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5.30.12 – Dining Under the Stars

31 May

Every Wednesday in our little hometown of Media they close down State Street (the main drag through town), and the restaurants put tables outside in the street for dinner. They call it “Dining Under the Stars.” We attended for the first time last night and had a great time. Kids were running around playing, tango dancing lessons were available, and there were people everywhere enjoying dinner or an evening stroll. It was a really fun atmosphere and turned out to be a perfect night weather-wise.

Kyle and I decided to try Picasso Bar and Restaurant for the first time. They offer a mix of Spanish and Italian cuisine. Kyle and I opted for the grilled chicken sandwiches and salads, which were quite delicious. We then walked over to Mango’s Frozen Yogurt, which recently opened, to sample their frozen yogurt. It is one of those places you choose your yogurt and toppings and pay by the weight. It was pretty tasty as well. Overall, a super fun evening!

5.30.12 – Memorial Weekend and Baby Shower

29 May

We are back in PA after a super fun weekend in Indiana. I flew back earlier in the week than originally planned to attend my Great Grandma’s funeral. It was a sad day but a beautiful service that truly showed how many lives she touched during her 99 (almost 100) years of life.

Coming home early also gave me a chance to spend more time with the family. We ran errands, opened the pool, put the final touches on the kitchen renovation, and watched Annie play soccer. By Friday, the whole gang was at mom and dad’s house – Kyle made the long drive and Kyla and Ryan came up from Indy. It was great to all be in one place.

Saturday was our baby shower! Friends and family came in from all over Indiana and Illinois to help us celebrate our baby girl. Mom, Tracy, Ashley and Kandyce did an amazing job putting together a beautiful shower for me (thank you so much, ladies!). It was such a happy day for us – we are so blessed to have such wondering, caring, generous people in our lives to help us prepare for our next big adventure, and it was so great to see everyone. Thank you to everyone who traveled from near and far to share in our special day! Words can’t express how appreciative we are for all of you. 🙂 (see pictures below)

The rest of the weekend was spent playing games and enjoying the steamy weather poolside. Some of the family spent Sunday at the Indy 500 – the hottest race ever – while some of us opted to stay by the pool. We enjoyed lots laughs and yummy food, played pool volleyball, and games. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Memorial Weekend, and it was hard to say goodbye.

Despite the crazy storms and rain, we made it safely back to PA, and we are back to our regular schedule. It’s hard to believe June is almost here. We have lots to look forward to this summer, and we still have some weekends open if anyone wants to come for a visit! 🙂

5.22.12 – Saying Goodbye

22 May


Today, we say goodbye to and celebrate the life of my Great-Grandma Warne. She is one of my heroes. Her warmth, love, and faith have always inspired me. When I grow up I want to be just like her. 🙂

We love and miss you!!

5.20.12 – Mom Pott Visits!

20 May

Although we wish Dad could be here (miss you!), we have had a great time with Mom since her arrival on Thursday morning. We have enjoyed some tasty food, beautiful weather, and fun adventures. Here is a recap of her visit:

Thursday: After picking her up at the airport and giving her a tour of the house, we picked up Kyle and went for lunch at Harvest, which was tasty as usual. While Kyle finished his work day, we took a walk around Media and checked out some of the local shops and the weekly farmer’s market. Media is a fair trade town, so it was interesting to see the what the local and global shops had to offer. After Kyle arrived home, we took her to our favorite Italian spot, Fellini’s cafe, which also did not disappoint.

Friday: We set out to enjoy the history Philly has to offer, but we had to fuel up first. We took the train to the Reading Terminal Market. We were just deciding what to eat when (for the first time in 22 years), the entire market lost power. We stood around with the rest of the customers for a few minutes wondering what to do when the back up generator kicked in to restore power for some of the equipment. Kyle enjoyed his usual Italian pasta while Mom and I tried the turkey platters from The Original Turkey. After a quick tour through Chinatown, we set out to see some history.

We later found out that the third weekend in May is the busiest weekend of the year for the historic sites in Philly, and Friday was no different with the beautiful weather. We were able to fight the fieldtrip and tourist crowds to get tours of Old City Hall, Independence Hall, and Congress Hall. We peeked at the Liberty Bell through the window. We also saw the Philosophical Hall for the first time, which wasn’t much to write home about. We also visited Washington Square to see the tomb of the unknown revolutionary war soldier. We made a quick pit stop at the Dairy Queen before paying a visit to Ben Franklin’s grave, and then we headed home to rest for the evening.

Saturday: Another beautiful day in the Philly area! In the morning, Kyle ran his marathon training run while Mom and I enjoyed a walk through Ridley Creek State Park. Our exercise helped us work up a healthy appetite for some Amish grub. We set out for Lancaster County to try Dienner’s Country Restaurant, which was a buffet of Amish goodness. I am pretty sure I ate myself into a food coma, but we were able to walk it off through the Kitchen Kettle Village shops. Our final stop on our Amish trip was a really fun horse and buggy tour to a real Amish farm thanks to Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides. Buster and Buddy (our horses) led us to John’s (our tour guide’s) dairy farm. We learned a lot! On the way home, we made a pit stop for Mexican food at El Gran Rodeo for a tasty dinner.

