4.2.12 – The Wagners Visit: Day 2

2 Apr

Our second day of exploring was dedicated to Lil’ Sis. She was SUPER excited to go to the children’s museum. We decided to switch things up and check out the Delaware Children’s Museum in Wilmington, Delaware. The boys stayed behind to do a little furniture moving.  We decided to switch our bedroom from the third floor to the second floor, so I don’t have to tumble down the stairs in the middle of the night. After a bit of a wrong turn and some difficulty finding the designated parking lot, we FINALLY arrived.

She loved every minute. She got to draw on an architect’s table, build a house in the construction zone, play in the water, go fishing, jump on a trampoline, repair a car, drive a train, paint, play with Floam, try out a climbing wall, row a boat, play a giant game of Operation, and more! She didn’t want to leave, but we dragged her out to get some lunch at the Iron Hill Brewery next door.

We returned home to find the rooms completely switched.  Thank you soo much boys! After our busy day, we spent the evening watching the National Championship game and enjoying a night of family board games.

Here are some pics from our day at the children’s museum:

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