself to be better physically, mentally, and spiritually. And to be a better friend, a harder worker, and a more loving, helpful member of our family. We couldn’t be more proud to call him ours! We love you!


Photo by: Kennedy Crissinger Photography

And of course we have some amazing dads in our lives – both near and far, and we wish we could spend this day with all of you! Know that you are thought of and loved today and every day! Happy Father’s Day!

5.22.17 – Sweet babies

22 May

Time is going so fast, and I often find myself in a mental tug-of-war between “I have to capture this moment!” and “Just enjoy the moment!” I’m afraid I’ll forget. But the days are so busy, and I try to enjoy the moments when I can. Oliver found his toes last week, and watching him play with them is just the cutest. Greyson is getting more teeth and dancing his feet so much he wiggles himself across the floor. Laney just loves her baby brothers, and they just adore her right back. I just love listening to her talk to them – often repeating the things we say to them. And their mutual giggles are a dream come true. I decided to spend a few minutes capturing this current phase one afternoon in our empty former dining room that will soon be their play room, and I’m so glad I did.

Love them so!!

5.19.17 – 5 Months Old

19 May

Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe how big you are now. You are in size 3 diapers and can wear some 6-12 or 9 month clothes already. You LOVE to stand and are so close to being able to sit up on your own. You can roll from belly to back no problem now – you just use that big noggin to swing yourself right over. You are pretty much able to roll the other way too, but I think you just prefer not to be on your belly. You are working on your third tooth and have decided you hate your paci. You literally spit it out at us if we try and give it to you. You still love to blow bubbles and usually have a wet shirt from drool and spit up. We started giving you some solid foods last week. You weren’t really a fan of the oatmeal but have loved sweet potatoes. Laney likes to call you “silly mouth” because you get your food everywhere. I love the way you stretch your legs and point your toes when you’re on your back. The way you twist your whole body around to see what’s going on around you makes me smile. You love to use your voice to babble and make different noises these days. You gave us a couple of full nights of sleep this month, but sickness and teeth have caused more wake-ups again. You love to have a dirty diaper at the most inopportune times (during the church sermon, sitting up to shoot it up your back, or 2 AM to name a few), but you make up for it with your dancing and giggles when we change you. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings. Love you so!



Dear Oliver,

You always seem like a little peanut compared to your brother but you have grown so much this month. You are so curious – watching everyone around you. You especially watch your brother when he is babbling away. You even laughed at him a couple times when he was blowing bubbles – your first official interaction! You love to flash your sweet smile to anyone who talks to you. You are so happy and content almost all of the time. I love your little dance and the way you arch your back when we lay you down to talk to you. You are still so ticklish and your sweet giggles melt my heart. You are getting strong. You aren’t rolling too much yet but are getting close to sitting.  You love to do superman pose on your belly – arching your back with your legs in the air. You found your toes this week, so you are always playing with them now when you’re on your back. You’ve been as finicky about solid foods as you are about eating your bottles. You seemed to like oatmeal for the most part but have hated sweet potatoes so far. You are quite dramatic with your faces and gagging. You still get up at least once a night, but were giving us longer stretches before sickness and teeth. You love to try and suck on things – including our arms and your upper lip. That tongue of yours is always going – especially when you’re smiling. You still love your snuggles, and we can’t get enough of them! Love you Ollie Bear!




Another month has flown by! We had a lot of firsts this month – including some milestones that you are never really excited about…first colds, first teeth, first blowout dirty diapers. But we also had some fun ones – their baptism, road trips, solid foods, and roll overs. We are finally settling into a three nap daytime schedule that is fairly consistent (considering where we were). Their nighttime has been all over the place and seems to go in cycles. We get several really awesome nights and then some really awful ones, and there are too many variables to know what causes the bad ones. Teeth? Colds? Growth spurts? The dreaded four month sleep regression? (although we didn’t have much to regress from) But we keep reminding ourselves that this week is easier than the last overall, and we can’t wait for all of the fun the next stages will bring!

Some days may feel like this after a night of no sleep…2017-05-09 11.01.23

But we have lots of fun watching them learn and grow each day…

2017-05-16 16.26.32

And I really can’t believe they are old enough for food. Another adventure in getting kids to eat!

Can’t wait for a fun summer ahead!