3.18.12 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

18 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We had a low-key but super fun weekend, and we are definitely enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having!

Friday we had a hankering for some pizza.  We haven’t found a pizza place in our new hometown that we crave, so we ventured a few miles away and found an Uno’s Pizza.  It was worth it – yummy deep dish deliciousness!  It was like being in sweet home Chicago. 🙂

After the amount of cheese and bread we both consumed the night before, Saturday morning meant workouts for both of us.  Kyle ventured to Crossfit and Jamie went on an outdoor run.  Despite nearly getting hit in the head by two Blue Jays who were fighting (or mating?) in a bush I ran by, my run was great.  We then strolled into town so Kyle could get some coffee and Jamie could get a pedicure (had to get the feet flip flop ready!).  The weather was so lovely that we decided a picnic in the park would be fun.  We hit up our local Trader Joe’s for some sandwich materials, packed our picnic basket, and headed to Rose Tree Park.  It was tons of fun!  We even got a touch of a sunburn it was so lovely out.

Sunday we tried another new church – still haven’t found the one yet but haven’t given up hope. Kyle’s Pizza Hut radar spotted one within a reasonable distance, so guess where we had lunch?? 🙂  We decided to head out to Ridley Creek State Park again this afternoon to work it off.  We are loving that place!  Now we are settling in to cheer on the Boilers!  Boiler up!

Our 16-week check-up is tomorrow, and we have some pretty special visitors flying in next weekend.  Lots to look forward to this week!  Have a good week everyone! 🙂

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