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1.15.18 – Annie Visit

15 Jan

Happy Monday! We had a bonus overnight visit with my sister, and I decided to actually get my camera out today and capture a few moments of fun. It was her first overnight visit without my parents, and we had a great time all around.

The girls went sledding three times.

The boys and I stayed inside.

Proof that a picture can make a moment look totally different than reality. Captured these in the only 10 seconds these two weren’t fighting over the toy. 🙂 AKA Greyson ripping the toy away from Oliver and making him cry.

12.27.17 – Christmas Recap

27 Dec

It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone and the new year is fast approaching. We have enjoyed having Daddy home this week and have started a little purge/cleanup process while still finding lots of time to relax and unwind after a very busy December. But before we rush into another year, here’s a little recap of our holiday:

Kyle enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas with the Wagner boys to celebrate Jacob’s 21st birthday. The Wagner girls plus Logan hung with us all week, which was a lot of fun. We went to Indiana later in the week to reunite with Kyle have Christmas with the rest of the Wagner crew. It was our last time staying in Mimi and Grandpa’s house – the house of most of childhood. Very bittersweet!

We left early Christmas Eve, and our drive home ended up being quite eventful. We ended up in the ditch in rural Indiana. The tow truck ended up getting stuck trying to get us out, so we were there over two hours before finally continuing on our drive.

Not exactly the Christmas Eve we had planned, but certainly one to remember. The kids were troopers, and most importantly, we were very thankful to arrive home safe and sound 8 hours later.

After an eventful Christmas Eve, we enjoyed a nice, quiet day at home. Laney and I went sledding in the afternoon, which was so much fun. She declared it, “The best day EVER!” while we were hiking back up the hill, and that was all I needed to make my holiday complete after the hustle and bustle of the weeks prior.

We hope your Christmas was just as merry! Happy birthday, Jesus!

12.19.17 – 12 Months!

19 Dec

The boys are ONE! It was by far the fastest year of our lives. Challenging, exhausting, joy-filled, and fun all rolled into one! We love these two boys so much and can’t wait for the exciting milestones ahead.


Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe you are ONE. I swear, you were just a little 6 lb baby with chubby cheeks yesterday. I blinked, and here we are. You are fiercely determined but surprisingly timid to try walking without support. You are so strong but snuggly (when you want to be). You have a bit of a temper when you don’t get what you want and sometimes laugh inappropriately when one of your siblings is upset. You will fight hard for a toy or your mama’s attention. No one else can be on my lap when you are, and you aren’t afraid to intimidate or throw an elbow. You make the best noises. Your old man laugh is my favorite, and your growl makes us chuckle. The way you “talk” to me like you know what you’re telling me melts my heart. You shake your head when you are happy/excited or busting a move to a song, but you also do it when you are getting upset. Your favorite pastime is tossing a ball or round object in front of you and chasing after it like a cat. You also love dropping objects from a height (especially food from your highchair), slapping surfaces, climbing anything, shaking toys, and clicking your tongue. “Mama,” “dada,” “hi,” “bye-bye,” and “all done” are your most frequently spoken words right now, and you still love to wave and clap. You pretty much always sleep through the night now (knock on wood) and eat pretty much anything I offer. You crawl at lightning speed toward any open gate or door – especially the freezer or dishwasher, and climbing the stairs and bath time brings you great joy. Mama leaving the room or not picking you up when you want it brings instant tears, and you hate being contained in any kind of seat. You pull your hair and spin in circles in our lap when you’re tired, but you like to fight going to sleep. You are our tippy-toed, belly laughing, ornery but sweet little guy. You wear us out but bring us so much joy. Happy birthday, sweet boy! I couldn’t love you more!




