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5.17.17 – Last Day of Preschool

17 May

Today was Laney’s last day of preschool for the year. I really can’t believe it, but she had such an awesome year! She can write her name so well now in both upper and lower case and learned so many new things. But most importantly, she made some great new friends and had so much fun!

Here is a look back at the beginning of the year:

And here is our big girl now and a photo with her awesome teachers:

I really can’t even believe how much she’s grown and matured this year. Maybe it’s the big sister gig or maybe it’s the fact she is now closer to FIVE than four, but she seems so grown up all of a sudden. She is still SUPER inquisitive – asking me what words mean and how things work constantly. But she is still my baby girl, and I love how she still mispronounces some words. (gemote – remote; mudders – mother’s; backpack – packpack) Love her so much and love that she loves school. Can’t wait to see her continue to grow and learn next year, but for now it’s time for some summer fun!!


11.21.16 – Life Lately

21 Nov

November has been a whirlwind but it has been super fun! We have been busy finishing up the nursery getting some things done around the house to prepare for these baby boys. (Kyle may be nesting more than I am!) Hoping to share some nursery pictures soon –¬† trying to wait on our new chair to arrive, but I thought I would share a few highlights of the fun we have had this month.

  1. Baby Shower #2 – I have the sweetest friends and neighbors who threw me a wonderful shower. We are so blessed to have family away from “home!”

2. We took Laney to see Trolls, which she loved. We have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat and had a fun Friday night dance party waiting for Daddy to get home from work.

3. Laney also rediscovered the joy of footie pajamas, and I love how they made her look like my baby girl again (nursery peek in this photo).


4. Laney had her first basketball practice and loved every minute. The video speaks for itself. ūüôā

5. We started a fun new tradition with friends of ringing bells. The girls did awesome and we had a lot of fun jamming to Christmas carols and wishing customers a “Happy Christmas!” We really lucked out on the weather too – it was a beautiful night!


6. Kindermusik Grateful Gathering – a fun night of music and spending time together!


7. Laney’s Preschool Thanksgiving Feast – she didn’t scowl during the performance this year and actually did some singing and the motions! That’s progress, my friends!

Her fav song:

We are so excited for what December will bring, but November isn’t over yet. We have some special birthdays tomorrow, Thanksgiving, and visits from family to wrap up the fun and busy month!



5.17.16 – Last Day of Preschool

17 May

It’s hard to believe today was Laney’s last day of preschool for the year. We still have a little park play date later this week, but this was the last official day. She has loved it so much, and she has grown and matured so much since the beginning of the school year. We have been so blessed to have such a wonderful preschool program located in our church. I think she is a little concerned that she has to move to a new class next year, but I know it will be great for her to be one of the oldest in her class for a change. I managed to snap a couple of pictures last minute to document her change in appearance. A reminder of her first day is here. Her photo cooperation has definitely improved even more! ūüôā

We are so proud of her!

Edited: Later in the week, Laney had a play date at the park. She received her end of year book, played with her friends, and said goodbye to her teacher. It was a beautiful, fun start to summer!


Protected: 12.17.15 – Christmas Program

17 Dec

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6.6.12 – Oh Happy Day!

6 Jun

Friends, today is a good GREAT day.

First, I had a Whole Foods lunch date with Kyle, which is always fun.

Second, I FINALLY received my Pennsylvania teaching license. I may never use it at this point, but the time, effort, and money that went into getting it makes having it in my hand feel pretty darn good.

Last but NOT least… I am D-O-N-E with grad school! Submitted my final assignments today. I’ve been approved for August graduation pending completing these final two courses, so I just have to wait for my diploma to arrive this fall. Four years and two Master’s degrees later… I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. ¬†If I EVER mention wanting to take another class for the next ten years or so – SOMEBODY STOP ME! Unless said class is for sewing, photography, or something fun. ūüôā Now I can focus my summer on vacationing,¬†crafting, and preparing for our baby girl!

I think this calls for a little Dining Under the Stars action tonight – as long as it doesn’t rain…

Hope everyone else is having a happy hump day too!

3.19.12 – Look what I can do…

19 Mar

I have been taking a photography class and last week we did some trick photography. ¬†I have been having a lot of fun and hope to continue practicing so I can take some cute pics of Baby Pott when he/she arrives. ¬†Kyle has been a helpful assistant. ūüôā

Here are some of my pics for this week’s assignment:

You can check out more on my FlickR page.

2.1.12 – Peace out, January!

1 Feb

It’s been awhile…the end of January was somewhat uneventful and included a lot of traveling for Kyle and a lot of school and internship work for Jamie. ¬†Kyle spent two weeks traveling all over Pennsylvania and back to Illinois for work. ¬†The long period away was not much fun for either of us, but Jamie kept busy interning at her school, getting homework done, and crafting (thanks, Pinterest!). ¬†Jamie attempted to fly into Bloomington the same weekend as Kyle but got her dates mixed up and ended up being there the weekend after. ¬†Oops! ¬†It worked out well though, because I was able to attend Nicole’s baby shower (can’t wait to meet their baby girl!). We both really enjoyed catching up with friends and both got to see our all-star coaching friend, KB, coach his girls during his undefeated season! ¬†Jamie also got to help prepare decorations for Leslie’s first birthday coming up this weekend, which was a lot of fun.

We are both back to the grind this week. ¬†Jamie’s internship has been almost a full time job, but she is learning a ton about being an elementary principal. ¬†When she isn’t at school, she is trying to get her homework done for her online class. ¬†She called today about her teaching certificate status, and of course the state moved to an online system in December and wasn’t going to process anything until she registered online. ¬†She was supposed to know this from an e-mail that has been in her junk e-mail folder since December. ¬†So frustrating… but she is one step closer to being able to substitute teach. ¬†Kyle is still working long hours but is getting more settled into his new role as his projects are starting up this month.

The weather this week has been amazing!  It feels like spring outside.  Hopefully it will stay this warm over the weekend, and we will have a chance to do some exploring!  Check back soon for a weekend update. We are looking forward to a fun-filled February with visits from friends and less traveling for work.  Have a great rest of the week!  We miss you all!