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1.15.18 – Annie Visit

15 Jan

Happy Monday! We had a bonus overnight visit with my sister, and I decided to actually get my camera out today and capture a few moments of fun. It was her first overnight visit without my parents, and we had a great time all around.

The girls went sledding three times.

The boys and I stayed inside.

Proof that a picture can make a moment look totally different than reality. Captured these in the only 10 seconds these two weren’t fighting over the toy. 🙂 AKA Greyson ripping the toy away from Oliver and making him cry.

11.30.17 – Deck the Halls

30 Nov

Laney has been begging to decorate for Christmas since we were on our way home from our Thanksgiving travels. She assumed Christmas came immediately after Thanksgiving and now has a very serious countdown going. She was PUMPED we agreed to decorate last night. Decorating was a little more chaotic this year, but it was an overall success. We had only one non-edible item consumed – surprisingly, Greyson was not the culprit this time. And even more surprisingly, the boys have been very chill with the tree so far! The halls are decked just in time to start out Advent calendar countdown tomorrow. It’s shaping up to be the best Christmas yet!

2.8.17 – Snow Day!

8 Feb

When Laney got home from preschool one snowy Wednesday, she couldn’t wait to get out and play in the snow. I couldn’t get both of the boys to sleep, so I told her she’d have to go out solo. But I couldn’t help sneaking out for a couple minutes to capture some photos of her. The snowfall was too perfect! Love my happy little explorer!

12.3.16 – Weekend wrap-up

3 Dec

It was a busy week of firsts at our house this week.

Laney had her first “basketball game.”

We are really blessed to live in a town with a great parks & rec program. She loves basketball nights!

Saturday (after our Santa visit) was her big dance recital – The Littlest Nutcracker. She was so excited and looked adorable, and we were so proud of how hard she tried during her performance. I’m not going to lie – I got a little emotional as I saw her running up to the stage with her “big kid dancer.” Between the basketball game, the recital, and my pregnancy hormones…my heart just couldn’t take the cuteness this week. These are some of the moments I have dreamed about since finding out she was a girl. And that little smile and pose at the end when her classmates walked off stage? heart.melted. I couldn’t be more proud to be her mama!

She may have had the biggest and best fan club there. We love our family so!

It was her first recital and it may be her last. She’s already decided she wants to go back to gymnastics next year, which surprised me a little…but we really just want to give her the opportunity to try different things. I really can’t say enough good about the dance school she went to – if you are local and looking for a place for your little dancer, let me know!

We also had our first snow of the season! Had to break out a couple of Christmas gifts early, but it was worth it…Laney, Annie, and Kyle made a huge snowman and had a blast in the winter wonderland!

It was a super fun weekend! Can’t believe our next family visit will include our new additions!! Better go rest up now. 🙂


2.29.16 – February Recap

29 Feb

Ready for a really random update? We tried to keep busy in February in an attempt to beat the winter blues. Laney had a lot of firsts: first time roller skating, bowling, and sledding! We asked her if she wanted to go bowling the other day, and she said, “I already did that!” Maybe too many firsts in one month makes her think there is an infinite number of new things to try. haha!

Our girl is almost officially 3 1/2! She is definitely the sunshine in our day. She makes us laugh with the silly things she says and the words she mixes up. Everything happened “yesterday” or will happen “tomorrow.” Her imagination has really taken off. She loves to pretend to get ready for school or that it is our birthdays so we can sing happy birthday. She also plays “daddy whale” where Kyle and Laney flop around on the couch and pretend they are daddy and baby whale in the water. She loves to be silly and laugh and is a happy girl most of the time. She is also starting to exert independence in wanting to dress herself and put her shoes on by herself (at least most of the time).

She is still in a phase where she won’t say hi to new people or people we haven’t seen in awhile, which is a surprise for us because she has always been outgoing. She still LOVES TV and movies, so we have to monitor her screen time. Go Diego Go, Daniel Tiger, Dora the Explorer, Inside Out, and Big Hero 6 are some of the latest favorites. She still loves everything animal and music related. She LOVES books and going to the library. And she is currently obsessed with her The Night Before Christmas pop-up book. Dance parties, playing with little mermaid or animal figures, play-doh, hidden pictures, dress up, playing with my jewelry, puzzles, and board games (Uno and Pop the Pig) are other favorite pastimes. She also loves holidays and keeps asking what comes next.

She is still a picky eater, but is getting better. She will try at least one bite of anything we ask. She definitely has a sweet tooth and loves chocolate and ice cream. Panera broccoli cheese soup, mac and cheese (shells), smoothies, and fruit are the current favorites.

Here are a few other random snaps from the month:

If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen this. But our girl recently learned to spell her name, and she loves to do it all of the time! She is also really into spelling any letters she sees out and about. Makes me excited for her to learn words!

Finally, Laney LOVES “silly pictures” on Snapchat. Has anyone else tried the face swap? SO CREEPY!!

She can certainly test our patience, but we sure are blessed to have such a sweet, snuggly, happy baby girl! Love her so!

1.12.15 – Snow Play!

12 Jan

Yesterday Kyle’s parents came down to help Kyle install a heater in the garage for his workout area (aka the Pain Cave or whatever he is calling it these days). Nana, Laney, and I took advantage of the warmer weather (is 30 degrees the new warm?) and finally got a chance to “touch da snow!” Laney of course didn’t remember the snow from last year (she wasn’t even walking on her own yet!), and I don’t think she knew she could actually play in it up until this point. I was fully anticipating us getting all bundled up and her deciding she was good just touching it from the safety of the sidewalk, but she LOVED it! My cautious little babe is growing up so quickly these days. We threw it in the air, made snow angels, and even tasted it (not a fan!). I am so glad I had my camera ready to capture the fun, because this will definitely be one of my favorite moments from this winter. And I love when Laney gets some quality time with her grandparents and I can just sit back and snap away. (Nana and I got a good laugh about her looking a little like Randy from A Christmas Story).

I also took a few pictures for my Project 52 last week:

594A0265 594A0264 594A0258

Hope you all have a great week! My little girl is awake!