Dear Oliver,

My sweet, smiley little peanut. You have changed so much in the last couple of weeks, and I can hardly believe my tiny little guy is ONE! You may be the first to walk yet! It’s all you want to do, and you won’t put up with being left behind anymore. You’ve started pulling up on everything, but you get stuck as you haven’t mastered getting down from standing yet. You are a speed demon on your walker. You come sit on my lap and try and grab my fingers to get me to walk you around, and you get so excited when we practice climbing the stairs. You love to chase your siblings around but also like to go off and do your own thing at times. You spin in circles on your booty when Greyson tries to take something from you, and you look to me when he is successful. But you are quick to steal things from him too. Your latest pastime is putting objects into other objects, and you also have an affinity for balls. You are getting pretty good at playing catch with us. You also love carrying an object with you as you do your one-legged, one-armed crawl around the house. You shake your head no when you are doing something you know you aren’t supposed to but can’t help yourself anyway. “Go, go, go,” “mama,” “dada,” “no-no,” and “bye-bye” are your most frequent words, but your favorite sound to make currently is a squeal/screech (usually in delight). You love when we make silly sounds at you, tickle you, and play peek-a-boo. Your sweet giggle is my favorite. You whine when you are fighting for mama’s attention or if Grey steals your toy. You are my shy little guy as you usually hide from strangers and sometimes cry when they talk to you. You are happy almost all of the time – unless you are hurt, tired, or hungry. Unfortunately, you’ve learned the art of rolling out of diaper changes and fighting being strapped into seats from your brother. You are definitely a finicky, picky eater, but you love all the fruits and your sippy cup. You are still getting up once or twice a night (yawn), but you go to sleep easily and love to snuggle when you’re tired. The way you hold my finger when you drink your bottle and curl into me when your done drinking melts my heart. You are our happy, silly, sweet little man. We wish you slept better at night, but you bring us so much much joy. I couldn’t love you more!



10.31.17 – Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! Hope y’all had a day full of fun and treats! We kicked off the holiday celebrations with super fun weekend with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. We started the festivities with Trunk or Treat at our church Thursday night, and Laney has been fired up ever since. Our weekend also included a little pumpkin carving/decorating.

We had a costume rehearsal so I could snap a few pictures of the kiddos (and attempt a selfie):

Then it was the big event! A fun party at school as Princess Elena of Avalor plus a busy evening of handing out candy and trick-or-treating. The boys loved greeting everyone at the door and inspecting the candy. Laney sat in a chair by the door waiting for everyone to arrive and was so generous with the candy that we ran out well before it was over. 😉 She then had a turn collecting treats with Daddy while the boys called it a night. A fun and exhausting day for all! Looking forward to the fun we will have next year!

10.19.17 – 10 Months!

19 Oct

Another month has flown by! Our boys are growing and changing so quickly. They are in one of my favorites stages, and it is so fun to watch them learn new things every day.

Dear Greyson,

You have changed SO much in the last month. Your hair is longer, you are taller, and your little big personality is really starting to show. You are so strong! You can climb the stairs, pull up on just about anything, and walk along furniture. You are still predominately on your tippy toes but are starting to stand flat-footed more often. You have learned to clap, wave, sign “more” and “all done,” and even have said your first few words (bye-bye, ma-ma, da-da, Laney “ne-ne”). It’s almost impossible to get you dressed or change your diaper without a wrestling match. You want to be on the move all of the time – preferably standing/walking. You are still crawling inchworm style, but as soon as someone sits down nearby you are climbing up them and hoping they will walk you around holding your hands. You still love your play table turned walker and can even use a real walker with a little assistance. You still love to eat but have developed more particular tastes. You love eggs, zucchini, carrots, bananas, and oranges and get really excited about potatoes, waffles, pizza, and pasta. Your sippy cup of water usually ends up on the floor or used as a toy. You still love any toys that make noise or music, to shake and slap things, and fly through the air. Chasing your sister, pulling the kitchen towels down, and opening cabinets and drawers are new favorite games. I’ve had to make a couple calls to poison control this month to make sure things you got into weren’t going to make you sick. Plus, you bit another mom’s leg at Kindermusik, which was so embarassing! You crawled up to say hi and just sunk your teeth right into her leg. You sure keep us on our toes, but we love you so much!!




