10.25.16 – Month 7 Belly Pics

25 Oct

As you can see, Laney has been enjoying adding some flair to our weekly photos.🙂

Week 25: Size of Acorn Squash (Kyle picked these up at the store, so we went with it.)


Week 26: Size of Zucchini594a5542

Week 27: Size of Cauliflower


Week 28: Size of Eggplant


Here is a little recap of the last month:

Sleep: Some nights are better than others, but overall still able to get decent sleep.

What I’ve missed: I would really love an Angry Orchard🙂

Food cravings/adversions: The last week has been tougher for me. Nothing really sounds good or feels good after the fact. More indigestion, heartburn, nausea than I’ve had in awhile. Trying to eat smaller portions more frequently but don’t feel very hungry most of the time…until 3:00 AM.🙂

Symptoms: Other than digestion issues, I’m still feeling pretty good. Feeling a lot more pressure and stretching soreness this week. But so far things are going smoothly!

What we’re looking forward to:
Finishing the nursery! Kyle and my father-in-law did an amazing job building the wood wall. We just have lots of hanging to do, and it will be ready!

We also have another full growth scan ultrasound this week plus my glucose test. Looking forward to seeing the boys’ progress!

Halloween! Can’t wait to take our little kitty cat trick-or-treating!

What we’re listening to:
“Comeback Kid” The Band Perry

10.15.16 – Indiana Baby Shower

15 Oct

I had an awesome Saturday in Indiana visiting with my friends and family at my baby shower. My awesome sister-in-law and besties planned a delicious brunch, and I loved catching up with those who were able to attend. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such generous, loving family and friends! Can’t thank everyone enough! A few phone snaps from the day:

10.8.16 – Apple Picking

8 Oct

We had an awesome day full of fall fun! We headed to the apple orchard to pick some apples and pumpkins, and the weather could not have been more perfect! After apple picking, Laney enjoyed the pony rides and inflatables before we headed to get some lunch. We headed to Kyle’s favorite pizza place from college and decided to walk over to the football game. We enjoyed the halftime show and some mediocre Purdue/Illini football before calling it a day and heading home. We had full hearts, full bellies, and tired feet!

9.26.16 – Month 6 Belly Pics

26 Sep

21 Weeks:  Size of Carrots


22 Weeks: Size of Papayas (the smallest I could find at the store!)


23 Weeks: Size of Spaghetti Squash


24 Weeks: Size of Corn


Here is a little recap of the last month:
Sleep: These little guys are already night owls. YIKES! Still able to get a good amount of sleep despite my frequent trips to the bathroom, crazy dreams, and the dance parties going on in my belly.
What I’ve missed: Can I get an AMEN! for the fall weather that arrived today?!? Can it please stay?? I’m so ready to snuggle up in sweatshirts, but I am already missing my usual fall wardrobe. I’m sure many of my cozy sweatshirts and sweaters won’t fit for long and apparently a maternity sweatshirt is hard to find…
Food cravings/adversions: Not as many adversions this month besides broccoli. I choke it down by swirling it in some mashed potatoes.🙂 Cravings: mashed potatoes😉, Life cereal, fresh fruit, strawberries and cream oatmeal, and Papa John’s pizza.
Symptoms: Still feeling pretty good! I feel lots of movement now – especially at night. Which is kinda crazy, since I was just starting to feel Laney at this point. Laney and Kyle have felt lots of kicks now too. I have sore feet at the end of the day on busy days and lose my breath easily, but overall no complaints! Been super blessed so far!
What we’re looking forward to:
Hello 3rd trimester! This pregnancy is flying by compared to the first. I’m a little anxious for the months to come but also couldn’t be more excited!

Another ultrasound tomorrow! Both babes were head down two weeks ago, so I’m excited to see what they are up to in the morning. Still haven’t seen Baby A’s face or heart fully – he is always belly down in the same position. Baby B was on his side last time, so we saw a little more of his face. Hopefully we get full cooperation tomorrow!

We also started the nursery a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so excited to see it start coming together. Big thanks to Grandpa and Kyle for painting it! All of the big furniture is assembled and moved into the room, and it’s fun for the three of us to hang in there. Hard to believe in a few months there will be two more of us! I get teary-eyed just thinking about it!🙂

9.17.16 – Mermaid Birthday Bash

17 Sep

Another birthday bash is in the books! This year we went with a mermaid theme, since mermaids are one of our girl’s favorite things and has been for over a year now. She was so excited all week for her party. She was outside with Kyle Friday night while I started decorating and when she came in, she said in a shocked voice, “MOM! Where did you get all of this celebrate!? Is it for my party!?”

It’s a little obvious you are pregnant with twins when your little sister calls you out on the scaled back decor from previous years. I also forgot to take pictures of what I did have, and I didn’t take enough pictures of party happenings. But there was plenty of food, Laney had a blast, and we were surrounded by friends and family… and that’s what really matters! She is one lucky and spoiled little girl with so many special people in her life!

She still didn’t want us singing “Happy Birthday” (hence the face), and she hid behind Kyle. And here is a little video of Laney enjoying one of her gifts. “I’m a pop star!” There have been many concerts already, and I’m sure there will be many more in our future.

Thank you, friends and family, again for making the drive from near and far and making our girl’s birthday so special! Laney asked, “Who is here?” this morning, and was disappointed that everyone was gone. We love you so much!


9.13.16 – Birthday Recap

13 Sep

We had a pretty epic day of celebrating yesterday! First, Laney got to sleep in our bed on her birthday eve (she has been asking almost every day, so we decided to make it a birthday tradition). It gave us the opportunity to decorate her room to surprise her in the morning, but it also meant everyone was a bit tired (especially Daddy who got kicked out of bed by a little someone!).


She had to try out the new bike right away!