Sunday: The day started out just as beautiful as the rest, so we decided to head for the beach in Ocean City, NJ. However, we made the newbee mistake of not checking the weather at the beach before we left. We realized as we saw the bank of clouds ahead that things weren’t so sunny on the ocean today. We made a quick trip to the beach for a photo op before deciding to purchase some hoodies on the boardwalk to warm us up. We enjoyed a decent lunch at Ocean Cafe. Then we had a treat at Kohr Bros frozen custard. We had talked up the “jimmies” (aka rainbow sprinkles) that they top their custard with, and Mom agreed that they make the cone quite delicious. We walked around a bit more before heading home to watch the Pacers game and a movie.

Overall, we have had lots of fun!! Here are some pictures from our adventures:

5.14.12 – Weekend Wrap-up

14 May

Hope all of you moms had a very happy Mother’s Day weekend! The weather was beautiful here, and we made our first trip to the beach! We headed to the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ on Saturday, and it was a super fun and relaxing day. We packed a little picnic lunch and enjoyed the sunshine. The water is still quite chilly this early, but it was perfect weather for relaxing in a chair and soaking up some rays. The beach is quite nice, and the area looks like a great place for a family vacation.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to explore the boardwalk. We parked at Moorlyn Terrace, which was super convenient because it was right in the middle of the boardwalk and super close to the beach. We enjoyed some Kohr Bros. Frozen Custard as a mid-afternoon snack. We rode the ferris wheel at Gillian’s Wonderland. For dinner we tried the Manco & Manco pizza, which was OK. Kyle decided to also sample Big Slice pizza, which was just OK too. I bought some sweet treats for the ride home including The Original Fudge Kitchen fudge, which is sooo delicious! I also couldn’t leave without trying some Johnson’s carmel corn, since I had been smelling it all day on the beach. It is also quite delicious!

After a full day of sun, sand, and eating, we were pooped! It was a little surreal to be at the beach in such a short drive. It was a super fun day, and the rest of our weekend was pretty low-key. We’re looking forward to our next visitors – Mom and Dad Pott will be here later this week! Can’t wait!

Here are some pictures from our beach trip:

5.8.12 – Weekend wrap-up

8 May

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Our weekend mostly revolved around finding some new restaurants, watching the Bulls lose, and the Broad Street 10-miler. Here is a quick wrap-up:

Friday night: Third time is a charm. After a great deal of research and asking the locals, we found a Mexican restaurant just in time for Cinco de Mayo! We ate at El Gran Rodeo. The Combo #10 was even the same as back in the Midwest, which made me very happy. I thoroughly enjoyed my chips and queso, tacos, rice and beans. They even had a bonus dip that came with the salsa that was quite tasty as well. We then headed home to watch the Bulls lose.

Saturday: We hit up our favorite bagel spot Custom Bagel, went for a morning stroll, and then headed into Philly to pick up Kyle’s race packet. The packet pick-up was at the Eagles’ stadium, and we were unprepared for the number of people running this race! The expo was on the second floor of the stadium, and the line was to the parking lot. Luckily it moved quickly. We browsed the vendors, and I managed to find something to purchase. I can’t wait to try out my new Sweaty Band!

We then used Yelp! to help us find another Italian hot spot so Kyle could carb-up. We landed on Francoluigi’s in South Philly. It was delicious!! The owner was super nice too. The High Note Cafe is attached to the little pizzeria (same owners, different menu with live music), and we will definitely have to check that out for dinner sometime.

Sunday: It was race day. We picked up Kyle’s Cross-fit buddy, Ian, and headed into South Philly. It wasn’t Ian’s first rodeo, so he knew all the tricks about where we should park. Our only mistake was catching the regular subway line to the start line rather than the express, but we weren’t alone. They boys had to make a quick pit stop and rush to join the next corral starting the race. 40,000 runners plus supporters and spectators made for one crazy scene! I rushed back to the subway in hopes of seeing them finish the race, but it was a mob scene. Instead, I met the boys at our predetermined meet-up spot and grabbed a quick pic of them post-race. Then we headed back to the car where we learned the boys had finished in 1:20:07 – a new PR for Kyle!  They were pleased with their time with all of the bobbing and weaving they had to do. We headed home to watch the Bulls lose (again) and enjoyed some tasty sandwiches and salads from House (plus a DQ run 🙂 ).

Overall, it was a very enjoyable weekend, but last week’s baby milestones were even more exciting. First, Kyle felt the baby move for the first time. Second, we have decided on a name for our baby girl.

On tap for this week: We have our second parenting class, and we are testing out some new vegetarian recipes. Last night was veggie lasagna. It was quite delicious if I do say so myself. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great week! Stay tuned to see what excitement next weekend brings… 🙂