5.22.17 – Sweet babies

22 May

Time is going so fast, and I often find myself in a mental tug-of-war between “I have to capture this moment!” and “Just enjoy the moment!” I’m afraid I’ll forget. But the days are so busy, and I try to enjoy the moments when I can. Oliver found his toes last week, and watching him play with them is just the cutest. Greyson is getting more teeth and dancing his feet so much he wiggles himself across the floor. Laney just loves her baby brothers, and they just adore her right back. I just love listening to her talk to them – often repeating the things we say to them. And their mutual giggles are a dream come true. I decided to spend a few minutes capturing this current phase one afternoon in our empty former dining room that will soon be their play room, and I’m so glad I did.

Love them so!!

5.19.17 – 5 Months Old

19 May

Dear Greyson,

I can’t believe how big you are now. You are in size 3 diapers and can wear some 6-12 or 9 month clothes already. You LOVE to stand and are so close to being able to sit up on your own. You can roll from belly to back no problem now – you just use that big noggin to swing yourself right over. You are pretty much able to roll the other way too, but I think you just prefer not to be on your belly. You are working on your third tooth and have decided you hate your paci. You literally spit it out at us if we try and give it to you. You still love to blow bubbles and usually have a wet shirt from drool and spit up. We started giving you some solid foods last week. You weren’t really a fan of the oatmeal but have loved sweet potatoes. Laney likes to call you “silly mouth” because you get your food everywhere. I love the way you stretch your legs and point your toes when you’re on your back. The way you twist your whole body around to see what’s going on around you makes me smile. You love to use your voice to babble and make different noises these days. You gave us a couple of full nights of sleep this month, but sickness and teeth have caused more wake-ups again. You love to have a dirty diaper at the most inopportune times (during the church sermon, sitting up to shoot it up your back, or 2 AM to name a few), but you make up for it with your dancing and giggles when we change you. Can’t wait to see what the next month brings. Love you so!



Dear Oliver,

You always seem like a little peanut compared to your brother but you have grown so much this month. You are so curious – watching everyone around you. You especially watch your brother when he is babbling away. You even laughed at him a couple times when he was blowing bubbles – your first official interaction! You love to flash your sweet smile to anyone who talks to you. You are so happy and content almost all of the time. I love your little dance and the way you arch your back when we lay you down to talk to you. You are still so ticklish and your sweet giggles melt my heart. You are getting strong. You aren’t rolling too much yet but are getting close to sitting.  You love to do superman pose on your belly – arching your back with your legs in the air. You found your toes this week, so you are always playing with them now when you’re on your back. You’ve been as finicky about solid foods as you are about eating your bottles. You seemed to like oatmeal for the most part but have hated sweet potatoes so far. You are quite dramatic with your faces and gagging. You still get up at least once a night, but were giving us longer stretches before sickness and teeth. You love to try and suck on things – including our arms and your upper lip. That tongue of yours is always going – especially when you’re smiling. You still love your snuggles, and we can’t get enough of them! Love you Ollie Bear!




Another month has flown by! We had a lot of firsts this month – including some milestones that you are never really excited about…first colds, first teeth, first blowout dirty diapers. But we also had some fun ones – their baptism, road trips, solid foods, and roll overs. We are finally settling into a three nap daytime schedule that is fairly consistent (considering where we were). Their nighttime has been all over the place and seems to go in cycles. We get several really awesome nights and then some really awful ones, and there are too many variables to know what causes the bad ones. Teeth? Colds? Growth spurts? The dreaded four month sleep regression? (although we didn’t have much to regress from) But we keep reminding ourselves that this week is easier than the last overall, and we can’t wait for all of the fun the next stages will bring!

Some days may feel like this after a night of no sleep…2017-05-09 11.01.23

But we have lots of fun watching them learn and grow each day…

2017-05-16 16.26.32

And I really can’t believe they are old enough for food. Another adventure in getting kids to eat!

Can’t wait for a fun summer ahead!

5.17.17 – Last Day of Preschool

17 May

Today was Laney’s last day of preschool for the year. I really can’t believe it, but she had such an awesome year! She can write her name so well now in both upper and lower case and learned so many new things. But most importantly, she made some great new friends and had so much fun!

Here is a look back at the beginning of the year:

And here is our big girl now and a photo with her awesome teachers:

I really can’t even believe how much she’s grown and matured this year. Maybe it’s the big sister gig or maybe it’s the fact she is now closer to FIVE than four, but she seems so grown up all of a sudden. She is still SUPER inquisitive – asking me what words mean and how things work constantly. But she is still my baby girl, and I love how she still mispronounces some words. (gemote – remote; mudders – mother’s; backpack – packpack) Love her so much and love that she loves school. Can’t wait to see her continue to grow and learn next year, but for now it’s time for some summer fun!!


5.14.17 – Mother’s Day

14 May


I had a super wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! It was beautiful weather. It was the first time my family had all been together since before the boys were born. Our first long overnight road trip with the boys was a success. I got my wish of a family photo session with a wonderful photographer. I now have my arms full with sweet babies. My heart is so full! It could not have been more perfect. Love these people so much!

4.30.17 – Boys’ Baptism

30 Apr

Apparently, we cannot have a baptism without some major weather event. There was a snow storm for Laney’s baptism four years ago at the end of March, so we decided to schedule the boys’ baptism for the end of April in hopes of avoiding any icy conditions. Instead we had flooding. But luckily, we didn’t need to build an ark. Despite the dreary weather outside, we had a really beautiful day celebrating the baptism of our boys with family and friends. God is good, and we are so thankful for His abundant blessings.

Here are some snapshots from the day. The boys did so well during the ceremony and slept for the rest of the service. I didn’t ensure my external flash batteries were charged before the event, and Oliver woke up quite hungry. Therefore, the church photos weren’t what I envisioned, but such is life. The pictures don’t have to be perfect when the memories were.

Thank you to our family and friends who travel to support us and share in our joys! 🙂

4.19.17 – 4 Months Old

19 Apr

The boys are another month older. It feels like it flew by and we barely survived all at the same time. We definitely have periods (like last week) of “we got this.” The sleep improves, we start to get into the groove of a schedule, and we have a morale boost. Then there are still tougher periods (like the last couple days). As I have told several people, the hardest part (for me) about twins is seeing and recognizing the progress. It’s slow. Their bad days don’t always coincide – making them seem more abundant. But if we stop and think, things are getting easier.

Of course, in the middle of all of the exhaustion, frustration, and tears there is so much joy. These boys are as sweet as can be. They are very curious now and don’t sleep much on-the-go anymore. They have started paying attention to each other a bit more – even smiling at each other. They are changing and growing so quickly. I know things are only going to get more fun and exciting, and that is what gets me through the tougher moments. I love them so and am so, so thankful to be their mama.

Weight: 16 lb 7 oz (70%)
Height: 23 3/4 in (4%)
Head: 17 1/2 in (98%)

Dear Greyson,

I can hardly believe how fast you are growing and changing. You are quickly growing out of 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers already. You seem to be the mover and shaker of the family. I have a feeling you’ll be keeping me on my toes in no time. You are really working on twisting and have rolled from belly to back a couple of times. You are also getting really good with your hands – grasping your toys and pulling them to your mouth. Sometimes you can even stand when we are holding you. You love to be naked and just giggle and pump your legs as soon as we start to change your clothes. Blowing bubbles and smacking your lips are also new developments in the last couple of days. You still love chewing on your thumb and are usually a fan of your paci to help calm yourself to sleep. You are still loud with a smile and laugh that takes up your whole face. We seem to be getting your reflux thing figured out, which means you are way happier after eating. Playing with toys and on your play mat is still your favorite, but you have become more social and are “talking” a lot more now. You always giggle when we blow bubbles on or “eat” your cheeks. I love the way you dance your legs when you are excited, and I love seeing your little personality develop. I couldn’t be luckier to call you mine.



Weight: 14 lb 8 oz (19%)
Height: 24 in (7%)
Head: 17 in (89%)

Dear Oliver,

You melt our hearts with your sweet, shy smile. I have an inkling you are a sensitive little soul. You are sensitive to noise and light and getting off your sleep schedule. You seem to know exactly what you are saying when you are “talking” to us. You love to stare into our faces and are a little fearful of new people. You still love to give your signature concerned face – the eyebrows really make it. You have a sweet little giggle and are quite ticklish. You love to be snuggled. We are going to have to break you of your bad habit of waiting to eat until it’s time to sleep, and you do wait us out. Mostly because you struggle with being woken with gas, and eating right before sleeping sure doesn’t help that issue. You also are getting pretty good with your hands. You love to pull our fingers to your mouth and have a knack for grabbing onto your sister’s hair. You really love to babble and have the sweetest sigh sounds. We instantly know when you are ready for a nap because you still close your eyes and softly whine, but you still don’t love to fall asleep on your own (another habit we have to work on). You are perfectly content being held and taking it all in rather than “playing.” But in a surprise event you rolled from your back to your belly in your crib last night. We didn’t think you’d roll first! You weren’t a fan, so Daddy had to roll you back. I love the way you hold my fingers when you eat and the way you pick up both feet and slam them down when you’re excited. I’m so lucky to be your mama.



Mama notes:

Most (good) nights the boys go down between 6:30-7:30, wake somewhere between 10-12 and 2-4, and get up for the day around 6:45. Still taking 4 naps a day (try to make them at least an hour each) and staying awake 60-90 minutes at a time. Their schedule makes it a challenge to do much else, which is hard on me and Laney. Tried to sleep train them a bit but decided to work on the eat/wake/sleep cycle first and will try again in a couple weeks. Taking Greyson to the chiropractor weekly has seemed help his reflux issue but he has his first cold now. Oliver still wakes with gas, but it’s getting better. Trying to keep them rested while taking Laney to her activities is a challenge at this point, so I am looking forward to summer.

4.16.17 – Easter Weekend

16 Apr

We had a great Easter weekend – the boys’ first Easter!

First, Laney had her class Easter party. She enjoyed hunting for eggs and tossing them around on the big parachute with her classmates. She made a super cute bunny bag.

On Saturday, our neighborhood had its annual Easter egg hunt, and we had some beautiful weather! Laney said she wasn’t scared of the Easter bunny this year and walked right up for a photo op.

Saturday night my parents, Jacob, and Annie arrived. Kyle’s parents joined us Sunday morning. We had a fun egg hunt in the morning followed by church and a yummy lunch. We attempted to get a family photo, but they boys in our family have very sensitive eyes. 🙂

Laney found her first toad of the year too. 🙂 The weekend went by in a blur, but it was a blessing to spend it together with family. Hope you all had a blessed weekend!