After she got her helmet on and Mrs. Otter sat in her basket, she got the hang of it pretty quickly and now is cruising all over the sidewalk.

She got her annual birthday doughnut. She really didn’t want us to sing “Happy Birthday” but we did anyway!🙂

Then she was off to school where she got to bring special napkins and pick out the snack for the day. Dora fruit snacks and My Little Pony napkins… of course! She also is the first student to get to bring Hootie the Owl home for the week (class mascot), so he got to go on quite the birthday adventure with us.

She picked Taco Bell for lunch (apparently my pregnancy cravings have rubbed off on her!), and we headed to Peoria to go to the zoo and children’s museum. We stopped by the Spotted Cow for dinner and a treat on the way home.

Finally a few more pics from a quick sunset session. The balloon ideas I had didn’t go as planned, but the way she posed herself ended up being the best. Also, I told Daddy he wasn’t going to be in any pictures, and she insisted. It ended up being one of my favorites!

We had one tired girl on our hands last night. After some birthday Facetimes, we called it an early night. I think it was one for the books! Happy birthday, sweet girl!


9.12.16 – Happy Birthday, Delaney!

12 Sep

Dear Delaney,

It’s hard to believe you are already four years old, but at the same time it feels like you’ve been a part of our lives forever. Our family has had a lot of highs and a few lows this last year, but you, my sweet girl, have been our constant source of joy and laughter.

I am so thankful you inherited your daddy’s curiosity. You are constantly asking and learning about the world around you. You love to learn more about any topic. You work really hard at learning new skills. You get easily frustrated when you can’t do something perfectly right away, but you have learned to take a break and come back to it later. This summer you learned to write the letters of your name and now you have been learning to draw hearts like Mommy. Your face lights up with pride when you get it. It makes my heart so happy to see how much you love school and love to learn.

You LOVE to laugh and be silly. We will do things over and over if they were funny the first time and you will belly laugh every single time. “You’re squishin’ my face!” where we squeeze our faces together and blowing your stinky breath in our faces and saying “Does it smell like _____?” are your current favorites. Life is so much happier with you in it.

You are SO excited to be a big sister! It warms my heart just talking about it, because it is something I have been wanting so badly for you. You love to ask about when your brothers will be here, what they are doing, and if they can hear you. You tell me your brothers are hungry when you hear my tummy growl. You tell me they’re dancing when we are listening to music. You want to feel them kick but aren’t really patient enough to wait for it. You think everything is going to change when you officially become a big sister… you think you’ll be (a lot) bigger, you’ll need a whole new set of clothes, a new bed, and a new room. If there is something you are a little nervous or scared about, you will do it when you’re a big sister. I know that you will be the best big sister there is, and I can hardly wait!

Some other things I love about you: I love your epic bed head and that your hair is always a mess (even though we both hate brushing it). I love the way you sing songs we are listening to (even if you don’t really know the words). I love your sweet dance moves – especially your “intense face” if it is a slower song. I love that you love your friends and family fiercely and miss them when they aren’t there. The way you mix up words makes me laugh daily. Your expressive face let’s me know how you are feeling in that moment, and we love to play “faces” together. Your beautiful eyes and smile light up the room. Most of all, I really just love being your mommy, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the miracle that you are.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl! I have a feeling this will be the best year yet!

Love you so much!


Mommy and Daddy

Age: 4 years old

Stats: 39.5 lbs | 40.5 in

Favorite foods: Mac n cheese (specifically Annie’s shells and cheese or Noodles & Co.), Panera broccoli and cheese soup, pancakes, apples, bananas, strawberries, turkey jerky sticks, cinnamon applesauce, yogurt, and broccoli. Blue “thunder water” (Gatorade). OH and “fruit snacks and bar” (bar = granola bar).

Favorite activities: playing with Mommy/Daddy or friends, playing pretend with any dolls or figurines (especially Lego friends or dollhouse), jumping on the trampoline, taking a shower, basketball in the basement, dancing and singing, chase/tag, drawing/coloring, crafting, reading books, catching bugs and animals outside (especially toads), and watching TV (Daniel Tiger/Dora/Paw Patrol).

Least favorite activities: looking for things she can’t find, getting going when she wakes up (she likes to play first), going anywhere in a hurry

Favorite phrases: “I’m just being silly!” or “I’m just teasing you!” “You’re/that’s so silly!” “Will you play with me?” “Can I do that?” “Just a little minute” “Is it a long drive or a short drive?” “Whatcha doin PEEPS?!” “Can we go to (insert friend’s name)’s house today?” “Why?” “That’s so stinky!” “Oh my gosh!” Or “Dangit!” “I’m hungry!” “When I’m a big sister…” She also loves calling us by our first names or daddy “Old Man” when we are all together.

Funny quotes: (Kyle is better at writing them down and remembering them.)

Kyle to Laney: Aww, I love you!

Laney: Aww, I love myself too! (pauses and laughs) I’m just being silly!

“Why’s all they’s belly buttons naked?” Referring to boys swimming without shirts on.

“Watch out for Daddy’s work.” While Jamie is making a U-turn after picking me up for lunch.

“Dad, do trees have bones?”

If she toots, “Excuse me! I ate a lot of brussel sprouts!” (Daddy taught her that one…)

Quotes with mixing up words (my favorite!):

“The bees make money in their hive.”

“I like sorry candy.” (sour patch kids)

“All the shiny corns.” (coins)

“I’m sitting at the dust.” (desk)

“I need my Patrols!” (Trolls)

“It’s night night time. You have to close the limes.” (blinds)

“We’re gonna get soaped!” (soaked)

“The tomato didn’t knock over Grandpa and Mimi’s house.” (tornado)

Here are a few iPhone snaps from our favorite moments of the last three months of being three: