6.24.12 – Atlantic City!

24 Jun

We had the pleasure of hosting our friend Eric again this weekend, since he was back in the area for work last week. We had a stormy, rainy start to the weekend on Friday night, so we had dinner at Iron Hill Brewery and hung out at the house.

On Saturday night, Kyle and I had already planned a trip to Atlantic City to see comedian Jim Gaffigan at the Borgata, so we decided to make a day of it. For those who don’t know much about New Jersey, most beaches require you to purchase “beach tags” on each visit to use the beach. However, Atlantic City is free to use. I don’t think any of us had very high expectations, but we all thought it was a pretty great place! The beach was really large, well-kept, and was not overly crowded. Casinos, shops, and restaurants line the huge boardwalk, and there are several beach bars on the beach with music. Kyle and I both liked the atmosphere and amenities better than Ocean City.

The weather was perfect! The water was a little cold for me, but the boys found it refreshing.  In true boy fashion, Eric and Kyle entertained themselves with some beach competitions including hand stand contests and 100 yard sprints. Sorry Kyle, but I think Eric won in both events. 🙂 Check out the pics below.

After our day in the sun, we got cleaned up and drove over to the Borgata (which is off the boardwalk) for our show. The Borgata is huge and beautiful and reminded us all of Vegas. Jim Gaffigan was really funny! We even played a little roulette after the show and doubled our money! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court and headed back to Philly.

Overall, we really enjoyed Atlantic City and all felt it gets a bad rap. It’s a mini-Vegas with a beach! And I think we will definitely visit again.

One Response to “6.24.12 – Atlantic City!”

  1. 1000jerseytruths June 25, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    I agree, Atlantic City is fabulous….I wasn’t expecting much my first time either but now it’s my favorite shore spot!

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