Dear Oliver,

My sweet, smiley little guy! This month was a rough one in the sleep department for you. Between some pre-bed puking and teeth, you have been sleeping like a newborn. Luckily, you make up for it in cuteness. You aren’t on the move yet, but you like to spin around on your bottom. You are also starting to get up on hands and knees and can roll around to get where you want to go. You flap your arms excitedly like a little baby bird when you feel like you are getting left behind. You still love to jump like crazy in your jumperoo, explore toys, and try and chomp on anything or anyone around you. Loud noises and new people startle you, and you bend all the way down to hide your face when you are feeling scared or insecure. You are very interested in what’s going on around you, and I love the way you bend over to peek around something when you hear someone or something you are curious about. You went from eating whatever we put in front of you to being a bit more particular this month. Strawberries, raspberries, yogurt, and avocado are your favorites. You also love puffs and crackers and have really taken to your sippy cup of water. You have joined your brother in the rolling around during diaper changes, but you can usually be distracted by a toy (or TV remote). You had your first injury this month rolling off of Laney’s bed and cutting your head open on the register in the floor. A little Dermabond at prompt care closed it up, and it’s almost healed. You love to play peek-a-boo, get tickled, chase your sister, jump, and fly through the air. The ball popper, play phones, and musical instruments are your favorite toys. You bring everyone around you so much joy! We love you so!



9.19.17 – 9 Months!

19 Sep

We are 75% through the first year, and I think this was the fastest month yet. Maybe because the chasing has begun. The boys are finally sleeping all the way through the night for the most part. They love baths, exploring, eating, and their big sister. 🙂

Dear Greyson,

You are on the move in a big way. You are pretty speedy with your inchworm crawl and walking in your play table (aka your “tank”), and you are getting into EVERYTHING. We have caught you eating toilet paper, chewing on cords, and opening doors. Last night you managed to open the screen door to the garage, wiggle down the step, and into the garage on your own without injury all by yourself. You have also figured out how to climb the first stair, and it won’t be long until you figure out how to climb more. You even have started “walking” when we hold your arms – but only on your tippy-toes. You are loud and love to babble (ma-ma, da-da). Making a popping sound by opening and closing your mouth like a fish and biting down on your spoon during eating are favorites too. Your face is very expressive and you give a lot of side-eye – especially when the food placed on your tray is not what you were hoping for as you have become a little more particular these days. You have a big laugh and no fear (except sudden loud noises). Flying through the air, slapping surfaces, and following us around the house are your favorites at the moment. You are not a fan of being contained for long, and diaper changes have become an Olympic sport. You certainly keep us on our toes, but you have the most kissable cheeks and the best open-mouth smile. We love you, Grey!




Dear Oliver,

You are still the happiest baby in all the land. On the rare occasion you cry – you are hungry, tired, injured, or are feeling a little stranger danger. You prefer to be sitting with a box full of toys, but are starting to feel left out when brother leaves you behind to go explore. You flap your arms and squirm your legs but don’t get very far yet. Although your rolling is pretty speedy these days. You love to be interacting with others and always have a red, splotchy mouth from drool. You are always chewing on something, and sometimes you try and chew on us. You really study your toys by turning them over in your hand and prefer ones that are squishy for chewing. You still love jumping in your jumperoo and shaking your head no. Your gremlin voice still makes an appearance – more often when your tired. Your are an eating machine these days – you will pretty much eat whatever we give you and prefer to feed yourself. You enjoy bouncing to music and playing with balls. You still give your furrowed brow if there is a lot of commotion or kids running around, and you prefer to be held in new environments. You love to swing and enjoy going for a stroll outside. When I lay you down for sleep, you roll over, tuck your hands under your belly, and stick your bum up in the air – it’s the cutest. You are the sweetest snuggle bug, and we love you so, Ollie-bear!



9.17.17 – Birthday Recap

17 Sep

We had a super fun weekend with family and friends celebrating our girl turning five years old. She was over-the-moon excited about everything – especially presents, of course. She is one blessed little girl!

We started off her birthday extravaganza with her annual birthday doughnut and a few gifts from us.

We then had a little celebration with some close friends at a local art studio where the kiddos got to paint and draw. She was so excited about her party that we were counting sleeps, and she put her unicorn outfit on the minute she woke up that morning.

We had a family celebration on Sunday. It was such a fun, laid-back day. The kids even had a little water fun outside. I took a lot of video but not a lot of photos.


I think it was this little unicorn’s favorite birthday yet! Thank you to our family and friends for making our girl feel so special! We love you!