5.17.18 – Laney’s Preschool Graduation

17 May

Dear Delaney,

Today you graduated preschool. I have so many mixed emotions. I am a little sad watching my baby girl grow up so fast. I am excited for you knowing that you will absolutely love kindergarten. I am so proud of you and the person you are becoming. But mostly, I am thankful. I am thankful for your school, the teachers, and the community of friends that have provided three years of growth, learning, and love. I love that YOU loved it so much that you are sad to leave. When I think back to the almost three-year-old that started preschool, I can’t even believe how much you have changed. But the important things have stayed the same. You are still the happy, smiley, curious, silly, sweet, social butterfly that entered that building. You left today more of those things and a little more grown up. Of course, I hoped you would learn “school stuff” (and you certainly did!), but my main goal was for you to learn to be a good friend – a kind, empathetic friend to all of your classmates. And the fact that your teacher calls you a “bucket filler” fills my heart with so much joy. I pray that you are ALWAYS a “bucket filler” and that you never lose your love of friendship and learning. I am so thankful for all of these things, but most of all – I am so, so thankful to call you mine.


Love you my sweetest bug!


4.28.18 – Ballet recital

28 Apr

To my little book ballerina,

I teared up with pride watching you this weekend. Not because you looked beautiful in your outfit (which you did) or because of your dancing (which was great) but because of a few life lessons we both learned during the last three months of ballet class.

  1. Hard work is worth it. Every week, I watched you work hard to learn the moves for your performance. It was a challenge to get to class, get changed, and head right to preschool, but you did it without much complaint. It was a challenge for me to get three kids fed early, carry two toddlers up rickety stairs to the studio, and keep said toddlers entertained (and alive) during the transitions. But it was worth it to watch you have fun and see your excitement about the recital.
  2. Do it anyways. Sometimes there are parts of our “job” that we don’t like, but we do it anyway. You hated wearing tights to class each week, but it’s what your teacher asked of you. I explained the importance of doing it anyway. And I tried to lead by example to get us to class each week without complaint – even though the chore of getting us to and from was a challenge.
  3. Being a small part of something bigger can be just as magical. Your role in the performance was relatively small. You had to attend rehearsals that were boring for you at times, but you learned that it was important for everyone to practice as a group. And you watched in awe as you saw everything come together in the end.
  4. Facing small fears can lead to big things. You were very nervous about the Beast lifting you during the performance. You were a little afraid of his costume, and the first time he lifted you in rehearsal I could see you were very tense. But by the performance you leapt in the air with confidence, and I could see the pride on your face.

OK, and maybe I teared up a little at how grown up you looked. I am in awe of you, sweet girl. You did each part of the performance with a serious confidence and fearlessness that I know I did not have at your age. You took great pride in watching for your cues, performing your steps, and having your family there cheering you on. I pray that the night was everything you dreamed of and that these little lessons stay with you as you move on to other things. Whether this is the beginning of many recitals or your last one, I couldn’t be more proud of you and am always your number one fan (maybe tied with Daddy)!

And of course plenty of pictures to document the experience. 🙂

We also had Mom’s Night at preschool this week, which was just icing on the cake. 🙂

4.1.18 – Easter fun!

1 Apr

First, we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Oliver was a big fan of the Easter bunny. 😉


I also had a little naptime fun dying Easter eggs with my best girl.


2018-03-29 07.55.37

Then after much anticipation, the weekend finally arrived. We headed to my parents’ house for the first holiday in their new place. The boys weren’t overly interested in the egg hunt, but they enjoyed Easter dinner. Laney loved every minute and was sad when Easter was over. It was a blessed weekend with family!



3.29.18 – First haircut + van

29 Mar

We had an exciting day!

First, after a month of waiting, we picked up our new ride!

2018-03-29 10.52.48

Then, I took the boys to get their first haircut. They actually did so awesome (with a little help from snacks and technology), but no tears or meltdowns! And they look so grown up with their new little man hairdos.

Pre-haircut but cute. 🙂

3.25.18 – Snow Day (again)

25 Mar

The only plus to a snow storm at the end of March and at the beginning of spring break? The boys finally had their first snow experience (aka I finally worked up the energy to bundle them up and take them out there). They weren’t too sure what to think and had trouble standing/walking in their snow gear, but they loved sledding! Until dad dumped them face first into the snow… then it was nap time!

We also celebrated Papa’s 65th birthday yesterday! Happy birthday, Papa! We love you!


3.19.18 – 15 months + 5 1/2

19 Mar

We officially have a 5 1/2 year old and double dose of 15 months, so I thought I would share a little bit about them and a bunch of pictures I have been meaning to post.

Laney | 5.5 years old

Loves the colors purple, blue, and pink. Wants to be a pop star princess all of the time AND an astronaut or police officer depending on the day.  She loves to pretend (probably the word she says most often besides Mom), color us pictures, tell jokes, sing/dance, and eat apples and sweets. She really is the most amazing big sister to her brothers. She is silly, sweet, kind, funny, and happy, and I secretly love that she still has some words that she mispronounces or mixes up. I really couldn’t be more proud to be her mama, and I can’t believe we registered her for kindergarten last week.

Greyson | 15 months

He is officially a walker but was surprisingly second to master it, but he wouldn’t let Oliver leave him behind long. He loves to be the center of attention and gets jealous when my focus is elsewhere. He is a stage 5 clinger, hates getting in his car seat, and can turn a tantrum on and off like nobody else. He is working hard on his climbing skills and still has an affinity for drawers and cabinets. But he is also so darn cute. He makes the best faces, has the best growl-laugh, and loves to make us laugh. He knows how to blow his nose but doesn’t usually wait for the tissue. His dance moves melt my heart every time, and he just gets so excited to be in your arms. Favorite words: “hi” “done” “dada” “mama” and the cutest babbling “dobadebadobadeba”

Oliver | 15 months

He is a walking machine. He is a sweet, happy guy until someone is playing with a toy he wants or was taken from him – then he turns into a little biting gremlin. He too loves to snuggle and likes to fight over mom’s lap at times, but he is also content being on his own. He loves playing chase with his siblings, all of the balls but especially basketball, and getting tickled. He is an imitator of everything and is starting to repeat words more and more. He loves to be silly and make us laugh, but he also really studies his toys and how they work. He blows on his food if he thinks it’s hot, and he gets so excited to greet everyone with a “hiiiee!” He hates to see others upset, and the way he pats Laney and Greyson when they are crying melts my heart every time. He is just too cute! Favorite words: “hi” “ball” “car” “bye” “Gaga (Greyson)” “Na-ne (Laney)”

The boys are sleeping in the same room again and through the night! Things have gotten easier in some ways and harder in others. They fight over toys and for our attention. Eating can be hit or miss. But we have a very consistent schedule. They are happier being able to walk. Diaper changes are usually easier. And they are really interacting now with each other and Laney, which makes it all so much fun! And they give kisses and high fives! I am so blessed to be their mama!

Our failed attempts at a selfie:


3.17.18 – St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

So lucky to have my three little leprechauns!