10.16.12 – Pinterest Post of the Week

16 Oct

I have decided to *attempt* to try something I have pinned on Pinterest at least once per week. It could be a craft project, food, helpful hint, etc. Then I will post about how it turned out. That is my goal anyway.

I have family coming in town the next couple of weeks, and I think they would be disappointed if I didn’t have a tasty treat to munch on while they are here. The weather is getting much cooler here in PA this week. The leaves are finally changing colors and starting to fall, so I have been in a bit of a festive fall mood. I saw the pin below a few days ago, and I thought, “PERFECT!”

Who doesn’t love some puppy chow? And this is a ramped up version with white chocolate and chocolate pieces – plus an added bonus of Reese’s Pieces. The recipe can be found here. It was pretty easy to make overall but definitely messy. It took me about an hour from start to finish, but it was definitely worth it. YUM!

It makes a ton (about 20 cups). I didn’t have a bowl and lid big enough to hold it all, so good thing I have a big family who will have problem polishing it off. 🙂

I had a cute little helper – she served in more of a “moral support” capacity:

She wore her little jeans for the first time today. So cute!

As a side note, I finally caught a smile on camera yesterday (sort-of). You have to be fast! I’ll keep trying…

That’s it for now. Mimi arrives tonight! We are all excited. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

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